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  1. If you're going to criticise other people's spelling and grammar maybe you should make sure yours are correct.
  2. I used to visit the Marlex quite frequently but don't any more because of the big screen in the lounge bar.
  3. So looking forward to school summer holidays - Cornwall, London, Oslo, Copenhagen, Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk, Oslo, Bergen, home.
  4. But my partner is asked to move it from jacket pocket to trouser pocket - and only at Sumburgh.
  5. Why do cigarette lighters need to be shifted into trouser pockets at Sumburgh but nowhere else?
  6. Be warned - the Travelodge doesn't have a luggage room so when you arrive off the ferry and you can't book in right away, you may need to put luggage into railway station left luggage office or lug it around for half the day! I also found it a bit grubby - mouldy windowsills and shelves missing from wall - and noisy, especially at the weekend.
  7. We find Norwegian Airlines to be both cheap and efficient. When in Norway we are based in Oslo (partner is Norwegian) and we often fly within Norway or to somewhere else in Europe with Norwegian. Another good trip from Oslo is the ferry to Copenhagen. The views of Oslo from onboard and the sail along the fjord are fantastic; it's relatively cheap and you arrive early in the morning so can have a day in Copenhagen and return the same night. If we fly from here to Bergen then we like to take the train to Oslo as it's such a fantastic journey. Upgrade for a small supplement to "NSB Komfort" and you get better seats and free hot drinks and papers throughout the journey. It is annoying that there is no ferry between Lerwick and Bergen any more though.
  8. There can also be a problem with drivers being too cautious. I was behind a car the other day travelling about forty mph (on 60mph roads) and braking every time a bend came up. I then had to brake too which, had there been any frost that morning, could have been hazardous.
  9. Years ago I did an All Day Breakfast at home for charity. Invited as many people as I could and cooked breakfasts for them until well into the afternoon. This raised several hundred pounds.
  10. Norwegian crime novel - "Trollspeilet". Reading in Norwegian slows me down so reading becomes much more cost effective!
  11. It's almost impossible to avoid the Kurse of the Karaoke on Saturday nights in Lerwick.
  12. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Delilah
  13. I made a lovely rhubarb and date chutney last year
  14. Norwegian Airlines operate to Oslo from Edinburgh. Their rates are fairly reasonable and they also operate within and outwith Norway from Oslo. I have used them a lot both to travel to Norway and to Bergen, Aalesund, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf from Oslo. Worth looking at. The Shetland/Bergen link is well used. I don't know whether an all year round service would be a financial success but personally I'd love it. The train journey from Bergen to Oslo is very pleasant too and there are reasonably priced places to stay overnight in Bergen before travelling on. Check out Citybox.
  15. Thank you. Weather permitting, I'll be there.
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