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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prison_break
  2. At a friend's house.... he had series 1 downloaded.... "let's see if this is any good" ..... 6 episodes later.....
  3. ..... and perhaps also charge for medical treatment for "self inflicted" injuries..... such as those from smoking, eating anything "non-healthy" or jogging without full body armour?
  4. Any hints for wind / salt resistant breeds? I'd like to try some at the back of my house, hopefully with some plastic mesh to shlter them from the wind and keep the rabbits away...
  5. Could we just imagine that when anybody writes anything about anything there is an unsaid "in my opinion" at the end, and avoid the last page of debate?
  6. Well I'd guess an architects plans would all be referenced to Ordinance Datum, but as I'm struggling to remember one number I'll not commit to saying that was on the plan
  7. Ah well, I CAN do better than that accuracy I did see some work in progress plans, and what comes to mind was the floor level was 5.7m..... but I really can't remember if that is right or not. BTW, if the sea reaches 5.7m above datum, there will be a lot more flooded in Lerwick than the cinema....
  8. I think I heard the floor level as something above the 5m mark with a fair bit of room to spare, but I can't remember the number, so I'll not confuse the issue any more....
  9. Last I heard the plans are still being tweaked and I don't see anything online except for the inital contest submission. There are some sketches here though http://www.shetlandtoday.co.uk/search_detail.asp?ContentID=20892 and those show the building built up so the floor level is above the 5m level. While the museum site is definately a "calculated risk" at best, at least in this area the CMV make more sense.
  10. The point I'm making is that it doesn't need to dumb down, it can be used in the same way as windows by the avarage user, but it can also give you total control over your system should you wish to do so. I'd not go for dumbing down the OS, but is there not a case for a minimalistic GUI which takes everything the avergae user needs to do into default presets or one click opperations? OSX but more so? While the power and customability of Linux is what you are after, Apple seems to be making ground on the basis of not having to touch any technical settings at all.
  11. You seem to have 2 questions. "Why do more people not use Linux?" "Why should Linux dumb down to what the average user wants?" There may be some connection between the 2
  12. But if you want Linux to make serious progress on the home desktop, do you not need to bite the bullet, give up putting the majority of the work into what the "nerds" want and put 5 good years of effort into making it the obvious and easiest choice for the average user by slogging away on the same areas that Apple pushes?
  13. I would agree that windows is clunky and full of security issues, but is it not telling that Linux has not been able to take advantage of this mess? It seems natural that OSS developers stick with working on programs that interest them, but that leaves areas where people continue trying to build a better mousetrap, when there are lots of "uninteresting" areas that do not get touched. As I said way back, I have not got too much interest in the OS itself, but my choice is dictated by which one has the applications I want to use, and Linux does not have them. I could use Linux for my internet box without much problem, but since that is the very one I want to run forever without a moments attention I would be more inclined to go to a Mac for that, if I am going to bother to change my ways. While Linux may be a technically more pleasing solution, I don't see it making my life easier, so unfortunately......
  14. Would "very unhelpful" mean that they are not willing to do what you personally think is best?
  15. Are there free pro level packages for video editing and post productions, CAD, 3d poly and nurbs modeling? I think what there is available is at the higher end of the market? I'm aware of Blender, but it's not quite there, and to learn a new package it'd have to have some advantages.....
  16. 3 XPs at the moment. I'm considering a Mac mini as an internet box, so we'll see where that goes. I'm not really too interested in playing with the OS any more, now there is little enough time to learn the applications well enough, and XP has the applications I use. OSX would cover maybe 80% not so bad, but I doubt Linux has affordable alternatives to much of what I need.
  17. It's not supposed to be councilors who are in control, it is supposed to be the council (the councilors as a whole). An individual councilor may well not be able to change any particular detail of something on the fly once it is underway, but the officials should definately be following council decisions......
  18. The problems with that theory is that you presume that the Councillors actually read the reports and if they ead them, understand them. If you have ever been to a council meeting it is like putting a bunch of kids in a room and asking them to complete the Rubix Cube. i honestly think that most Councillors don't ask questions out of fear of looking silly. They don't want to appear to be less informed than some one else on the committee. Whereas they'll not look silly if they complain about not knowing what is going on.... and somebody can pull up a minute of a meeting they were at which had a report presented on this same thing..... But still, I'm well aware of writting reports which take a lot of time to research and produce because it's a complex subject, all the time knowing nobody will read anything but the summary and recomendations.
  19. Isn't there a system of departmental progress reports to the forums? I know that is it done in some places anyhow, and if that is what the councilors want I think it should be easy enough to ask. On the other hand, they must be having regular council meets and forums with the directors / officials, would that be a good chance to ask for a 2 minute update on how things are going? And on the third hand.... micro management of projects by councilors responding to specific issues is not going to help things run smoother or to budget.
  20. Yeah, I was thinking on the superdrive one with a gig of memory. Have to stick with the PC workstation for now, but the mini seems to be the nice option for some simple little box to run quietly away all day. Shame the price is not more like the US. Was thinking on staying with Firefox / Thunderbird / OpenOffice. What's Camino like? Also, any rumours they are going to put Core 2 duo CPUs in the mini anytime soon..... be just my luck to splash out before a price drop.
  21. I think it was that Intel's C complier checked for processor type and gave more efficient code for Intel processors than for AMD.
  22. I'm actually getting more tempted to get a Mac mini for an internet box when this old heap comes done..... 8O
  23. I am on AOL, and lately the connection has been as good as it has ever been, pretty solid.
  24. I think this is where the case hinges, legally at least. If the local plan has no other areas zoned for this kind of development, and there is a proven demand..... is the local plan valid? The local plan can extend protection for the town centre, but I don't think it is allowable to have a blanket ban...
  25. I may have missed the full details of the Eiffel tower story, but were the lights not only switched off for 5 minutes last night to "raise awareness"? I got the impression they would be back to normal for the rest of the year....
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