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    Grandma got a reaction from Scorrie in SNP - Proposed airgun legislation   
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    Grandma got a reaction from gafynandrew in SNP - Proposed airgun legislation   
    My information is that last year there were 171 reported'' incidents'' involving air guns in Scotland last year[,this compares with 415 offences in 2003].4 people required hospital treatment.Their were no fatalities.Compare this with just one hospital in Aberdeen which treated over 200 people for dog bits .Another thing i found out was that the junkie who shot and killed the little boy in Glasgow was the first person ever to be convicted  of murder using an air gun in the UK.I understand that one person dies every year on average because of air-gun misuse in the UK.this compares with 3 people killed every year after being hit by lightning make of that what you will.I just feel this proposed legislation is heavy handed disproportional,and not backed up by any evidence whatsoever that air gun misuse is a significant  and rising problem .In actual fact air gun misuse is a tiny and fast dropping problem.Which would suggest in my humble opinion that the present arrangements in conjunction with robust police enforcement and education  is in fact working..So why the big push for this massive change which will in fact drive up the reported offences as more and more people fall foul of these new laws most of which will be of a technical nature. ie [victimless] .    . 
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    Grandma got a reaction from gafynandrew in SNP - Proposed airgun legislation   
    Kenny makaskill is also on record as saying that there is no place in modern Scotland for 500,000 air guns .Why not? if they are used in a safe and responsible manner. Rember only 195 offences last year in whole of Scotland. Does Kenny think its ok to have 2.7 million cars in Scotland which were involved in 333,660 offences recorded last year.Should drivers have to prove a ''need'' before they get granted a licence.
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