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  1. After previous rants about the christian summer camp the organisers are now back in schools telling bible stories to the kids every week! I am giving up on this. They obviously have some strong influence on Shetland education that I can't do anything about. Fair enough I admit I'm a non-believer and probably an anti-religionist but up until recently I have deliberately adopted a neutral position with my kids. I have tried hard not to exert any influence on their beliefs apart from providing as much information and resources as I can for them to build the knowledge to be able to form their ow
  2. $1 million for anyone who can prove they work. No one successful so far. http://www.randi.org/site/index.php/1m-challenge.html maybe this is why ; http://www.williamfuld.com/
  3. I am already starting to lose the will here. However I guess you are alleging that because the old testament has the story of Adam and Eve then your god trumps all others. But the old testament was only written long after hundreds of other religions were in existence. So it can be quite clear that the authors felt it necessary to do some revisionist history. And I don't know how you can class ancient people as evil for having an alternate religion. What about native North Americans, such as apache, sioux, cheyenne . They can't surely be evil for not worshiping a god they had never heard
  4. Well pool and paul b etc, here's your wish - a new thread especially for you. Paul B wrote ; Well I have to say that's a new one on me. So I can enter the celestial night club without believing in your god? I just don't get a seat in the vip area - that's reserved for you guys I assume. Any other new rules we should know about? ps. Paul B, no offence intended but why don't you write your posts in word and then do a spell check and copy and paste them back on to your reply. That way it would be easier for the rest of us to see what you are saying. It would also help you see how to spe
  5. Last thread went a bit off topic. Hope this can reflect the debate that ensued. Pool wrote ; What makes you believe this to be true? And why are there so many other religions that predate christianity that also have virgin births, sons of god being born on earth, performing miracles and being ultimately prosecuted and resurrected etc.? Basically why is the jesus story so similar to the majority of other religions that were around at the time and before he was first written about? Do you think your God decided to make Jesus the same as all the other saviours that man had invented jus
  6. Pool wrote: I don't know whether you are on the wind up mate or whether you actually really believe this. If you do believe I guess it's the best riposte ever for those who go on about militant atheists etc. You really believe you are commanded to go around trying to get as many people as possible to follow your belief system and all that goes with it? And you've reached the position that your belief system is superior to very other viewpoint on the planet and therefore you will do anything you can to persuade people to join it. I guess that's what behind the camp. Perhaps I have been
  7. Well now were on the subject.... Paul B. Answer me this. If I am a good person, bring up my kids well, care about society, give to charity, care and love my parents, despair about the injustice in the world, despair about the plight and poverty of the third world , speak out against injustice, support amnesty international and abhor violence. If I do all these things and more and live my life on the principal of do unto others what you would have done to yourself, is your God going to send me and my family to some unimaginable place called hell that he has created for those that do not
  8. Paul B wrote ; I would suggest the people at fault are those that produced misleading leaflets and came into the schools and persuaded the kids to attend the camp on false premise. Some of us who have no interest in christianity but want to be open-minded felt after hearing this pitch via our kids, that it might be a "soft" introduction to our children into this strange belief system. Especially with the severe peer pressure that this approach to recruitment to the camp caused! Unfortunately this was a mistake. We kind of assumed it was a christian thing not to tell lies. And we hav
  9. Yeh can see how this could go off track. But as long as posts are related to Nadine Dorries then fair enough to be on this thread I would say. She makes many false and mendacious statements on these subjects and the point of the thread was to debate how dishonest she is. In order to show her position is demonstratably false then it can be necessary to elaborate on why she is so weak on many of her arguments.
  10. I don't understand if you are contradicting yourself here. It seems strange for you say you had reams of complaints and then go on to say that no women would complain about an abortion process because it is shameful. But apart from that I really hope you have miss-represented yourself. It is extremely offensive to be told termination is shameful. It is a completely legal procedure open to all women in this country. Whether it is an unplanned pregnancy, rape or damaged foetus there is absolutely no shame in termination. It is a difficult and unpleasant process to go through but shame – no,
  11. Everyone to their own I guess but I think it's best to tell the truth to my kids and then we are speaking from the same page whenever we discuss drugs and they are never going to be able to turn around and say I told them nonsense. I want them to know that my advice and help was always true and accurate. That way I hope they will continue to turn to me and rely on me whatever issues they face. They will know my advice is consistent and honest. The amount of people mown down by people high on alcohol seems to massively outweigh deaths caused by cannabis/marijuana so I want my kids to be aware
  12. Unfortunately I have been involved in abortions, both here and in England. Presently you are offered unbiased counselling options and I've had access to this service. The counsellors are properly trained and approved by BMA. These counsellors are accessed through the abortion service or the NHS. These are not exclusively abortion counsellors. They are trained counsellors who provide support to people from all areas of society and the national health. Abortion counselling is only a small part of their work. What Dorries is proposing is that this should stop and counselling can only be prov
  13. This woman is amazing! She has to be an actress impersonating a politicion for one of those reality comedy movies. Some of the stuff she comes out with is completely bonkers. This was her on BBC radio 4 any questions recently ; Then here she is on sky news yesterday promoting her ammendment on abortions ; http://youtu.be/pPmswmgX2KI Most politcions embelish, or are economic with the truth but I don't think I can recall any politicion so full of self promotion and with so little grasp on fact and reality. She is hilarious, read her blog page if you wan't a laugh every day.
  14. Here are some laws that are still on the statute but not normally recognised; It is still technically illegal to eat mince pies on christmas day, unless off course you are trying for a baby. It is still legal for a pregnant woman to relieve herself anywhere she wants. It is a treasonable offence to stick a postage stamp on a letter upside down. Also illegal to be in charge of a cow when intoxicated. Police up here could really improve their conviction rates if they enforced this one. And it is a legal requiremernt to have 25% of a local authority education committee comprised of une
  15. What the hell's a militant atheist? That's a contradiction in terms. I have no beliefs on theism to be fundamental about! I just happen not to believe the things you tell me about your gods. It is impossible to militantly disbelieve. Use your own words instead of adopting hackneyed, flawed clichés! But this is also not so unusual; religions do seem to occupy a sanctified place in people minds that make some people very sensitive when they attract fair criticism. This thread is in response to initiatives to make 25% of the education committee comprise of unelected religious representative
  16. I really think you need to have some internal review or investigation then. It is bizarre for a kid with limited knowledge of religion to claim that they were told all other religions apart from Christianity were invented by satan. Also can't see why they would claim they were preached hellfire and damnation and is now worried about going to hell when they never had any concept of a place called hell prior to attending your camp. Also why do you raise the big bang theory and then dismiss it to the kids. This elaborate tale about fireworks and watches is too complex for a kid to make up.
  17. That was the problem op8s, they came to the school and addressed the kids and told them it was a fun summer camp with the religion element being down played. I really don't think parents did expect this crazy stuff to be going on. With them being allowed into the school it gave a kind of false assurance that this was quasi approved and therefore not something too extreme. In actual affect it's turned out to be just about as extreme as you can get with this stuff!
  18. Sorry to be back on aboot this but am no sure if something really serously bad has gone on at this summer camp. Noo fun oot da bairns were explicitally told all other religions outwith christianity were created by satan! shown actual photographs of real crucifixion leaders breaking down in tears when reading the bible to the bairns constant reminders of damnation for not believing no my bairn tho so I dunna want to interfere but I feel I should post it here as a warning to all those who may consider sending bairns to this "innocent" event another year ! if anybody reading this is i
  19. [quote For instance, I have recently heard a tale about comments made to children at the summer Christian kids camp, which I hope are untrue or exaggerated. Because, if not, things have not changed at all and what was said is repulsive and disgusting in its lack of morality. quote] Have tried to avoid this area as I felt it best to be tolerant and not cause ruptions about this camp even tho they were allowed into school to persuade kids to come to it. After some of the comments on this thread tho I felt the need to do a little digging. 1. They were shown real pictures of people crucifi
  20. How many adults still believe in Santa Claus tho? Think there might just a slight difference. In any case we are not disputing a parents right to pass views/beliefs on to their kids (although that could be a good debate!). This thread is about schools passing beliefs that are arbitrary to say the least, on to our kids.
  21. Wir pals boy phoned home late at night terrified the family were all going to hell. The worst thing about this is that people from this summer camp were allowed into schools to promote it during school time. Basically lessons were interrupted so the organisers of the camp could do self promotion to the bairns. Our kids came home putting loads of pressure on us to let them go as some "nice guy had come into the class and told them it was all games, waterfights and trips to Lerwick!" Then when all the other kids are going the pressure to give in is pretty tough! Wld we be allowed into the
  22. We are the same. I get really annoyed having to give a counter perspective to the christian doctrine that gets shoved down wir peerie lasses throat at school. Thankfully she can tell me that her and a lot of her pals question the idea of christian jesus and god amongst themselves when they are being made to do jesus stuff in class. It seems that this is a common response amongst a lot o bairns so why do schools continue to confuse their minds wi this jiggery/pokery stuff? This is not the point tho. I don't want to be influencing her one way or the other. I would prefer for her to make her
  23. Seems this is info on ticketmaster; http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/event/3600471819C07F1B?artistid=1634184&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=1
  24. Just when you think the world can get no crazier...... Now we are apparently forced to have people who make their living believing fairy stories autocratically parachuted into making education policy. No wonder Councillor Wills walked out of this meeting. And councillor Fullerton declares that she is compromised because of her membership of COS and has to declare an interest but then goes on to prevent a debate on the matter. What was the point in declaring this interest? You really couldn't make this stuff up! Regardless of current circumstances education is of prime importance and
  25. Before the mods merge this with the other drugs thread I just want to say that this thread was meant to be about Shetland ignoring it's own devestating hard drug problem - especially amongst young people. The result being that a catastrophic situation is being created up here. Even with the cuts, Shetland is still one of the wealthiest local authorites in Britain. It seems sad that the council can't recognise this problem and come up with some serious iniatives to resolve it. After all any solution will save money in the long term. Because if it continues to grow at this rate it's going to c
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