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  1. They might be trussit or gricey , God knows ? but if anybody needs to come under the lime light i would have thought it was those smuggling drugs , priorities kinda thing . Theres always been travellers of some description and folk have been mature and robust enough to deal with it , they are just folk trying to get by like us aa
  2. just humour him , best that can be hoped for
  3. no Kavi , home grown talent , bit of a job phrasing it correctly but its not incomers or travellers
  4. Am only airing my personal bug bears here , but , the ingress of drugs is alarming , its no a big place and its a very captive audience . Reckless and witless overtaking seems to be left to the will of the gods and insurance companies , and whoever can lie most convincingly has given the correct statement
  5. Actually agreed with shetlandpeat which will bother me greatly for a long time . If they can suddenly gift billions to banks and find money out of fresh air to subsidise wars and the likes , then theres enough for cycle lanes on the blindest bits of main roads
  6. usual suspects , none of them will be cheap , as it wont be a stock item , courier will be a killer of course aswell , sure WBP wont suffice ?
  7. the fellow with the barge moved on this spring but yes he was there a while , voe does tick a lot of boxes for winter berthing but can freeze up a bit
  8. they could recoup the petrol money by doing you , if you don't have a badge stay out of it , simples
  9. Free (allegedly) country, free (allegedly) speech (Mods permitting), ignore that which offends your eyes. Job done. Great. Job done alright, because the 3 of you are the sole reason why most of Shetland has switched off from Shetlink. Ghoastie you used to speak a lot of sense but now your getting far too bitter and twisted for my liking - yea i get it its a free country bla bla bla personally I would narrow the 3 down to 1 , shetlandpeat , that's not from Shetland anyway
  10. it will soo find a name , same idea as Ladies Mire / Junkies Mire
  11. its a skirt lets face it , an da national flower is a bloddy weed
  12. fingers crossed for 3G being made widespread aswell
  13. why stop at just the hillhead ?
  14. Callard & Bowser liquorice toffee in that paper boxes , thought they were a real treat as a bairn
  15. ach I think I will move to Unst til its aa by wi , comin ?
  16. Interesting reading , however , the quantity of atrocious driving and deplorable driver attitude seen on the roads now , you wouldn't believe there was a highway code any more
  17. The real damage I should think is to the memory of those laid to rest with their families , disturbing that children should even think to do such a thing
  18. you wont get rich off any o them , they will get rich off you 1st
  19. It is without question that she threw the floodgates wide open to greed selfishness and false truths , and that the policys of the time benefitted the booming local economy. Whether or not it enhanced local culture or not is very questionable. A Christian developed modern society ought not be judging the dead even if it is glad to see the back of her , its not the mortal that's the problem now , its the legacy
  20. I don't have the unlimited package but connection speed is ahead of bt , in comparison all their packages are ahead , and anytime ive needed them its been a short time on the phone with helpful friendly staff . I moved the line rental there too .
  21. Yup, everyone in emergency accommodation are just like that. Do you write for the Daily Mail? Shetlandpeat , the single greatest reason for Shetland folk to not express Shetland opinions on a Shetland website , what a tosser
  22. Well if your caravan does get blown over oh dear how sad never mind you would then be homeless and the SIC would have to house you.The old tricks are always the best. not nesessarily the case , you would get shared emergency which is not free , theres a direct debit to sign , and then you get lumped in wi some vermin that winna let you sleep n steals whats left of your stuff , please dinna scoff at a situation til you've been in it
  23. Unpleasant driving attitude can be seen on the roads of Shetland every day . Idiots overtaking in the face of oncoming traffic is the most common and most worrying . The police and courts seem to be of the opinion that its the insurance companies job to sort it out
  24. Cheapskate way to get a few more year out of it is masonry paint, which nobody will agree is the better , oil base or water base . The cure is to skelp them off and renew
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