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  1. random question i know but does anyone know what time the postie does the rounds on st olaf street as i am expecting something to come with special delivery tomorrow.
  2. I have to say the Yell keeper performed very well in the first half, but may be a little disappointed with the second half performance. I think the Yell performance was very good, when I saw them I thought it was an under 18 team playing and did fear for them! Although there were one or two 'older' players on show. Just shows what you can do if you put in the effort - and this was against a team that have started the season on fire. Good luck to Yell and the rest of the 'promoted' teams
  3. clockwatch


    could someone tell me how a cricket newbie goes about trying to get involved in cricket up here?
  4. Thanks muppet, that is what I feared. Do not know if I can justify spending £70 odd for a cabin.
  5. Can anyone tell me if the islander discount of 30% is applicable on cabins on the Northink ferries?
  6. Good to see road and fuel tax going up again, just exactly what we need living in a remote area like this!!! AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH
  7. yeah sullum voe is not an eyesore to me, and demolition is underway on the toft camp
  8. What a selfish and stupid individual. (** MOD EDIT **) What was he hoping to achieve anyway by climbing the hill in the dark!
  9. I don't think it is Hjaltland that are offering the Net access - it is just based in there old office. The library is excellent but it is only open two nights and these nights are not really suitable, hence my requirement for something other. May try this Beltrami
  10. ok i seem to identified 11 Market Street as the location of the Cafe - according to the LPA Yacht Visitors Guide. But no details on contact numbers or opening hours can be found anywhere!! Maybe it never got going but there was a piece in the paper about it last year. Surely someone will know
  11. yeah I thought that was where it was based, but know nothing more than that at the moment.
  12. Hi, I think I read a while back in the Shetland Times that a new Internet cafe had opened up. Is this the case? I know the library has access on Mon and Thurs nights but can I surf the Net anywhere else in Lerwick during the evening?
  13. Ah ok, so it is just like going to the cinema then . Yes the Club in the name did fool me.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions so far, keep them coming. With regards to the sporting activities mentioned are all clubs willing to accept beginners? The film club sounds interesting. Is it a case of going and watching the film and then discussing it afterwards. Or is it just like the travelling cinema when you watch the film then disappear? Musical activities are not really suitable - I love music but cannot play anything to save my life! Although would not mind learning the guitar but guess that would require one on one tuition and would likely be expensive.
  15. Hi all, Looking to move into LK or surrounding area and just wondering if anyone could give me an idea of evening clubs actvities that might suit a guy (30) who is relatively sporty and just looking for things to do about the night to get him out of the house. Other than sitting in a pub. So any ideas on some good clubs, activities to get involved in? Anything considered
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