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  1. You can be assured they will break even at least ( the perishable stock would have been lost anyway no doubt) - however I hope the regular Tescoites don't bleat too much if the prices charged turn out to be premium compared to "normal" (and you never know there might be a few buckshee trips South available via Tesco since they'll be flying back South empty
  2. They'll no be bothered by wind -- however others might be now
  3. Back in the 3 boats a week days (whether strike or weather issues) I can remember some shops chartering planes at this time of year to get fresh perishables onto the island. Don Leslie did for sure. That's what you call good business and building Goodwill.
  4. Again I agree - my total houshold shop today was a bag of Bressay tatties and a pint o' Shetland milk. I might have tae panic when dat runs oot and head to Suzannaland with me cup for a peerie borrow
  5. Excuse my ignorance but what's a townie?
  6. Doos spot on - Dill likely be a run on da banks damorn (or maybe ower da banks given the Soltice and this Mayan pish)
  7. wir blyde doo geng furt onsikkenin a night o' dreesh
  8. Shakespeare is supposed to be the bard of the English language and (although his writing was a topic at school) I still make no sense of his pish. - so SP carry on - you could be famous when your gone so to Maths for the simples. (Circa numbers ok.) 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off (less 5 weeks holidays) means you work 21 weeks a year (c.12 hour shifts) = c. 1764 contractual hours c.9-c.5 monday to friday with c. 28 days holidays = c. 1740 contractual hours. So to conclude - shift workers (i.e. Serco), oilies offshore and shiney arses et. al. onshore all work c. the same number of contractual hours. (some will do overtime over and above contractual hours - but that's a personal choice) Does that make sense? No? - Ok - Shift work and Day work - Not much difference except we day workers have to go to work for 260 x 8 hour days and the guys with "all the time off" only have to go to work for 147 x 12 hour days. (except some of the poor offshore/mariner blighters have to be at their work for 24 hours a day c.12hrs paid - c.12 unpaid.) By the way I'm on double time at this time in the morning - JOKE
  9. "Bridging finance" is a loan
  10. was W C Bain's wholesalers before bakery I think. May have been Gansons Bus garage before that.
  11. I wouldn't say this was unusual. Search on whole of Lerwick and you will see the other establishments that have a similar rating. Mareel for one, Shetland College ! Globe butchers , mainlands butchers, Kveldrso! Most of the Indian takeaways etc. the bulk of places are still to be inspected.
  12. Contrary to popular belief, Mareel does not constitute all the facilities on this lovely isle. No-one (to my recollection) has alleged that you are popular, and long may it continue (Mareel that is)
  13. Oi!!!! This is getting personal, that's me you're dissing there too. LOL, we said facilties ... not faculties.
  14. Unlinkedstudent, you're clearly not finding the facilities on Da Auld Rock to your satisfaction. We will gladly donate to your ticket for the boat sooth so that you may seek out your Utopia. One way only of course
  15. Tamil Nadu - full pay and all expenses - yeh!!!!!...........................not
  16. I have yet to step inside Mareel but just out of interest do they have an attendant with a powerful torch seated in the cinemas during the films to ensure that proper behaviour is maintained. These attendants certainly made a difference in the North Star many moons ago?
  17. Bill Jardine who worked at SVT was the author of the "Staney Hill Free Press" a superb hard hitting and downright hilarious monthly satirical "newsletter" The "Free Press" name came along after his very first newsheet (1 page of A4) called "Terminal Tidbits" was banned by site mangement. He was staying in the Staney Hill Oil Camp at the time. Anyway the free press raised thousands of pounds for charity of over the years it was produced and I understand it became supported by the SVT management in it's production. Bill Jardine went on the publish a "proper" book called Tales of Sullom Woe by Jardine, Bill 9781858210919 ISBN 10: 1858210917 / 1-85821-091-7 ISBN 13: 9781858210919 Publisher: Publication Date: 1993 It is an excellent book written in the same style as the Free Press was. You may even recogonise folks you know.
  18. bug

    Special Panel???

    Shetlandpeat you help me make my point precisely. *** mod edit - text removed - no need for that Bug *** let normal fok offer der touwts.
  19. bug

    Special Panel???

    upside down and inside out or outside in and twisted that way or this way - but especially for you Shetlandpeat - normally.
  20. *** mod edit - some text removed - tone it down a bit please *** http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/5653-special-meeting-to-select-selection-panel FOLLOWING a backbench revolt a special meeting of Shetland Charitable Trust will be held on 15 October. This is to allow members to choose a trustee who will serve on the small panel that will shortlist independent trustees to serve on the new re-organised trust. In a letter to all 22 trustees, the charity’s chairman, Drew Ratter, had suggested that he should be the council trustee who sits on the panel. The move triggered a flurry of emails among members unhappy about the prospect of being sidelined in the appointment process. Trustee George Smith said: “The proper process is now being followed. If Drew wants to put himself forward he is perfectly entitled to do so, as is anybody else who is a trustee.†Mr Ratter said the rules of how the new independent trustees were to be appointed had been drawn up by the previous councillors/trustees. They stipulated that a three-strong selection panel had to consist of an independent chairman from outside the trust, plus one council trustee and one independent trustee. “I offered to do it myself, but when trustees were consulted they said they wanted to have a meeting. There is no backbench revolt, and there is no problem,†Mr Ratter said. A painful four-year-long reform process, which will remove council control from the £200 million trust, finally came to an end last month, when trustees approved the way ahead by 10 votes to six. The new trust, which has to be in place by 31 March next year, will have a 15-strong board comprising seven councillors and eight independent trustees chosen by the selection panel. Trust general manager Ann Black said on Friday that the panel’s independent chairman was in the process of being appointed, but she couldn’t release a name yet. The panel’s independent trustee will most likely be Anderson High School head teacher Valerie Nicolson after the only other independent member on the trust, Lord Lieutenant Bobby Hunter, said he was unavailable to the job. Once the panel has been appointed, the trust will advertise locally for candidates to come forward. A shortlist of suitable candidates will then be drawn up by the panel, who will be assisted by consultant People Pioneers, an Inverness-based company describing itself as “specialising in organisational development activitiesâ€. Following this process a list of candidates will be presented to trustees for approval either late this year or early next year. At the same time, Shetland Islands Council will have to select seven of its members to serve on the reformed charitable trust. Monday’s special meeting will be held in the Bressay Room of the Lerwick Hotel, at 10am. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/tv/s103/the-x-factor/news/a410818/gary-barlow-x-factor-judges-should-be-ashamed-of-picking-rylan.html I like special meetings,..... especially special meetings on a Monday at 10am,...I will be outside especially to meet and greet you. Will you be coming?
  21. Just dive in and follow the seabed in any given direction and you'll find that Shetland is very firmly attached to the uk and Scandinavia and the US amongst many other places. It's just a matter of holding you're breath long enough to discover that there are no real borders....
  22. To answer your query, as you can see from the site logo "Shetlink - Connecting Shetland" at the top of this page, just using "Shetland" more than adequately covers most eventualities. Does anyone think renaming this site "Shetlinks" may be more appropriate?
  23. PB - I have just read your post. It clearly demonstrates the past failures in education. (or demonstrates clearly for the pedants) ?
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