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  1. If he proves his case..... is he liable for 500 years of back taxes?
  2. Isn't it trying to force some hands? You can't stop him "being independent" without taking it to the courts and you can't leave it without challenge as soon as he starts down the tax haven route..... win or loose..... a day in court?
  3. Tesco having to submit an impact assessment is much the same as Tesco having to submit a carpark layout or a structural design, it doesn't mean it gets rubber stamped.
  4. Almost every project that the council ever votes on has already had thousands of pounds of money spent on it before it gets to that stage - investigation, feasability studies, outline design, legal fees and so on. Usually they are a bit more hidden than in this case, but that does not mean that they are not real costs, and they are costs that are needed - projects should not get approved without the background information having been carried out. I don't know of the particular political motivations for councilors on either side of the Mareel debate beyond what the press have quoted, but with no political groupings in the SIC it would seem unavoidable that stands are taken on individual votes. That is also where I see the danger in more political moves on this issue - in a council of overt political groupings that can just about work, but here, with things potentially ebbing and flowing on each issue, and issues being dragged on and on, would there ever be any clear enough descisions to let anything happen? As you say, this is a time to sort out the spending and put together realistic programmes for 10-20 years.
  5. Mareel supporters appear to have been doing this for the last 55 pages.yet they seem to have succeeded. I'd say there might have been a bit of feet stamping on both sides in the lead up to the vote, which is what you would expect when people are passionate on the issue and a positive thing in that the issues were all placed in the public arena. Any spoiling moves following that vote take on a different charactor though, and that seems to be where we are at now...... where blocking of an approved project by proceedural manouvering seems to be the threat.....
  6. I think Alan's way of carrying himself shows a realisation of how to actually get things done, in contrast to some others. Shetland is small enough that you will always come up against people again over future issues. Stamping your feet and shouting "it's not fair" when things go against you might seem like the way to get attention, but if you take the long term view, all you are doing is making sure that less people will listen to your views the next time round.
  7. If I build a private care home, can I sue the council for unfair competition..........
  8. An interesting look at UK energy options http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/06/20/mackay_on_carbon_free_uk/
  9. A setup with county men driving the councilors? Or a setup where work would have to wait until the councilor brought the van back? Or a setup with more vans than at the moment?
  10. Efficiency is a hard thing to deal with. What would be the optimum ratio of van sizes? How would you distribute and control the vans to make sure the use was optimum? How would you allow for vans being out of action or in the wrong part of the county? Do you end up needing more men to make best use of the van setup? Most working systems that have evolved over time are actually fairly efficient. There may be ways of improving them, but each improvement tends to bring it's own costs in terms of effort or complexity. If the optimum van system replaces 50 transits with 44 small vans and 10 transists, and a full time van controller, to save £500 a year.....
  11. Next full council meeting is 10am on Wednesday 25th, I assume there will be a report on the Mareel busness plan / funding on the agenda.
  12. OK, we have an experiment! If you take a planet with a hollow core and put the cat slightly off centre, conventional gravitation would have it drift to the closest surface. With your alternative the cat would be equally blocked from the "energys" in all directions and would stay in place. I'll get the cat if you get the planet with the hollow core, ok?
  13. I understand the point that a whole group of turbines makes a very different impression from an individual one, and I'd not argue that the VE proposals would not be a big visual intrusion, but as the layout is pretty much in the form of a line of turbines down the ridge of the hills, there will be relatively few places where there you will see a great number of turbines overlapping. The visual impact of the proposals should not be underestimated...... or over estimated..... but I appreciate it is also subjective to some extent.
  14. Nice picture. Of course for the most efficient arrangement none of the turbines would overlap any other
  15. Unfortunately....... Not seen any official news yet, but I hear the councilors have had a nasty shock on the latest AHS prices...... and I expect that will concentrate their minds against voting for any spending come Wednesday
  16. Carlos


    Yeah, 13 cameras to manage complete coverage of Commercial St / Esplanade. If you go here http://www.shetland.gov.uk/planningcontrol/apps/apps.asp and search for applications in Lerwick by "SIC Chief Executive" you'll see where they are all to go. More coverage of the "CCTV is a fiasco" story http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/05/06/police_cctv_is_rubbish/
  17. So at the moment they want to debate "spending the £5m capital programme money on Mareel" vs "spending the £5m capital programme money on the range of other projects that are waiting in line for any available money"? Or are they presenting it as something that will actually saving some money, reduce overall spending? In which case I'd like to see their proposed revisions to the whole capital and revenue budgets and the service implications. A long term plan of reducing budgets in all areas to sustainable levels would be a very positive step for Shetland, but cutting off one high profile projects so you can spend the same money on small stuff of less benefit but that does not catch the public eye would surely be the worst of both worlds?
  18. For a woman to get elected in America she has to show that not only does she have subtle ways of doing things, but she can play the commander in chief role too. Everything that every candidate is presenting to the public is carefully weighted to come across well enough with the majority to get them elected.
  19. The problem with Quantum mechanics is that it predicts effects that do not seem possible to be real, and then experiments show that they are..... doesn't get much better than that.
  20. Not my site, best I can claim is a few pictures.....I'm not THAT Carlos either The hillclimb has always been on the north side of Wormadale as far as I know, and the same again this year. From the shop carpark up to the east entrance to the viewing area, right on the crest of the hill.
  21. New websites Shetland Wheelers http://www.shetlandwheelers.co.uk/ Shetland Triathlon Club http://www.shetlandtriathlonclub.co.uk/
  22. I presume Shetland Arts has a budget for all this remedial work? Gwillym Gibbons has given a firm commitment that the Garrison won't be 'run down' if we get Mareel........or are you suggesting that it's OK if it falls down on or is uncomfortable for theatre goers as long as it doesn't happen to cinema goers? I presume somebody has done some kind of semi-detailed costings as part of the Mareel study, I've not seen them. I'd say that the works required and the costs involved will be different depending if you want to do remedial works to the existing layout, or if you want to try and make a flexible compromise to deal with cinema and theatre needs, as somebody posted a little while back. I'd guess that might have theatre/cinema costs 3x as much as theatre only costs..... we'll likely see sooner or later...... The equipment you choose to go with will likely depend most on what formats the films are available in. Digital projectors and players are probably the least of the costs to be honest if you stay with a 2k system, and would last as long as anything electronic ever does, but I don't know how easy/cheap it is to get films digitally to suit that.
  23. I guess "water and treatment industry" is a just grouping the economists use. The water part would be water treatment and supply, sewage treatment and disposal, water bottling, all that. I imagine the "high dependence" part just comes from Sullom Voe falling into that category.
  24. I was throwing out hypothetical figures £6m could be £4-5m the point is SIC could very realistically have to spend an additional 1-2m by the time the project is completed. Yup, your reply crossed mine and I stuck that in a bit too fast. I'd agree that the overall spend does need to be looked at carefully, and that should be whole-life, not just building costs, but think that going with a range of options without external funding makes it hard to get anywhere remotely near the same facilities. Now if you are not definitely not going to build anything major, then sure, look at £100k upgrades to existing facilities to make them less bad, but I'm not convinced there are that great options in the middle of those 2 ways.
  25. That would mean the SIC spending £6m instead of the £5m it has agreed to put towards Mareel, with the other £4m to come from the lottery and external sources. It's the thing that makes Mareel value for council money in my view, if it were a case of the SIC spending £9m that would be a different balance.
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