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  1. I've just been connected to BTBraodband after having several issues with SkyBroadband including crap speeds. Just done a SpeedTest.net Ping: 960ms D/S: .30Mbps U/S: .20Mbps Thats with the router connected DIRECTLY into the master socket with the filter OFF. Obviously I have and ADSL filter connected in first!
  2. Obviously you've never heard that the best way to silence your critics is to get them on side. By discussing/asking for information, it clears things up so that there can be no misunderstandings if people like Peerie Bryan answer and then rumours are quashed. I'm never posting on this thread again so you can all be highly delighted about that; after all, it would appear that having an interest in a community venture isn't permitted. Bryan, thanks for your replies. God I really hope so, could u stretch it to a few more threads too! Cheers
  3. A whole stand full of packets of 39p.......YES 39PENCE sweeties!!!!!!!!! Is that expensive u bunch of complaining halfwits? Christ almighty give me strength!!!
  4. Bought a new TV from Geordie Robertsons yesterday, had it delivered and installed today, couldn't be happier with all aspects of the sale, delivery and set up! CHEERS
  5. Great thread, lets see how long we can keep it for. I agree with most of the comments above also. far too much negativity surrounding local shops when actually quite a lot of them do very well considering. If we don't use them we'll lose them!
  6. Jesus H Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiist, these last few pages are pathetic, arguing the toss over what? Its actually a friggin embarassment to this site and the people that run it. Is this what Shetlink was intended for endless sprootle, written by people who like to see themselves type and have to nitpick just to have something to do in their lives. Its actually been a fine day out there today. ESPECIALLY at Da Ness FFS git oot more!!
  7. I once bought a carrot for my dinner fae Tesco. It was disgusting, definently won't be going back there in a hurry!
  8. Chriiiiiist, you could go too any eaterie in the world and have a bad meal on ANY day of the week, why do people feel the need to post that crap on here?
  9. I'm all for buying local but why buy the product if its twice the price in the first place? I'm with Chuck too, canna say am ever had a problem with the staff either!
  10. Get a grip Filska, jeezo YEAH, git a grip fur gods sake!
  11. Who's criticising Specsavers Dave? Just a few facts being stated here.
  12. Well that is up to them. Specsavers will offer a service that the local opticians can match or beat or alternatively the locals can just roll over and die. Their choice. "Up to them"?? Don't be daft. No independent optician can compete with Specsavers - they're a huge national chain with hundreds of outlets. They have enough buying power to be able to squeeze their suppliers for better prices and undercut smaller opticians by offering prices they literally can't match and still make any profit. CORRECT! Can't understand how people don't see through that is basic common sense. It'll be so much easier/practical for people too go to Specsavers now that they have a base here permanently. Obviously its people's choice to go go where they wish but I guarantee theat 1 or maybe even both local opticians will close down in the next 2 year.
  13. Well 3-1 Orkney. A pity really but a few defensive errors seem to have cost the team this time around. Thats what happens when you pick players on reputation rather than form and I think thats quite apparent this time around, certainly in a couple of positions.
  14. Cos some parents are too bloody lazy too walk their children to school! Take the car, or will that cost you too much in fuel?
  15. Cos some parents are too bloody lazy too walk their children to school! Take the car, or will that cost you too much in fuel?
  16. Canna believe you're STILL speaking aboot parking! FFS.
  17. Regarding the North Star. In the late 90's the owner went to the SIC with a business plan to revive the cinema having gone all over the UK researching various cinema venues and there operations. He was looking for a sum of money to help go someway into getting this done only to be given short shrift!!
  18. You still don't get 8 or 9 pages of sport every week. Technically I'm correct.....I think!
  19. Haha Seaflech fair enuff but I would expect on average over the whole year maybe a max of 6 pages sport...MAX! Obviously this time of year sport pages will be at its max but during the winter months I'm sure some weeks you'll struggle to find possibly 3 or 4 pages. I'm sure it all evens itself out. To blanket 52 weeks of the year with 8-9 pages of coverage of sport in the ST is just wrong. At least put it in perspective if you're gonna spout rubbish. I think I may have got my ass back but al let someone else decide that. Cheers
  20. Why is the sport section over the top? If you're not interested in sport don't read it, I am so it keeps me happy!! Different strokes for different folks at the end of the day! It's over the top because out of the paltry 38 pages you normally get each week 8-9 were sport which is a quarter of the entire newspaper!. Kavi, u go find me a Shetland Times with 9 pages of sport in it please then I'll give you a decent reply!!! 8-9 pages, my ass! A prime example of exageration and lies to try and settle a discussion....only hear on Shetlink!! ps Dunna cum wee an end of year review or some crap lik dat idder!!
  21. Its a bloody disgrace, the whole sad, sorry situation!!
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