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  1. Agree with this, most sites have reviews on the blue-rays. I have quite a good set up with an LED tv, Denon amp and Keff speakers. Can't wait for the boxset to come out.
  2. I purchased a suite from DFS not long ago. I just found that there was so much more choice plus they do interest free over the term of repayments. You can't beat that really. I've had no problems so far and thats a year in! Fingers crossed but its just the punt you take when you don't purchase local.
  3. Any idea if the Blue Ray boxset will be worth buying, can the quality be that much improved from the last digital enhancement?
  4. Ross Duncan(Scalloway) against any toonie, some player in his hayday!
  5. Was at the Spiggie Hotel at the weekend(Sun). Great food, 3 course meal for £15, great value!
  6. Biglad

    Bressay FC

    Haha, brilliant! Back too the good old days where men were men and boys were boys. Its the Parish Cup, good, friendly events with a bit of fun involved and the participation of a few beverages! Take it the linesman was a Cungal!
  7. Any more news on this, bloody ridiculous but I see it's still glowing. Hepburn must be taking the decision with a pinch of salt, quite right too!
  8. I've purchased a ticket, looks quite intersesting! Any idea what the venue at the museum holds?
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