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  1. Unbelievable. I can't get my head round why anyone could derive any sort of satisfaction from a stunt like that. Sometimes I might think 'that's not for me but I can see why some people might enjoy it' (things like e.g. bungee jumping) but this one just bewilders me.
  2. Who would've thought it, a knicker thief? Wonder what the re-sale market's like for 2nd hand pants? Probably just some fetishist on a perv-fest. Right enough, I never put my undies on the line. Stick 'em over the airer indoors. Wouldn't want my neighbours knowing my preference for big pants. Mind, from what's been said, my Bridget Jones style tent-sized 'smalls' would be safe from any thief.
  3. Sorry if that ^^^ crossed the line and missed out the 'trivial' bit. One thing that really annoys me is fellow holidaymakers asking me 'why are you here alone' when I'm on hols. Thing is I usually do stuff on holiday, ski-ing or diving type stuff, so any companion would be left on their own all day. Of course, I don't tell that to the nosey people. I do however resist saying 'because I couldn't find a freak like your companion to come with me' or making up wild stories about how my entire family were wiped out in a freak accident.
  4. So, whether they're protected or 'vermin', you still can't shoot the b***ers on a whim? (Not that I would/could shoot them anyway - for me, most people re-name shooting as either 'wasting ammunition' or 'missing'!
  5. ^^^ Thsnk you. Looking at that picture, it seems like everything else would need to be protected from these!
  6. Alan Sugar. No rational explanation just, y'know, he bugs me.
  7. I just watched a massive flock of seagulls in next door's garden (think he was feeding them kitchen scraps) and thought 'eeew, that's like feeding rats' then 'aha, it'd be just like clay pigeon shooting without the clay pigeons'! I'm not seriously planning to shoot any seagulls but I sort of remember that I heard once they're protected. A while back, Aberdeen police made a big fuss about finding a guy who'd driven into a flock of seagulls on the pier and killed a load of them, citing their protected status as grounds for trying to arrest the chap. They're not rare, though, seagulls so I can't figure out why they'd be protected, if they even are.
  8. Just wanted to share this praise from the TES message boards (can be viewed without registering/logging in). http://www.tes.co.uk/section/staffroom/thread.aspx?story_id=2405344&path=/Opinion/&threadPage=&messagePage=1 If you ignore the general racism within the thread and all the bitching & sniping, nobody's disagreed with the basic premise that Shetland is the 'cleanest, most civilised & cultured' place in the UK, which is nice to know.
  9. ^^ What's even worse is that our 'democratically elected representatives' are probably inept enough to have c*cked up both incidents if they were indeed ill-conceived PR exercises.
  10. Or just not bother treating their burns. Assuming it was a suicide attack, these guys want to die so grant that wish. A slow, painful death from infected burns. Heard on news24 one of 'em is in hospital, If I were a doctor/nurse, I'd refuse to treat the scumbag.
  11. why would anyone want to give them first aid anyway? personally i'd rather they were finished off! help them to survive and they will probably try again By surviving, they can be arrested, tried and put away for a long, long time. It will cost a lot of taxpayers' money but at least they'll face justice.
  12. ^^ Good point. Am hearing that Glasgow is busiest Scottish airport especially this time of year with all the holiday charters but still seems totally random & amateurish. Have heard speculation about links with the London car bombs yesterday and the recent fuss over the fella convicted for Lockerbie.
  13. Saw this on the BBC website, too. Makes me very nervous. Why Glasgow? It's neither the capital city (home of parliament) nor the wealthiest/most strategically important of/in Scotland. All looks a bit amateurish, just a car with a burning rag shoved under an axle and the perps surviving what must've been meant to be a suicide attack. Their failure is good, 'cos it minimised casualties but might this mean a load of 'wannabe' terrorists coming out the woodwork and messing up their 'attacks'? Am quite shocked by the statement on either BBC or Sky News' website that the public reaction was to restrain the men from the car rather than to administer first aid.
  14. ^^ Steel Magnolias, yep makes me cry. Is that the one where someone donates a kidney to someone else or something like that? Others that really make me make a fool of myself by sobbing uncontrollably would be: Perfect Storm, City of Angels, Apollo 13, Great Escape, Caspar the Friendly Ghost, Finding Nemo, Top Gun, The Guardian, Evita - pretty much anything really. I cry at the TV news, too, quite often and Neighbours frequently has me sniffling. But I am a generally cheerful person, honest!
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