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  1. Turn every thing down and open trickle vents in the windows. chemical detergents and cloths softener could be a possible culprit, says on the bottle oh the fresh smell of a summers day, but walk past the clothes line on a fine day it s enough to knock you off your feet, it reeks and all those chemicals being used within a sealed envelope have to be carefully considered i recon, bio degradable detergents and micro mops and micro fiber cloths use water to clean ect other wise the micro fiber is destroyed which just makes it an old swab, that is my recommendation, cheers. A design for life.


    its the truth, Greed not need is the cause fir the gap , greed and the lack of opportunity , capital investment in small businesses from trade and industry and dinna forget they will be crawling out of the wood work seeing as shetland is such an excellent place that money canna buy. Fiona , get back on playing the bingo for gods sake and maybe we can win me a new van, i wish. Eh Tez.


    Why red robbie, r u feeling lonley
  4. The council couldnt afford new builds from council rents after housing shortages were starting to emerge before hjatland started up and couldna put the rent up bye very much so they started a kind of a quango that was hjatland hoosing and upped the rent to pay for the new builds, doing the house developments instead of the cooncil l think if i remember right it was something like that, a loop T..
  5. I dinna think the cooncil like aff grid.
  6. That wee house company hoosey is excellent. That would pay for itself in no time at all, looks warm and comfortable. wow. A small 3kwatt multi fuel stove with a back boiler and it would be well toasty. Having a serviced site is the problem, pity the council wouldn't let you build some ting like that at the caravan site at the back of the staney hill. 3-4 80 watt Solar pannels and small wind gen set combo would probably supply most of the power needed if you were out all day working. Up rate the spec to withstand the shetland weather and you would be laughing.
  7. It is the answer to affordable housing, cost wise and space wise,and yes you would need to have a peeree dug instead of a big een. Ive just calculated that the rent saved in two years is nearly 8.000 notes and if i had a plot i could nearly build a home for that.
  8. Funny you haven't had much replies . I may be able to help, and i have a yard to fabricate the kit, I look for jobs that are challenging and out of the ordinary also done design and layout for small spaces on boats,static caravans porta buildings and small conversions. James Pearson Joinery, established as self employed for twelve years and have twenty eight years as a joiner.
  9. I thought shetland was competing with other places for decommissioning the rigs,and failing. as for china, i winda buy a bike pump with made in china on it. you get what you pay for, simple economics just accept a pay off and invest in renewable s hens the lesser need for fossil fuels , that should keep the SNP happy,me happy, the oil guys happy, the anti fracking crew not to mention the S.I.C and the fishes. Dont let the indians get the chance to under cut the chinese in a under cutting bidding war when the shetlanders can make a go of things and probably out do every body else for quality and excellence.
  10. I canna help imagining norscot filled with windmills, wind turbines being shipped all over the world, built in shetland. Built with the money saved instead of decommissioning the brutes. Whenever ive been along to shetland composites , i know that there is the expertise and the labour force, why not. Its a pity because it would heme-rage cash flow in to the local shetland economy, not any single person get rich but every one would do well out of it. As well as that it wouldnt have to happen all at once, they could have spunn it out to last. The difference is a carrier bag full of nitro glycerin as apposed to many thousand gallons of marine fuel burnt, man hours, red tape for the pen pushers, not to mention norscot looking like a dump and the pummeling the roads would get. We already know that the value of scrap here in shetland is crap because of the shipping costs, so why do it.
  11. it could save cash stripping the rig at sea of all non bio degradable stuff and get a supply boat to pull on one of the piles and away she goes. a peeree home for the fishes. or just blow the thing up to break down the main component to aid its decay , less of an obstruction for fishing boats. Could be a method in the madness, nothing is impossible these dayS, especiALY SAVING MONEY BETTER SPENT. I still say blow the ****** thing up, scuttle them just like a ship.
  12. yup, a rotting oil rig hulk is just the same as a rotting hulk of a ship wreck, it rusts away and acts as a reef for the fish. i say blow them up.
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