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  1. They might be trussit or gricey , God knows ? but if anybody needs to come under the lime light i would have thought it was those smuggling drugs , priorities kinda thing . Theres always been travellers of some description and folk have been mature and robust enough to deal with it , they are just folk trying to get by like us aa
  2. just humour him , best that can be hoped for
  3. no Kavi , home grown talent , bit of a job phrasing it correctly but its not incomers or travellers
  4. Am only airing my personal bug bears here , but , the ingress of drugs is alarming , its no a big place and its a very captive audience . Reckless and witless overtaking seems to be left to the will of the gods and insurance companies , and whoever can lie most convincingly has given the correct statement
  5. Actually agreed with shetlandpeat which will bother me greatly for a long time . If they can suddenly gift billions to banks and find money out of fresh air to subsidise wars and the likes , then theres enough for cycle lanes on the blindest bits of main roads
  6. usual suspects , none of them will be cheap , as it wont be a stock item , courier will be a killer of course aswell , sure WBP wont suffice ?
  7. the fellow with the barge moved on this spring but yes he was there a while , voe does tick a lot of boxes for winter berthing but can freeze up a bit
  8. they could recoup the petrol money by doing you , if you don't have a badge stay out of it , simples
  9. Free (allegedly) country, free (allegedly) speech (Mods permitting), ignore that which offends your eyes. Job done. Great. Job done alright, because the 3 of you are the sole reason why most of Shetland has switched off from Shetlink. Ghoastie you used to speak a lot of sense but now your getting far too bitter and twisted for my liking - yea i get it its a free country bla bla bla personally I would narrow the 3 down to 1 , shetlandpeat , that's not from Shetland anyway
  10. it will soo find a name , same idea as Ladies Mire / Junkies Mire
  11. its a skirt lets face it , an da national flower is a bloddy weed
  12. fingers crossed for 3G being made widespread aswell
  13. why stop at just the hillhead ?
  14. Callard & Bowser liquorice toffee in that paper boxes , thought they were a real treat as a bairn
  15. ach I think I will move to Unst til its aa by wi , comin ?
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