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  1. I admire that Clive's have managed to keep at it for so long. Look at the state of HMV for example: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2011/mar/01/hmv-hasnt-much-value CDs are out, Digital is in.
  2. Hi Shetland Peat, sorry, I don't read the forum regularly. There was a good turn out at the event and I think everyone left better informed than when they arrived. There is indeed a deeper problem and I think those who attended were already aware of this to some degree, it's those with absolutely no awareness of the potential impact of drug use upon their lives whether at home, within the community they live, or at work that are most concerning. Another event is in the pipeline so I'll keep you informed of when, and where this is.
  3. Hello - this may be of some interest to readers/participants of this thread or anybody else so pass on the message to anyone you think might be interested. There is more information on the Bixter Hall Facebook page. In conjunction with The Northern Constabulary, Scottish Ambulance Service and Dogs against Drugs, The Bixter Hall is hosting a Drugs Awareness Event. It is an informal chance to get information. There will be presentations and displays from the partners listed above and representatives will be present to give advice, have discussions and answer any questions you may have.
  4. GTL Disco at Bixter Hall tonight is cancelled due to the weather. Boo hoo!!
  5. moon pig...... moon pig... moon pig.... moon pig...... moon pig..... moonpigdotcom! garr. But i love the new Ford one where there's an orchestra playing harps, percussion, whistles and trumpety things made out of doors, exhausts, wheels etc. also love the Lynx chocolate one.
  6. I demanded too - the things you can do with your time during a cancelled lecture on a pishy day!
  7. http://www.virtualstapler.com a good way to combat boredom for 47ish seconds.
  8. Having had a skoit at the report, I would say it's all good and well to explore the likelihood of fatality through being exposed to a vapour cloud explosion, but what is the likelihood of a VCE occuring in the first place? And surely the impact [and likelihood of fatality] of the explosion would vary according to the size of the vapour cloud?? ponder ponder
  9. The break was a vexation for me, I'm sure I'll cope though. Have they changed the cameras? it looked different. Weekend omnibus sounds good - an even better way to waste time! ...
  10. Saw August Rush last night - best film i've seen in years!
  11. "Principles and Practise of Marketing" thrillin stuff! next up - "Fundamentals of Corporate Finance" even better! ahh the joy's o bein a student - the night life's good
  12. headin to glasgow on friday - whoop! *2 more sleeps*
  13. jeso! both of them in the same day! that would be overly mega however i will miss it, the second drum clinic within 8 weeks of goin to glasgow gurr. *sigh* £133 return glasgow to sumburgh...??lol. Scottish Drum Day here i come. DJ leader
  14. worse still, folk that dont signal and are in the wrong lane at roondaboots - even i know better than that.
  15. i'm biased - west is clearly best - http://file029a.bebo.com/9/large/2007/02/06/21/105244257a3517615288b868567761l.jpg yuns taken from a peerie beach just down from the culswick broch lookin towards Foula. i also love the banks at Watsness. spreadin oot a bit, Gletness has to be on my list o favorite places along wi Eshaness.
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