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  1. Why is the sport section over the top? If you're not interested in sport don't read it, I am so it keeps me happy!! Different strokes for different folks at the end of the day!
  2. Well said mikeyboy, another thread full of bitching. I've had pretty much the same experience as you. When i buy Shetland milk I give it a shake to see if it's leaking, if it is, I swap it, simple. I've had a few problems getting the top peeled back but nothing a knife can't handle. I also have to laugh at the bitchin on here aboot leaking cartons and hard to pull tops......cos if you didn't you'd greet. Why can't people do the same as above its THAT simple, give the bloody carton a shake or is that too dificult? Also the pish aboot the lids being to tough to rip open??? As Piddly says do Shetlinkers not use knives?? Its such a shame that it's looking like thy may have to wind up.....if thats true!
  3. Thats 'white meter' SP yes. The whole house changes over to off peak supply from around midnight to 7am. THTC, storage heating and water heating are on at different times throughout the day.
  4. Hot water comes on at different times to storage heaters. Phone the hydro, give them your address and they shall give you your times. Turn your storage heaters down to 2 for a couple of days, if they're still blasting out heat then your stats need changed, common problem!
  5. Although it certainly seems a shambles I've been twice in the last 3 weeks, staff were helpful, no, I didn't get the appointment times I wanted cos I didn't even ask!!!!!!!!!!! They're busy so bloody take what you can get ans stop friggin moanin. As someone else has said u can only pish wee da fanny u hae!
  6. Such a good post Shetlander.........Keyboard Warriors, outspoken in their own home, mice in the real world!
  7. Pretty simple really, go get yourself a premises, open a shop, work 6 days a week and every night there's a cruise ship in then they'll be no complaints! Was Harry's not open he usually does probably because he has a high no. of staff that could probably cover shifts at nights or on Sundays? You lot complain there are nothing but charity shops and pubs on the street anyway so whats the problem, how many ways do you want it?
  8. Just seeing the many photos from the day around the net now! Thousands, we were correct Bubble Gum! Stick ure live feed up yir backhole and git oot da hoose tae sample some fresh air and a healthy communtiy experience!
  9. Hurrah someone who can say what I want to say without being as blunt!
  10. I doot dir wis a sicht mair furt an aboot idda toon da streen idda smaa hoors - dats whin wir "culture" wyes ir it dir best. Thats a bit better sarcasm right there GR!
  11. THOUSANDS? Are you being sarcastic? Obviously the live webcam feed must have been supplying something else because it didn't look like thousands. There can't have been more than a couple of 100 (if that) at the pier, and there were huge chunks of streets with nobody on them. It would appear someone's tag line isn't working. JEEEESUS CHRIST!!!! WHAT a surprise. A 'live' news feed get off ure lazy ass and come and see it for yourself for gods sake. At LEAST.....the very LEAST a couple o thousand at Clickimin. FFS u and your boyfiend get out the door and go and enjoy life and even your relationship rather than communicating thro Shetlink. Get a bloody LIFE. Again Mods do as you please!
  12. Right ya bunch o miserable windbags! Am been at da torch procession daday as well as a good few thousand others, thankfully the bitter, boring, keyboard warriors seem to be in the minority once more here a Slaglink!! Great atmosphere, lots of cheery, happy people, plenty to see and the weather held out. Whatever people may think about the olympics and the problems now associated with at least Shetland has put on yet again another bloody good show. And yes the Jarl Squad did us proud too, three cheers boys! UP YOURS YA BUNCH O BORING, CANNA BE BOTHERED, STAY IN DA HOOSE, SPINELESS BUGGERS! Again mods if u want tae ban me or moderate me go ahead but you know who I'm speaking about and I know you can see my point!
  13. I am the master of sarcasm and if you used it there you hid it well! Sarcasm works better when it is blatantly obvious, even to the uneducated!!
  14. This is a thread about the 'Olympic Torch', not the Olympics, check the title. Correct, I have no interest in sport whatsoever, I have even less in the Olympics, and below that still in their torch. I do however have an interest in Shetland, and as we're apparently having sport, the Olympics and their torch going to be dumped on us for a day, I have a very real interest in, and opinion of it from that perspective. By all means take it to those who want it, and let those who think its worth getting all exicted over get on with it, but let folk who think its the biggest pile of it, not know its happening. [***Mod edit - personal attack removed. Please see T & Cs***]
  15. Yeah but Bubble But, sorry, Bear some of these people like to be heard whether they're interested or not!
  16. Here we go! I 'heard' on the grapevine that the SIC have stumped up £500,000 on this event but have hidden under something else to avoid scrutiny from the Shetlink keyboard warriors! Don't quote me on that tho for god's sake!
  17. Oh bairns, it just gets worse and worse "Floats da Raven's Banner oer wis, roond da picts castle we stand......" Why is that worse Kavi?? What is the problem, why would it not be a good idea to have the Jarl Squad involved? UHA is one of the biggest media frenzys and attractions in the Shetland calendar that is why the Jarl Squad gets picked to do events like this.......people want to see it! Like I said some folk post some utter pish on here excluding me of course!
  18. Dir is some absolute pish written in dis threads nooadays!
  19. Correct!! Thats why windfarm is the only option just now!
  20. A windfarm would cost in the hundreds of millions, maybe a billion....Who knows!!! Explain that one smartypants!
  21. Well if only tidal power was available now and not 10-15 years down the line then maybe both sides of the windfarm debate would wind their necks right in and get on we 'getting along'!
  22. Am I correct to read this as you being opposed to windfarms in Shetland but in favour of a nuclear plant? What argument can you have against the former that doesn't also apply to the latter? Thankfully you are incorrect, I'm neither for nor against the windfarms. IMO the reason why the majority of people are against the idea is too do with looks and the irrepaerable damage it will cost to the land and nature in the affected areas. That said surely a nuclear plant would in scale be much less detremental to the eye than x amount of turbines etc. ...........saying that too I also am aware of the pitfalls of nuclear energy but at the end of the day we need something to run the kettle and toaster! Do you have any bright ideas or is that it from you! (said with a smiley face)!
  23. Not sure but I would imagine gas is cleaner to burn so that would be a preffered option. Its just a pity they've been flaring of gas for 30 odd years now and never had the forward thinking to use that wasted energy. Its so difficult to choose any such fuel source nowadays as there are so many positives and negatives for all types but in this case I'll go gas!
  24. Nuclear would be my preferred option then you can kill 2 birds with one stone ie. no need for windfarms!
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