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  1. Does anyone ken why the date of the Mid Summer Carnival has changed from the 23rd June to the 16th of June?
  2. I moved here about 10 years ago from Inverness. When I first moved I went out approx. twice a month for around 6 months, now its about twice a year. The reason I choose not to go out is because I personally feel that the pubs here are ( I can only speak for the Lerwick ones I have been in) some are dirty, some are inadequately heated, some are in need of repair, some have poor facilities. Publicans should have a bit more respect for thier customers and provide things like heating, toilet roll, clean floors, clean glasses, clean trays, ice, a well stocked bar, an updated and working jukebox, half decent pool cues........just the basics really.
  3. Really?????????? Some Folk have got too much time on thier hands. The "Golliwogg" (later "Golliwog", "golly doll") was a character in children's books in the late 19th century and depicted as a type of rag doll. In my eyes they are toys......that is what they were origanally designed to be. We cant blame everyone for what a group of racists decided to do with the name 'golliwog'. Just like we cant blame all Germans for what the Nazis did, or all Americans for what the KKK did. Should shops remove Blackjack sweets from thier shelves?...what about a white loaf? White Chocolate? Its all nonsence, Racism is an Individual thing, if folk get offended by seeing something they dont like in a shop....then dont go there....its as simple as that. Why should I (and others) miss out on buying/seeing a toy in a shop because it Might offends someone
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    I stopped shopping at the CO-OP ages ago, the place is dirty and the SOME of the staff are SO rude, on saying that I would not like ro see it close
  5. do you mean that some folk could be buying concession tickets when they should be buying full priced ones ? or am I on the wrong wave length ?
  6. Who are these folk that are on Shetlink trying to sell tickets to the Levellers and Bjorn Again at ludicrous prices ? and why do they think it is ok to do it ? If you bought tickets and then find out you cant go, why not give some one else (who didnt manage to get tickets) the opportunity to go without making them pay through the nose for it ?
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