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  1. I agree completely and have suggested dat tae dem a few times, but always get told dat dey dunna offer any packages lik dat!
  2. Yeah I've contacted dem a few times but never get anywhar we it, its just very up and doon, sometimes its really good, sometimes its terrible. getting brawly fed up we it noo!
  3. http://www.speedtest.net/result/4426179093.png Internet oot wast appears ta be getting worse, its come ta da point dat I shouldna have ta pay for a service as bad as dis.....
  4. Anybody having connection issues da night? Mine has been terrible for da last week or so... http://www.speedtest.net/result/3621124359.png
  5. Anybody ken why I canna renew an advert in classifieds? When I click 'Renew' den it says something aboot invalid price format, den it says it can no longer be renewed. Dats happened we every advert am tried tae renew, so I just end up makin up a new advert everytime, am I doin something wrong?
  6. http://www.speedtest.net/result/2977979072.png Getting really fed up we dis internet noo, da last few weeks has been rubbish oot west. Tempted to ditch BT and try Islesat broadband, anybody had any experience we dat?
  7. http://www.speedtest.net/result/2968994754.png Bixter exchange is pretty poor da night, anybody else havin budder?
  8. http://www.speedtest.net/result/2394286479.png Pretty poor on da Bixter exchange da night.
  9. I winder if Oscar Charlie wid bal me oot a turkey if dir passing da door.......
  10. anybody from Town using BT as their ISP? I just wondered if the cable had improved the speeds for BT customers?
  11. We hed wir first visit tae Mareel on friday night, very impressed wi everything. Excellent seats, da staff were more den helpful and polite. It wid be good when booking tickets, if you could see a floor plan, an choose your seats, but apart fae dat we couldna fault it. Hed a really good time an will definitely be back in da very near future. Well done tae all da folk involved for finally gettin wis a proper cinema!!
  12. I have my BTHomehub port1 plugged into the Netgear adapter, but the wireless is still available to laptops etc...
  13. I have Netgear HDX101 powerline adapters in my house, and they work great for me. Never had any problems at all, just plug in and go. I also have surge protectors on my electrical appliances, but because I plug my HDX101's straight into the wall, interference has never been an issue. I got mine pretty cheap off the internet, and have had them quite a few years now. I believe there are newer/faster models out now, but these ones have always done the job for me.
  14. http://farm1.static.flickr.com/103/278378993_a76125d8f5.jpg I used ta love dis things. I mind when me pet troot met his untimely end, he got a proper burial in wan o'dis bad boys.
  15. I'm having some trouble with a mixer and monitor setup. I have a small Alesis 8 channel mixer. http://www.alesis.com/multimix8usb Into the stereo IN channel, I have drums. Into the other stereo IN channel I have guitar. I also have various other mono inputs, bass, guitars, keyboard and mics. Years ago, I bought two Wharfedale SVP-12PM Wedge Monitors (Active) http://www.wharfedalepro.com/Home/Products/POWEREDLOUDSPEAKERS/SVPPSERIES/SVP12PM/tabid/170/Default.aspx As I'm recording via USB I've tried the monitor in both the Main Mix OUT and also the Control Room OUT but I'm having problems. The monitors have some sort of overload protection built in, either the 'ProTechâ„¢ driver protection system' or the 'Thermal overload, DC fault and short circuit protection' is causing problems. Whenever I try to turn the Output volume level on the mixer up, the monitors cut out. The blue LED on the front of the monitors remain on, but the red power indicator LED next to the EQ levels goes out. After 30 seconds or so, or after switching the power off/on, the monitors power up again. I'm not sure if this is a fault with both monitors, which would be strange. Or is it something, or some setting on the mixer thats causing it. Not quite sure what to do with it! So any advice would be great, And if its a problem with the overload protection, would it be possible to somehow by pass the circuit?
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