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  1. might be because they insert the IV beforehand, but only kill the prisoner at a certain time, and in that time the judge might change his mind...so it's either sterile needles or a lawsuit from the prisoner/prisoner's family, i dunno if this is right, but it makes sense to me
  2. honeysuckle on a flat calm night, hay, qualps (whalps, whelps, puppies, whitever du wants tae caa dem)......tar, copper grease, bodyfiller an wd40
  3. no column 5 den? no? NO? SH*TE!!! just watch da video, am awa tae greet
  4. see lang as he dresses lik da auld crofter fae da Frankie Walterson cartoons
  5. i don't think i can really depend on ebay for a £160-odd motherboard, i did a search and found one, shame it was broken, with apparently the same fault as this one thanks for yer input tho
  6. does anybody on here know of a reputable website i could order a dell motherboard from?.... other than from dell themselves
  7. if it's not moisture it could be heat, not sure, it's the first i've ever heard of popping candy ice cream what's the official name for a plucker (the fishy kind)? looked it up on google and found a lot about machines to de-feather chickens
  8. http://www67.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=shetland how long has shetland been a unit of volume?
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muLIPWjks_M&feature=rec-HM-rev-rn
  10. does anyone else notice their computer slowing down when the showy vodafone. eurodisney...etc flash ads are looping at the edges of the screen? might just be firefox
  11. mebbe already been posted...who knows?...who cares? http://gallery.calebhammel.com/storage/Post-03/dsa2004.jpg dat could turn intae a very very poor show indeed http://gallery.calebhammel.com/storage/Post-03/misc16.jpg http://gallery.calebhammel.com/storage/Post-03/shuttle.jpg uuuuuuhh?
  12. i don't think it was anything in comparison to earthquakes in the northern hemisphere either i'm fairly sure we all know it was a thing of nothing, but it did happen here, so i think were within our rights to say "ooooo, shetland earthquake!", and the first thing i thought when it happened, after "whit da f**k wis yun?", was about the storegga slide, which i don't think was a ridiculous overreaction, admittedly i went back to sleep straight afterwards, but for a few minutes there i WAS concerned aren't they all?
  13. filthy? well, you never know, maybe music of black origin doesn't see eye to eye with my hd either, i could go on and on about racisim, but i won't, since i'm the topic is "me, and my dicky hard drive" 7,200rpm it came with a cd of software for diagnosis and copying across an original boot image, no formatting tools or anything like that. maybe... my older hd is 3Gb/s 250Gb and it's had no problems, could the extra capacity really be an issue, since it's supposed to be sending and receiving at the same speed? where do you get high-quality cables from, and how do you know they're high-quality? i'll have a dig in the bios again, but like i said, my older hd is supposed to be working at the same speed and i've had no problems with it... touch formica, i can understand the bios not being able to wrap it's tiny silicon brain around the bottomless pit of a 1Tb hd, but i figured the sata part of it would just carry on reguardless, i could easily be wrong sorry arabia, i have a stand-by 650W i got in a sale, better timing next time
  14. not that i've noticed, but i'll have another look unintentionally done that already, i doubt a cable fault would be so predictable tho the drive itself seems to slow down the whole boot process, makes sense that maybe the drive's taking too long to respond and the bios is deciding it's not there, but it's up and running during the re-start i'll try that too, good job more or less everything's still set to factory, there's a LOT of settings in this bios
  15. i'll give it a go, i'll be pretty cheesed off if that sorts it tho
  16. that's the only thing i can think to try, but the DFI website is a mess o s**te right now, i can find the bios updates, but there's taiwanese fonts dotted around the version descriptions and they're calling my motherboard a lanparty UT nF4 Sli-DR... there's no UT on my box or motherboard, but that's the only one i can find one the website, can you see why i'm a bit wary? nearly forgot, yes and no, the hd shows up in the bios only after i've re-started, the 250gb one shows up every time
  17. the only jumper on the drive gives you the option of 1.5gb/s or 3gb/s data rate, it's set to 3gb/s and plugged into a 3gb/s connection on the mobo, the 250gb drive is the same speed, so i know that's not the reason, and there's only 1 drive per cable with sata.
  18. ok, i'll try to keep this short, i have a DFI NF4 SLI-DR and it can't see my 1TB sata hd on the initial boot, if i leave it to kirn away for a while until it sees my 250GB sata hd, then CTRL-ALT-Delete, it sees the 1TB on the next boot if i boot from the 250gig drive, windows sees the 1TB and i can find no problems when i run the seagate drive dignostic tools, so i'm guessing the drive's ok any ideas?
  19. but then, you couldn't say Mao Tse Tsung, Stalin, or Pol Pot for that matter, persecuted and/or killed their victims in the name of atheism, they just replaced god with themselves
  20. got da 2 jumpers on da front audio pins? or somethin plugged intae it? http://www.rhyshaden.com/images/fa_close.jpg am made dat mistake afore
  21. http://estb.msn.com/i/E5/819679C885B6B49A1845D62C1E22F.jpg mebbe it's just me, but does boris no look like he's missin a carrier-bag o strongbow?
  22. you could always practice your clutch control/hill-starts up the hill road behind the houses, not the best road in the world, but it doesn't get used much, certainly not this time of year. me, my sister and loads of other people learned to drive on that bit of road
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