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  1. What you clan name? Myself and 5 others from shetland are in -={AA}=- but we are a moh spearhead and cod5 clan. btw dont go with pipex up here for gaming they are poo , i'v ejust got my mac from them and i'm moving to plusnet will update you on how they are for a gaming isp
  2. I can think of a couple of Schools in Aberdeenshire where they're on the main A class road - but they have temporary limits of 20 mph past the school when the bairns aren't in class - breaks, lunch, hometime, etc. This is exactly what happens past the primary school at the moment, there is a set of flashing orange lights on the main road past the school, so during breaks, morning and closing time there is a 20 mph limit past the school, BUT if you come onto the main road from the strom road, at this junction there is no light system, so you enter INBETWEEN the lights with no warnings, that has always seemed daft to me.
  3. Lets put it this way, If that bit of road had a cycle path or a pedestrian path many kids from Kalliness would be able to WALK/CYCLE the short distance to the football pitch and get a fair bit of exercise doing so, but as it is they have to be taken to the pitch by car. Also because the bit of road has blind summits/corners, you can get stuck behind someone unsure of the road doing about 20 mph. I've walked it a few times and its a scarey experience. But i have to say when you know the road, its a beautiful bit of road to drive along. I'd be sad to see it upgraded, but in the matter of safety its long over due. I think one of the objections that come from the local residents, is that in upgrading it with a suitable path, would mean that it is well within the limit of walking distance and the primary school kids would loose thier council transport to and from school and the road is extremely exposed to south / south westerly winds.
  4. Hahahaha Twerto classic picture. But you might all mock and think okay we are safe in shetland, BUT only on friday was i talking a person in the medical proffession in shetland who has just retirened from a holiday in Mexico, now thats close to home isnt it?
  5. Tiscalli have had some serious outages over the last week. Is it not something to do with the major outage in the london area and they ticalli routing.
  6. I already have a MOH and MOH Spearhead server set up on my pc , so those games can be run from my machine. PM sent with my msn messenger.
  7. I know quite a few of us who would most likely be up for that. MOH Spearhead, cod5. for def. I'm an experienced server admin for spearhead.
  8. BBC interactive coverage is the best. Turn off the commentators and stay onboard with the drivers. Well done BBC.
  9. There is a mens singles league starting soon. I'll get the full details and add them here soon. It would be a good oppertunity to get to know others and i'm sure there are teams out there looking for players.
  10. Mattress Man Free Delivery & very good deals which are constantly updated.
  11. I just finished a controlled diet with www.golower.co.uk I dont have scales so have no idea how much weight i lost, but after a month i lost 2" from hips, waist, bust. and 1.5" from thighs. So its a trip to the shops from some smaller clothes for me HINTS Cut out Rice, pasta, tatties, bread, sugar, flour, milk, caffine. Stick to Green Vegetables and green salads as alternative to above. High protein. ( Eggs, meat, Fish ) Drink plenty of Water, ( Volvic , no sugar flavoured water is fine) Weight will fall off.
  12. Siffy

    6 Nations Rugby

    Westings Inn always has the Rugby on, we usually have quite a good crowd in watching the games, so no matter what nation you are, you'll be welcomed.
  13. Is that a differebt bus to the one that went off the road below the westings, wow 3 in one day, leasks either need new drivers or new tyres.
  14. Siffy

    Westside bus

    The Leasks Bus just below the westings was certainly a major hazard. I came across it coming down the hill in what was nearly a total white out. It was just past the corner and traffic coming up the hill would have to go to the wrong side of the road to get past it. Granted I knew it was there I was told about it before driving home, and it only happened about 30 mins before i past it, so maybe the police etc were still on their way from Lerwick to do something about it. It happened about 7pm. I'm not surprised there are lots of cars off the road, driving conditions at 7.30 between westings and weisdale were horrendous. Thankfully i have two brand new tyres on the front. Just to add this bus was an older style bus.
  15. Download Speed Upload Speed 6266 kbps (783kB/s) 226 kbps (28.3kB/s) Download is great, but my upload is supposed to be double that, no wonder my ping has been high lately.
  16. I've still got my paper one, had no need to update it to a photo one. Lucky Me, mines is valid for years yet.
  17. A selection of photos @ www.originart.com right hand menu up helly aa 2009 Videos should be added by tommorrow.
  18. Personally i think the addiction that many claim to have or claim to happens to cannabis users is down to an addictive personality or an addictive genetic makeup. It wouldnt matter what these certain people smoke/drink even gamble etc they would become addicted. As for cannabis causing schizophrenia and other mental health issues, these poeple probably have mental health problems before they even start smoking. Its not the dope that causes the problems its the mental state of those people who use it.
  19. Siffy

    Aspects Cup

    As a certain paper once again failed to print a sports article from the Shetland Pool Association I'll add the info here if thats ok. Date: Sunday 1st February Venues: Scalloway boating Club and Norscot Social Club Names to be submitted for registration by text to 07900028080 or by email to comps@shetland8ball.co.uk This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it no later than Midnight on Sunday 25th January. £3 entry fee will be collected on the day. ( No Pay, No Play ) If you submit a registration and fail to turn up to play you are still required to pay your entry fee. Fixtures will be posted on the website no later than Wednesday 28th Jan and printed in the sports section of Shetland Times on Friday 30th January. Details of submitted names can be found at www.shetland8ball.co.uk
  20. Siffy


    I'm sure that could be easily sorted by strap some beer on to your cat or dog.
  21. http://www.earthquakes.bgs.ac.uk/helicorder/heli.html click "VIEW" Theres a heck of a lot activity on that real time data graph. I mean even edinburgh aint getting as much activity as that. Look at the graph from previous days , there is no movement in the line , and look at the activity over the last few hours.
  22. Dont forget about VALHALLA Had to mention these guys in memory to James Bulter who passed away last week.
  23. Siffy


    I think you'll have to wait a while for another Tour. As Geddy said at ahoy in 2007 before they took a mid set 15-20 minute break "We aint no spring chickens anymore" Go buy the Snakes & Arrows DVD , if you got the option get it in Blue-Ray , apparently its just like actually being there if you got the home cinema set for for high quality with a top notch sound system.
  24. http://www.earthquakes.bgs.ac.uk/helicorder/heli.html The increased activity on this monitoring graph is starting to worry me.
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