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  1. ^^^^^^ Have one, it's great.
  2. I think this is a great idea, you could work a bottle swap aswell, then come back two weeks later with what you thought about the brew, like a book club, but much more tasty. I'm at the stage now where I'd like to move away from basic kits, to more involved brewing. So have lots of questions. Where would you be thinking to hold this bi-mon-sci-fi-con?
  3. Silly willy was awesome. [idiot Ross not loggin' out of my computer] LR
  4. Ross

    Any Kitesurfers about?

    Hi what make/model are your kites? What sizes are your boards? Are they Twin tip or Directional? The wind looks good this week probably getting a bit strong on thursday. But a blast this week could be good. St Ninians would probably be the best bet if there was a few of us.
  5. Anybody else enjoying the coverage today? Not even seen any racing yet, I'm feeling the bits and pieces that the BBC are doing; interviews and technology, yeah!
  6. Lewis also has a Karting track.
  7. Stuart's still ignoring my question. His silence says volumes. Ignoring direct questions posed to him? Has anybody ever seen Stuart Hill and Doglover in the same place at the same time?
  8. I know a group of at least 5 guys that would be up for it. Would beer be involved?
  9. Ha ha ha ha. This is the best thing I have seen in ages. Where did you find this nutter?
  10. I don't have a problem with the police, I even have a family member in the 'force' down south, I'm biased but I think he's allright, but then who knows what he turns into when the vest and hat go on? Never having any serious dealings with the police, the couple I have had, the attitude of them has been atrocious to say the least, even with keeping my mouth shut. Styumpie was right with the 'type' of personality, the psychological testing and selection of police officers, must favour these sort of people. This G20gate and similar incidents just makes my blood boil. Where was the justification in throwing this guy down onto the pavement? It reminds me of the Officer Riveria videos on A pretty extreme example of 'Police Officer' Syndrome.
  11. They're for home use. I'm using this Itube Carbon http://i435.photobucket.com/albums/qq75/rgordon00/10064-carbon23q1wipod.jpg To drive some Monitor Audio BR2s http://i435.photobucket.com/albums/qq75/rgordon00/107414.jpg They sound amazing at the moment, but I want to upgrade the speaker cable from the standard.
  12. Does anybody know if any of the local merchants sell terminated speaker cables? I put a bid on ebay on some cables , only to get off the boat this morning to find out I got outbid by a penny! Bid snipers are so unsporting. Cheers
  13. You don't have to be bootifull, To turn me on.
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