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    War Does Du Think boy?
  1. Just seen lots of police tape flapping in the wind.
  2. jjm23


    Is this the start of the cctv? Whits all yun big black, bigger then lampost things appearing along the street? There is one opposite the thule, one by the small dock harbour slip and one near the fort. Any ideas?
  3. unfortunately it will be diesel this year, I hear. Paraffin is so much classier to sniff. maybe next year? Hmm i dont think so I would think its paraffin yet again this year!
  4. I like the suits aswell They are a bit of a break in the mould. Very traditional with a modern twist. Ohh 13 hours to go
  5. Yeah its This Saturday Night.!
  6. No one Trapped, No one injured. Bus now recovered.
  7. It is such a discrace.. Im so mad at the moment. Because I am on-call for work then everything goes to my mobile and im sitting here with no signal. And as soon as yuo hit lerwick then your mobile wont shut up because you are suddenly getting through 2 days of texts and missed phone calls... GRRRRRRR....
  8. Any Update.. Vodafone still down in Tingwall... Starting to get really Mad
  9. Yeah There is still none in Tingwall... Having to go into Lerwick just to send texts haha..
  10. Still Not getting a service in Tingwall.. Grrrrr....
  11. Hello There, I am in Tingwall.. And have not been able to get a signal all day. My mobile just says "No Service" and when I tried to contact Vodafone then there helpline stated that it had technical problems aswell so I couldnt get through to anyone. But Im not best pleased... Cheers
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