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  1. Wether its gingerbread or bananas or hair preens being imported /exported there is no odds - the physical transportation of goods from market to buyer or vice versa is what makes the world go round - it keeps the merchant navy et al in their jobs. That's what they do. Flicking a computer button to tranfer a few billion £/$/pesos or whatever is what the virtual mercahnt navy does from their desks - It's their job. Which do you prefer?
  2. Koy - that is indeed a strange definition of "brave"
  3. Currently on page 42 of "The Hobbit" and struggling with the meaning of it all
  4. bug

    Fuel Prices

    Personally I only buy fuel in 1/2 litres now (only about 0.62p) - BARGAIN. I can remember 0.70 a Gallon!!! - It's all down to the measures you buy it in - or da vehicle you pit it a tin
  5. Nice one M - there is a whole subtle difference between missing & stolen
  6. Da barber next to Mac & Mac was Andrew Keith and next door to that was the amazing alladins cave that was Eric Browns bike shop.
  7. Feb or March in LK going by the lack of any spring bulbs in the floory park -do they no usually have their planter boxes with a spring display that kick into life April?? Maybe March given that in the playpark the galley scooder from the end Jan seems to have been weel washed away.
  8. bug


    SDT ... more like STD but that's a different thread. By the way I am intrigued why you consider insults and vitriol to be relevant - I see none
  9. bug


    mmm...... that's feasible...... i suppose
  10. bug


    the folks running the windmill will eventually make the dough
  11. bug


    Lads, good or bad, the millers thresh the graines (sic) It surely will be the first time in history that the bill will have to be double sided (or is that two-faced?)
  12. Tabloids?????? - blast - I will have tae upgrade me car radio - I was sure he said haemorrhoids?
  13. Fair doos ,,, but have you asked your 10 year old's opinion yet?
  14. Disneyland in Florida - a must see place for any 10 year old (and non-cynical adults). May not be as cheap as Majorca but since you refer to not taking the other lasses (plural) you are already "saving their costs compared to normal holidays" so it would probably work out very similar costwise if you look around for the right deal. I recommend you stay within the Disney resort itself. You will not be disappointed.
  15. Methinks they should just rename this Swine flu - "Common Swine Flu" - and that would put this particular strain into a more understandable bracket for the masses being scared witless by the media attention it receives. Our existing "Common Flu" kills 10's of thousands every year and very few people enter into panic debates because lo and behold it's expected. "Common Swine Flu" will eventually fall into that category along with all the other nasties kicking about the planet and the media will move onto the next headline making lurgy.
  16. I work offshore. I have flown on both the Bond choppers referred to in this thread. I worked with one of the named victims of yesterdays crash for three years... He was a fine fellow who will be be sorely missed by his family and workmates. I will be happy to fly on another chopper when I go back to work next week. MF - Your postings are inane.
  17. you nailed it Ghostrider - ThEy iS but a COmpany of fallible humans . so expect nae ither.
  18. Fok, It's indeed a sad day when when you aa get so dam* excited/or incited/or delighted/ by da openin' o annider shop. Hed your pace an' tak it as it cums..let market forces prevail. Whedder you be left/right or sumwhar ida middle hit will mak nae differ in da lang run. 504 times fok hiv typed opinionated claptrap on dis thread... sik is da times. (Noo i'm 505??) Go oot and enjoy whit you hae or what ithers mae offer - [10 poond aff. LOL] - if dat's what you waant - if no dinna. Easy eh?
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