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  1. Its being reported as a 3.3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1116983/Early-morning-earthquake-shakes-awake-sleepy-Shetland-Islanders.html
  2. I sleep like a log, and it woke me up, well it woke the whole house up , all 4 of us were like "what the" Definatly suspected earthquake, as i've never heard / felt anything like that before.
  3. DVD is amazing , and i'm on it also , think i was there the night after you though So now i can say " wanna come watch my holiday memories on DVD " and people wont get bored.
  4. Through the Internet i have two contacts who live in Israel, one of them sent me the following emails a few days ago, so i thought i'd share it with you all. Benjamin Netanyahu Gaza Statement: Please Help us spread this message around the globe. For many years this country was not working on its Hasbara (this is a word that literally means explanation; The word is being used to describe our efforts to explain Israeli government policies, and to promote Israel to the world at large). This is Hamas war against Israel, and not the opposite. what about the rockets they have been firing at us since 2008?? How longer can we keep quiet?? here are some facts: The damage done by rockets to the civilian population of Sderot and other western Negev population centers cannot be measured only statistically in terms of dead and wounded. Studies done in recent years showed that the continued rocket fire and the large number of shock victims have led to post traumatic stress disorder among many of Sderot's residents (close to 30%). It influences their mental health and seriously damages the quality of their lives. Statistics of Kassam rocket and mortar fire from the Gaza Strip Total rocket attacks: Since the first rocket fell on Israel on 16 April 2001: 3,706 Since the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in August 2005: 3,123 Since the Hamas takeover of Gaza in mid-June 2007: 1,685 This year: - From 1 Jan through 30 Nov 2008: 1,212 Mortar bomb hits since April 2001: 3,948 We must not keep quiet anymore! We have the right to defend ourselves, and Israel has the obligation to defend its citizens! Please help us by forwarding this Video! Thank you all! --------------------------------------------------------- http://sderot.aish.com/SderotPetitions/15Seconds.php תעבירו במיוחד ×œ×—×‘×¨×™× ×•×§×¨×•×‘×™× ×‘×—×•×œ Only 15 seconds to run for cover and they are living this way for 8 years already... ---------------------------------------------------------
  5. Questions to all you online gamers in Shetland. Who do you use as your ISP? Whats your average ping? We are going to ditch our ISP after years of great service PIPEX are now officially C**P. Since getting transfered onto the TISCALLI network our connection drops, pings have raised, download & Upload speeds have dramatically dropped. PIPEX/TISCALLI claims there is a bottle neck, but after reading many other forums there are not many happy PIPEX customers left. Was thinking about SKY as an isp but dont want to be tied to a years contract if they are'nt any good for gaming. Any advice on this would be much appreciated.
  6. Best to install new firealarms that are connected to the power supply instead of having to check the batteries. All Council houses in shetland should have these installed, and also if you are in rented accommodation, i'm pretty sure its the law to have these system in place in any rented accommodation.
  7. I've always used BOTH Supermarkets no matter who it is/was Presto , Morrisons, Somerfield, Tesco along with the Co-Op and of course my local shop, and i always will. Whatever i'm needing to get for my cupboards, fridge or freezer ONE of them will have it.
  8. Siffy

    NHS Shetland

    It can't be a case of shetland just having ONE ambulance as the article leads us to beleive, can it! ? Could it be the case that only ONE AMBULANCE CREW is available on the night shift, but that is no excuse if that is the case, surely they must at least have another crew available on call.
  9. Mixed Doubles Competition Sunday 14th December Scalloway Boating Club Names Submitted by 1pm on the day. Everyone Welcome.
  10. I heard that Scatsta had just terminated its contract with flight line. And it was eastern airways had won the new contract. So its the end of jets and back to the good old props of saabs to fly into scatsta, plus its probably going to be more flights per day flying into there as the Eastern Airways planes dont carry as many passengers as Flight Line did.
  11. www.mattressman.co.uk Free delivery and if item is in stock it takes about 3 days to get here. Used them three times now, and no problems what so ever.
  12. I feel guilty if i leave on lights in my house if they are unnecessary, then i see all these lights at xmas time , and think why should i try and cut back what resources I use. Yes they are pretty and they set the mood for xmas shopping, but really, what a waste of world resources they really are. And who foots the bill for all these lights on the street, I suppose it must comes out our council tax.
  13. Shetland Pool Association Website. For up to date scores and news and info from the SPA you can visit. www.shetland8ball.co.uk
  14. I asked this question to Orkney members on another forum , here is the response i got So then if this fact is true , its our local depot & retailers thats uping the price , and not the transport costs to get it here.
  15. Any of you gamers noticed an increase in ping lately. When we first got broadband we were getting an average ping of about 40 , and that with 4 users connected at the same time. As expected when uptake in bb usage increased throughout Shetland this increased to and average of about 55. For a while now our ping has been sitting at about 60 - 70 , but over the last few weeks at peak times (between 7pm & 11pm ) is been rising to at least 120. This is not just us, it is happening to two other gamers on the weisdale exchange. We are using pipex and the other two gamers who this is happening to are on AOL & BT. We all play Allied Assault Spearhead, we are all in the same online clan, and peak times is when we play league matches against other clans and playing with a 100+ ping is useless, players from Portugal & greece have lower pings to UK Mainland server than we have. Any other gamers having the same problems, or is just our exchange ?
  16. www.originart.com for pics & videos from up helly aa from 1999 - 2007
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