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  1. All seems to be running smooth now
  2. What's a Freudian slip? It's when you say one thing, but are thinking of a mother..
  3. For me that one was always working fine, and still is. Just when the center login boxes come that there is no progress.
  4. Quick guide to 26 common climate change myths. New Scientist
  5. Same for me too ^^ Firefox 2 on PC.
  6. I have the same thing, I have the "new posts" search as my bookmark, but can't log in on that page even when the login panels come up, it just recycles to asking for the login again, have to go to the home page and then back. Not really had a good look through the Firefox setup to see if it is blocking too many scripts though....
  7. 2 possible ways to go..... 1) She should be treated the same as anybody else who did the same crime, showing celebrity does not mean special treatment. or 2) She should be punished more heavily, as a celebrity who has "not set a good example" and so will be used to publicize the situation
  8. I'm not sure on this one.... you could certainly design th roads so that you bloody mindedly gathered all the water into ditches and ran it away from where it used to go.... but if you were willing to put some time and money into the design, I don't see why there should be any more than a local (local to the roads) effect on the drainage.....
  9. But if Greenheatman is correct..... the interconector will be carrying nothing out of Shetland for 90% of the time, leaving plenty of capacity for tidal power units.....
  10. You realise that average annual rainfall in Shetland is 25% higher now than it was 60 years ago? That is certainly climate change, how much of it might be due to burning fossil fuels, CO2 levels or any other particular single factor will be hard to quantify, but that kind of change in that kind of time does not make me particularly happy......
  11. Photoshop'd photographs that look wrongly scaled to me too. Exactly. Ensuring the depth of field in a photograph against your plotted co-ordinates is not an exact science and can only ever be from the exact angle it's taken! At least with visualisation software you are able to plot exact metrics and be able to rotate and scale from any point of origin. Using OS map data will ensure exact metrics. They are already using 3d software which should be able to acurately position the turbines realative to the landscape. They should be able to set a virtual camera in the 3d sotware to match the known camera data and position of the photo. That should then be a pretty accurate guide to photoshops from. There are quite a few "shoulds" in their though and some of the images I have seen have mistakes in them for sure. If you are looking at realtime 3d, especially based on a 50m OS grid landscape model, then there are losses as well as gains. There will be no visual representation of anything as small as roads, no houses, and to be realtime you will most likely be rendering from openGL on the graphics card, limiting things like textures quite a bit. I'm not sure how much people would gain from the "live" moving view when there were so few familiar features to locate it, but it might be another source of information at least. In general this kind of visualisation has to be trusted to be of much good. There are various ways of doing that, giving various accuracies and taking various amounts of cost and time.
  12. Not too much.... half a litre of snails... is that still bizzare? They were pretty nice.
  13. Ah, and another Amelie thing.... get the DVD and watch it again with the directors commentry, a whole new thing to enjoy
  14. Did you (all) feel that test was very geared towards testing mental visualisation of the problem/answer? Is that how IQ tests normally are, or do they cover more ground?
  15. While it's clear that climate change has been jumped on by some "greens" as a scare tactic to oppose industrialisation, and that it is becoming a bigger and bigger issue in mainstream politics, I would be supprised if climate changes over the next 30 years end up less than the midline predictions by mainstream scientists..... No apocalypse in terms of temperatures and sea levels, or anything so dramatic, just things moving slightly away from our comfort zone, and us not having enough slack in the line to cope without feeling it.
  16. Put "A very long engagement" on your list next then, Audrey and Jean-Pierre Jeunet back again, some similarities to Amelie, but a bit darker, bigger budget film set in WW1.
  17. Wouldn't there be a bigger saving in fuel use from local farms providing the meat than from importing the meat in trucks and growing biodiesel locally....
  18. I think the short answer is that there is never a good time to close anything in the town centre. Shop owners do not want it shut anytime that could be "tourist" (April to September) and not also not Novemeber to the end of January (Xmas and Up Helly Aa) Shut it any other time and somebody else is not happy. Can we have a poll on the best time to shut it?
  19. I think the pipe dream part of biofuels comes from the amount of decent land you would need to set to growing fuel to be able to replace ALL petrol / diesel consumption. Your example of making better use of what is currently a waste product is a more effective strategy.
  20. I saw some parts of it, and while it is always good to hear the other side, this did not do much to try and find the truth of things, just present a limited number of arguements over and over. Some biggies... The "shock horror" drop in temperatures from 1940-1970 that is supposed to disprove the link between CO2 and temperature rise....... is already fairly accurately covered in climate models and comes from the cooling effects of sulphur aerosols (polution from industry.... acid rain etc etc) in the atmosphere. The documentary showed how CO2 levels have always lagged temperature changes, and said this shows CO2 is not a worry..... Another way of interpreting that is that as temperatures rise a feedback mechanism results in more CO2 in the atmosphere which increases temperatures more..... that is kind a different thing.... While CO2 rises in the PAST might not have been the actual trigger for temperature rises, they are a known greenhouse gas and do seem to have amplified temperature changes..... On the plus side I think the programme did show that the issue is being grabbed by all sides and some of the actions being taken in the name of reducing climate change are a waste of time and money, which is a pity when there is so much that could be done....
  21. If you're willing to save up £25M a year then in the medium term you could have all those tunnels, but you'd be likely be spending £150M to £200M total depending what a tunnel is reckoned to cost you these days...... Is it the best return for the money? £200M "in the bank" would get you another £15M or £20M in interest to spend each year..... would the benefits off better fixed links come out at that kind of level? A nice job for some consultants....
  22. Carlos


    While there are no doubt council workers on the sharp end who have been underpaid for far too long, I wonder with some of the rate increases I've heard about if it might not be a poor deal in the long run.... For example council cleaning has always been done in house.... have the raises in wages proposed by singles status pushed those costs up high enough to where the next thing we will hear is a need to tender the contract under best value? .....leaving the door open to an outside agency to undercut the prices .....and end up employing the same people at something nearer minimum wage....
  23. Special warning for Foula? About to undergo some Atlantis type cataclysm and slip beneath the waves?
  24. Carlos


    I'm not convinced they will be wanting to look at re-evaluating too many people if this is just going to be a 6 month, wait until the elections are over, pause in the proceedings. It's taken them what, 3 or 4 years to get to this? A quick fix looks optimistic
  25. Carlos


    Stand by for councilors to begin distancing themselves from the review and start claiming they had no idea what was going on.......
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