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  1. bug

    Rainbow Flag

    "Fly the flag" by all means.... Any flag will do... This is the 21st Century.. it's allowed. Symbolism is dead. Q - If the flag was "pure white" what would that symbolise?
  2. Left Wing, Right Wing, Far Right Wing?????? - Get a grip folks - They are all Fockers
  3. All of the contributions above have merit but I will dare to interject, and suggest, that all contributors read and absorb "The Origin of the Species" and "Mien Kampf" before hitting their keyboards again.
  4. Ok - There's a time and a place that fireworks being set off by Jo Public is traditionally acceptable in an un-prohibited way - Guy Fawkes Night (5th November - remember?) The grand "officially organised" events are controlled public spectacles that, some say, are awesome i.e. New Year, Disneyland, Maggie's Funeral etc. and are expected BUT what about all the rest?
  5. Ghostrider - Doo's correct - Aa da "country" buses congregated beneath Da Fort, opposite Gansons Garage, (noo Thulecraft). But dey usually bakket in fae da Nort end.
  6. George - It's a One Way Street
  7. There certainly was buses using the street in the past. The "airport bus" used to arrive and leave from Leask's Travel Agents (the original one which is now a hairdressers between the icare and Goodlads solicitors). Granted they didna drive from the Cross to the Fort (bit tight at Stove and Smith's) but they certainly traversed the street after the New Church Road was opened. When it was just Church Lane access only the smaller vehicles could make the turn at the Post Office.
  8. This (current) Scottish government investment (our money btw) in Dales Voe (frowned upon by detractors in Dundee et al) is no more than a double edged sword that will be perceived by many to be a win(d), Win(d). Yes a good location for decommissioning of the oily stuff (my first point) but it is primarily being designed for the landing of big {'f' }-off wind turbine components. The oily stuff being merely a side line that Dundee et al have already noted is an anomaly.
  9. Ghostrider - You NEARLY nailed it on the head - You should become a Torchboy.
  10. Bonanza time approaches - Most thrifty people will park in the peripherals outside the "pay" barriers and chaos will commence - I've just registered Shetland's first Clamping Company to make sure I'm prepared to reap the(ir) benefits.
  11. Great minds think alike - and that trio will sort it
  12. Only surmising, but given that we refer to small boats that are "Lapstrake built" as "Clinkers". i.e. Shetland models & punts etc. it could be that a Holm Clinker is a small craft that you would not take too far out to sea, but would be ok for rowing/sailing to a holm where there is relative shelter and the boat is small enough to be taken to a shore where there is unlikely to be any good berths for bigger craft but would be easily accessible by a Clinker. Thoughts?
  13. The Ruskies certainly do - Folk used to barter da old Kay's and Freeman's Club Books with the Russian fishing fleet's water tanker when they berthed at Victoria Pier back in the '70s (LK being the only UK port that they were allowed to come ashore in during the "Cold War".) Many a good hat badge and alternative chocolate bar to be had. The crew took the catalogues back to the USSR so that their rag trade could copy the "modern" western clothes designs etc.
  14. Litigation v ligetures. Janet will be spinning.
  15. Just a question - many posters above (^) refer to a 20mph speed limit. Correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I'm aware the speed limit through the "calmed" section, remains at 30mph?..... On an aside - I observed a strange phenomenon today.... when a "visitor" to da Toon used the humps like a pelican crossing because the car that was slowly approaching the hump stopped(!!). Winna be good if foot-fallers think that all this new road furniture is a right of way without a R-L-R and left again or (confused) drivers confuse the pedestrians.
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