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    Next there will be cheaper ferry fares, but don’t even think about getting a cabin and getting a car on board. Let’s face it services costs money,if you don’t want to pay for them, then try and get the snp to pay. Free prescriptions, Free education, Free travel. Soon I’ll not have to work everything will be FREE.
  2. ava1


    In the light of the news regarding Flybe’s withdrawal from Shetland, maybe Ryan Thomson should reconsider his position as mouth piece. There was a good chance our life line provider could have gone out of business. When you live on a island you have to except you’ll not be getting the same service than you would get on the mainland.
  3. There seems to be more oil workers being flown in to Shetland injured, is safety of the worker being neglected or are they just employing anyone these days.
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