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  1. Heimdal has got it spot on... This is the time of year that the Noss cliffs are at their best. Everyone (not just visitors) should make the effort to go and witness the abundant seabird colony on Noss. It is mama nature supreme. Even worth giving Johnny Wills a couple of quid (it is wir boat onywye) just to enjoy the experience. Highly recommended.
  2. a car turned into a tourist craft centre selling products by ocal sounds like a great idea
  3. Unfortunately, by the very fact that you are posting this plea on Shetlink demonstrates that you are very very unlikely to succeed in any business venture.
  4. So let me get this right - you cleared out your Dad's house and left crap and stuff for "others to take", then you hung around to watch who sorted out the crap you had left because you thought you might have left money in it (most old sofas have a few pence down their backs) AND then you were suprised at the amount of crap you had left? Surely you are full of the same said stuff
  5. Your right. The certain folk you refer to act more like sheep than sheep do....
  6. Ewes and lambs do tend to wander at this time of year...and fences in Shetland are a bit "new fangled" and noone has actually told the sheep what their purpose is. Go northby and you'll find there aren't any fences.. why would you (or the sheep) need them. So if you're concerned that the two you mention might be endangered by drivers not being particularly adept at avoiding wandering livestock then get a pal and go and yock a had o' the yow and fling it oe'r the nearest fence. Fling the lamb efter it and bingo they'll be fine. Dinna be surprised if you spot them right back in the same place again a couple of days later though. Fickle beasts for sure.
  7. Dear unlinkedstudent I suggest you write to the "Shetland Times" in the interim. Bug
  8. I wandered by the Lerwick Health Centre this morning ...........
  9. Dear Shetland_Boys I suggest pee travels down a lane anytime. Bug
  10. Dear Daveh I suggest two cuts - to the quick and to the salads Bug
  11. Dear Daveh I suggest big-big to little-little on a bi-monthly cycle will nail your dilemmas Bug footnote: You'll find this change may grow more to your liking
  12. Dear Ghostrider You have a better half, so are 50% there - I suggest you pool yourselves together Bug
  13. Dear Eventide Let it Be - There a "One After 909" Bug
  14. Dear Scorrie, Hang fire a couple of weeks yet - there's a frost in the air. Bug
  15. Dear Apehanger I suggest they have you sussed. Bug
  16. Dear Twerto, I suggest Calamine Lotion applied to the gap between their two big toes. Bug
  17. Dear Trowie246 I suggest that when you move you deploy earwigs Bug
  18. Here's a place where all you Shetlinkers can lay out your concerns or fears anonymously without fear of recimrimination, grammar reconsciliation, soothmootheralienation, or twee repostes and be assured of considered non-ambiguous responses from a listener who cares. for example. Dear Bug, I can't tie my laces concerned of Eshaness Dear Concerned of Eshaness No worries, Help is on hand. Use slipons in the meantime BUG. OK not a good example but I haven't had my first letter yet and I aint going to make them up. So... Who's first?
  19. I haven't had a single landscape advert ever. I am seriously peeved. What have you guy's got that I haven't. I feel as if I'm missing out here!
  20. I wandered by Mareel this morning.................
  21. here's another thought (2 in 2 days isna bad - come on) Instead of the current "dash for cash" ( the SSE, Mikeys team and some twirps caad Bill'N'Drew) why not draw a line in the sand right now......... ......then (with all the current Blue prints/Plans and Approvals safely in hand) .... >>>> stake wir claim>>>>>>>>> and HOLD. Then when.. ...Global Climate change starts to suffocate wir planet and/or Puffins look like becoming Dodos and BP/Shell/Total? and da peerie global players move on to other things...... ..and the whole planet looks like it needs a helping hand... we resurrect VE and save everyone... We could be called the Shetland Island Cavalry. Joost think - in 3000 years time the SIC come to the rescue. Now that wid mak a headline in the Shetland Times. In the meantime, get the paperwork done by all means but there is is no need for actual wind turbine induced desecration for at least a millenium.
  22. Here's a thought: If the Charitable Trust (our representatives) .... hold c. £200 Million of our money on our behalf..... ..and can dispose of it (with due process and considered debate) on our behalf.... surely on Monday 16th we (all c. 22000 of us) could ask for a c. £9000 drawdown each.... then each one of us could decide how and where we would invest our money... Win-Win(d)
  23. There ain't such a beast on the planet
  24. Dus doo reckon der might be sumthin fishy goin' on?
  25. is doo ivver towt o plantin marsh mallows - day shoorly tak tae da weet grund fine
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