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  1. I think the "big numbers" are likely to be in the low-mid range of predictions, not too near any extremes, but that the impact of those smaller than expected effects might be bigger than expected. I think our entire society is quite "optimised" in it's use of resources, with not a lot of slack, and when things change, even if the change might not be strictly "bad" it will likely upset the balance too much to be dealt with smoothly. The negative is that we could likely take action to ease the way through the changes but we will not because the political will is not there.
  2. I think that was already outlined in the first bridge report, way back... 6 years ago? In an ideal world that would be it all be cut and dried, but getting any decent long term ferry costs is a tough one, as the running costs are largely paid by direct goverment support. That leaves them free to change percentages pretty much anytime, or to mess with the levels of service they will support (most ferry runs in Scotland have much shorter opperating hours than Shetland ferries do). Whatever the pros and cons on a bridge / tunnel, the finances do at least come under Shetland control.
  3. Carlos


    To clarify a bit, if I am filming in the street and you walk through the shot, even if I zoom in on you and make you the main subject of the image, I can still sell that footage however I want, and you have no recourse. If I follow you about for a week, filming everything you do, that is harasment. Then there is everything in between. On the general CCTV side, the data protection act allows anybody who thinks they may have been filmed by a cctv camera to make a reasonable request to view the footage...... CCTV Code of Conduct
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    Not sure about this. To be following someone to the point that they became irritated and/or distressed might well count as "behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace. You have the right to film anybody in public, or on private property where you have permission to film, and then can use the footage any way you like. EXCEPT, where it could be considered harrasment. UK Photographers rights
  5. Neighbours trivia... One of the show's writters rides bmx, and has been using UK riders names as charactors names for a while now. Mainly bit parts, but Scott Timmins has had more than 15 minutes of soap fame out of it
  6. I'd like 16 Gb for sure, can't justify the costs though, either in a Mac or PC. What I'll settle for for now is 2x 1GB sticks and 2 slots free, going to 4GB in the end. So far 2GB has been enough, but moving to HD will no doubt end those happy times. The maximum for 32bit XP is 4Gb, with 3 Gb addressable by a single application. Can't remember what XP64 raises that too, but moving to XP64 would bring me almost as many software issues as moving to OSX, so not going that way for the moment either. I know the Macs are well covered at the high end, and if I was looking at a quad core machine then I think the Mac Pro might well come out the best buy, but at a dual core level there's a bit of a gap in the line up for me.
  7. I like the idea of a Mac. I think the built quality is very nice, and the XP dual boot option would sort me out for the software I can't get in Mac flavour. But. Just can't get the hardware options I'd like. I'll be building a new desktop PC sometime soon. Dual core, nvidia 7600 or so, 2x1gb ram, 3x 400gb hard drives, 2 of them as a RAID1. Hard to get that anywhere near that setup on the Apple store. Similarly the MacBook Pros look very nice. Option for a 15" screen in 1650x1080? Nope. Oh well then I think the Mac is moving forward with making the right hardware for people to see they CAN move there, but they've not got there for me yet.
  8. The met office has all the historical observations for Lerwick for the last 70 odd years here http://www.met-office.gov.uk/climate/uk/stationdata/index.html A quick run through excel and you'll see annual rainfall has increased 25% pretty evenly across all seasons and there definately looks to be "dry" and "wet" years, but nothing too obvious in terms of cycles. Not had a look at any of the temperature or sunshine records
  9. If you go in the road to Wester Quarff until you come to a concrete shed at a quarry, you can see the steps leading up the hill from there.
  10. As I had to book a flight last week I was taking careful note as I went through the BA online booking. The terms and conditions I agreed to refered me to the standard BA page saying I could take 32kg of checked baggage..... Where does Loganair think I agreed to just taking 15kg?
  11. For the £123k I understand the SIC also got at least one font, a set of colour schemes, a set of templates for layouts using the logo and some nice marketing blurb on where/how it ties in with "Shetland". Still over priced by a long way, but if you go to a top agency and tell that that's what you want....
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