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  1. Shetland Ladies scoop up prizes at Island Blackball Championships 2009. The Shetland Ladies A Team win the Ladies team event for the 3rd year in a row. The team Jackie Leask (captain), Tracy Bussetil, Sarah Jackson, Amanda Cutt, Michelle Bundy, Mel Inkster and Kate Pumford-Green, won the final against a very tough Isle of Man Ladies team, The Isle of Man had already beaten the Shetland A team in the group stage and were the favourites to win the final, but when it mattered the ladies played their best and won 11-8. Sarah Jackson won the Ladies Singles event, beating the reigning champion Nicky Correa from Gibralter 5 - 4 in a final that went down to the black, Sarah also won the individual flyers, which were held on the Thursday evening, and the MVP (Most Valuable Potter) award with an amazing 17 out of 18 frames won in the qualifing stage, hot on her heals was Amanda who won 15 out of 18 frames. The Ladies Speed Pool event was also won by the Ladies A team made up of Amanda, Sarah, Tracy and Jackie. Both the mens teams made it to the team semi finals, the mens A team played the favourites Isle of Man A in their semi with Isle of Man showing why they were favourites and two time champions of the IBA. In the other semi, the Shetland B team gave Orkney A team a great challenge, but unfortunatly lost out by one frame with the final score of 11 - 10 to Orkney. Orkney A went on to win the final with a close score of 11 - 9.
  2. We assist playing in national/international comps by paying the affiliation fees and team entry fees, as far as i know we also pay for accommodation for the teams that enter the Intercounty. So on yearly basis we have affiliation fees to IBA and EBA plus this year 4 x team fees to IBA and 4 x team fees to EBA. The way the teams are picked for the above are different for the men and women, the women have two leagues a summer one and a winter one, and depending on their performance in these leagues are they then picked for the A team or B team, the mens teams are picked from how they perform in the singles comps through out the year, and when picking the teams they start at the top ranked and work the way down, not all th emen go to both comps, so especially for the IBA some of the lower ranked men a get a chance to make the teams and have the oppertunity to play in an international squad. Every pool player in Shetland has the cvhance to be selected for the teams if they play in the singles comps and receive some sort of ranking throughout the year. As for the other comment, well rumours and gossip can change how the actual events happened but as a committee member i cant comment any further than that on said event. I also cant recall any team from Yell submitting an application to become members of the SPA. Why dont you do the same as the UNST team and enter the team competitions this year and see how that goes, also remember the committee slighty changes every year, so the committee who is in this year may look at an application from a Yell team slighty different, actually not sure if that would be a committee desision but maybe it would be an AGM desision where all teams would get a vote on wether you could play your home games in Yell or not, unfortunalty its to late for this season.
  3. Team Fees go towards the running costs of the league. So things like Trophy Engraving, Trophy and Memento purchasing this includes a memento for each player in the 3 x winning teams, 3 x half way cup winning teams, 7 x open singles events, 1 x ladies single event 2 x ladies league events, mixed doubles, doubles and 4 a side team event, website costs, advertising, and office bearers receive honerary payments for all the work they put into the running of it. You dont think it runs itself or that running costs are free do you ? Personally I put in on average about 2 hours a week to the running of this league( and i'm not even an Office Bearer ), which include updating the webby, writting the submitted reports to the paper, sorting out the singles comps assisting with the running of the singles competitions, keeping the tables up to date. Add to this assisting to organise the Island Black Ball Association so players from Shetland can go and play Pool against Players from other small nations, attending committee meeting etc. There is a handfull of folk who can be bothered to get off their backsides and put time and dedication into organising the smooth running of the league and other events so people like yourself (i presume you play in a team) can turn up and play so excuse me if I personnally find your comments on "Snobbery" a bit insulting, but if could you elaborate on what you mean by snobbery it might help.
  4. Plusnet - Primetime Sat Evening - I'm REALLY Happy with this speed. http://www.speedtest.net/result/582143971.png
  5. Just saw a lunar Rainbow in the Weisdale Voe , really wasnt sure what I was seeing, came home and googled "nighttime rainbow" got to say the most unusual thing i've seen for a while. They are apparently quite rare to see, so i presume must be something to do with the brighness of the harvest moon.
  6. Ghostrider - link to plusnets download speeds for unlimited http://www.plus.net/support/broadband/quality_broadband/speed.shtml#unlimitedspeeds Activities not listed, such as web surfing, email and video streaming have no specific restrictions and are prioritised on our network at all times I'm about 1.5 miles away from the Weisdale Exchange.
  7. Thats the main reason we changed from PIPEX, it was getting to be that constantly between 7pm and 11pm our pings were so unstable it was stupid, pings would jump up ~ 300. We change to PLUSNET , although sometimes at peak times between 8 - 10 pings can rise up to ~ 80, the connection is stable and gaming traffic is prioretised, pings are normally around the 50-55 and that with 4 gamers from a single connection. Be carefull which option you take with them though, as although the plusnet unlimited looks a good deal ALL traffic is throttled. We started on the PLUSNET PRO option £19.99 per month, but with 4 of us in the house the 15gig bandwith cap is just not enough, they charge an extra £1 per gig over the allowance of 15gig, and any usage between midnight and 8am is FREE, so does not count towards you monthly allowance. Anyway we are changing over tto the PLUSNET Business option 2, which gives 50gigs usage, gaming traffic is still prioritised and thats £23. Plus they run a referral scheme, so if you refer customers to them you get monthly reductions from your bill, so if you do opt to go with them then my user id originart if you want to add me as your referal. So far i havent had a problem with them, and if i've had to phone them they have been prompt in responding and operatives certainly sounded british. Fantastic online support also, and a load of tools for problem solving.
  8. http://www.speedtest.net/result/572947238.png I'm more than happy with speeds from plusnet
  9. We changed to plusnet a few months back, opted for the plusnet pro as when you look at the actual speeds you get for plusnet unlimited they are poor, they throttle your bandwith with unlimited option. I am changing over to plusnet business option 2 at the end of this month as the 15gigs of bandwith offered on pro is just not enough for our household. With their new business packagaes, you pay a bit extra but your line speed is not restricted and you get 50gigs a month download for £23.00 Only had to phone once, and teh response is quick, they have online helpdesk which also has a quick response time. Line seems to be a bit slower than what pipex was ( when it worked properly ) but the stabilty is much better. If you opt for plusnet then put me down as a referer, and i'll get 50p a month deducted from my bill referer = originart
  10. Names are now being taken for entry into the Tennents Open, which will be held on Sunday 20th September, names must be submitted to SPA Mobile ( send pm for number ) or by using the contact form on www.shetland8ball.co.uk before midnight on Sunday 13th September. Entry Fee of £3 must be paid on the day. Tennent Open is the 2nd Ranking Competition of season 2009-10 run by the Shetland Pool Association. Competition is sponsored By Tennents.
  11. My brother made them. I've got one somewhere, i'll hunt it out. I'm sure he'll still make the odd one if the price is right.
  12. Siffy

    Snooker (local)

    Sent you a pm with a number to contact.
  13. Its been like that for about 2 years now. Rules havent actually changed in the last two years. Having to contact a cusion or pot with every shot, has made the game far better IMO. None of this roll behind a ball and SNOOKER. If you manage to play a snooker now, its a definate skill shot, as you really have to think about what you are doing. Luck comes into it when you muck up the shot your going for, and some how manage to pot a totally different ball.
  14. So from midnight onwards they will be at their peek.
  15. Google earth is definatly satelite images. http://earth.google.com/
  16. The foula ferry takes one car. But i suppose if they miss it out, we could try sell them the trip round foula done by originart when we thought of this idea a decade ago www.originart.eu/features/foulacliffs/ I'm sure google wont get many complaints from shetland, as in all the years that we have had a similar site on line, we have received only one complaint about it being an invasion of privacy, from someone in lerwick who phoned us years ago at 2am one morning after he had a few to many drinks. breeksy, i'm glad your kids have enjoyed their online fame
  17. Siffy

    Westside bus

    Yip its not on really. The kids getting the service bus miss registration. So they are marked down as abscent. I presume the school will take this into consideration and allow these late comers to sign in at the office.
  18. Looks like you have a choice of two ladies now. As Kay still lives in kalliness and has done a few odd jobs for me like jeans zips, fixed an aging leather jacket, replaced lining in another leather jacket.
  19. pm'd you the number of a lady in kalliness who would do the job for you.
  20. Well I changed from PIPEX/tiscalli/talk talk Last week to PLUSNET.. And i can say i am impressed, not had any lag problems or ping problems or download problems, the online support is 100% and the online tools you get from these guys is top class. If you change to these guys on my recommendation my user name is originart , if you want to add me as your referer. http://www.speedtest.net/result/488750741.png
  21. About £15 So that £30 return journey. So even if she went in EVERYDAY (including xmas and new year) to Lerwick thats a grand total of £10,950. I wonder who her taxi driver is ? This really infuriates me, either sort out a feeder bus or CALL A CAB TO GET YOURSELF TO THE BUS STOP, and save us a years wages of a low income full time worker. How she has the nerve to do this again this year is too much for me. Its about time her "safe seat" was taken from under her.
  22. I got the talk talk email via pipex, and i ran like a mile, this was the final nail in my pipex coffin, pipex service and connection has been extremely poor and is steadily getting worse, especially between the hours of 7pm and midnight. I'm just waiting my migration to PLUSNET, and will let you know how i find them.
  23. It is supposed to be an open process so the 'winner' of the tender shouldn't be a secret. Were you one of the tenderers? (is that a real word?) Yes we did tender for the website contract, and i will openly say, given the time scale we would have had it up and running by the 1st April ( as long as the content of the site was passed to us by the department ). We were told verbally by phone that we did not win the contract and that we would be notified in the near future of who the contract went to, and why they were best suited for the job, that was on January 19th, we are still waiting for this information.
  24. We used to get 30-40ms with pipex, but since they came tiscalli pings have been gradually creeping up, now its never below 60ms , but normally sits about 80-90 with regular spikes up to 300 during prime time. put up with it for months. While others on our exchange with different isp's are still getting around the 40ms.
  25. Yes this was put out to tender in January. According to the tender the new site was to be operational by 1st April. Anyone know if when you tender for council contracts, and dont get the job, is it policy to be told who actually gets it?
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