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  1. might be because they insert the IV beforehand, but only kill the prisoner at a certain time, and in that time the judge might change his mind...so it's either sterile needles or a lawsuit from the prisoner/prisoner's family, i dunno if this is right, but it makes sense to me
  2. honeysuckle on a flat calm night, hay, qualps (whalps, whelps, puppies, whitever du wants tae caa dem)......tar, copper grease, bodyfiller an wd40
  3. no column 5 den? no? NO? SH*TE!!! just watch da video, am awa tae greet
  4. see lang as he dresses lik da auld crofter fae da Frankie Walterson cartoons
  5. i don't think i can really depend on ebay for a £160-odd motherboard, i did a search and found one, shame it was broken, with apparently the same fault as this one thanks for yer input tho
  6. does anybody on here know of a reputable website i could order a dell motherboard from?.... other than from dell themselves
  7. if it's not moisture it could be heat, not sure, it's the first i've ever heard of popping candy ice cream what's the official name for a plucker (the fishy kind)? looked it up on google and found a lot about machines to de-feather chickens
  8. http://www67.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=shetland how long has shetland been a unit of volume?
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muLIPWjks_M&feature=rec-HM-rev-rn
  10. does anyone else notice their computer slowing down when the showy vodafone. eurodisney...etc flash ads are looping at the edges of the screen? might just be firefox
  11. mebbe already been posted...who knows?...who cares? http://gallery.calebhammel.com/storage/Post-03/dsa2004.jpg dat could turn intae a very very poor show indeed http://gallery.calebhammel.com/storage/Post-03/misc16.jpg http://gallery.calebhammel.com/storage/Post-03/shuttle.jpg uuuuuuhh?
  12. i don't think it was anything in comparison to earthquakes in the northern hemisphere either i'm fairly sure we all know it was a thing of nothing, but it did happen here, so i think were within our rights to say "ooooo, shetland earthquake!", and the first thing i thought when it happened, after "whit da f**k wis yun?", was about the storegga slide, which i don't think was a ridiculous overreaction, admittedly i went back to sleep straight afterwards, but for a few minutes there i WAS concerned aren't they all?
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