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  1. Thats the 6th post from you that I've read Bubble Bear. Great to see someone with a positive opinion on a thread thats been dogged by the narrow minded golden oldies that canna be arsed to get aff dir arses to go along and see how good this event has been. PS Loved your first thread, no idea why that got locked by the way!
  2. I don't think that it's a case of 'understanding' at all. More a case of some people being all to willing to apply their own interpretation to what others write. NB. I knew what you meant. The last part of your posting was a dead giveaway.. I agree. I think most people with half an ounce of wit could gather what was being said there but as usual there's always 1 or 3 who can't just let something as inocuous as that slide! I totally agree anyway, if the rest of the UK can get anywhere near that figure then good on them but it does just show the level of generosity and goodwill by the Shetland people that makes this event stand out over any other in Europe. -- Of its kind obviously before someone takes that out of context!
  3. It needed a commercial ventilation system put in place to meet todays standards, which in all fairness to the owner would cost a few thousand pound. As you say these takeaways never seem to last long so why would he take the chance in flinging a few thousand pound out of his pocket to do that. This is the same as I'd previously explained, premises bought and paid for long ago so no pressing need to rent out. The owner can quietly sit in his house and wait for the next 'would-be' retailer to come along. Sorry off topic again. Bacon roll from Harbour Cafe was ace!
  4. As usual same folk wullna just gee it a rest, leave da bairns tae it and go oot and enjoy da sun too, maybe even git aff ure backsides and head tae da west voe for a walk alang da beach and dry ure eyes!
  5. What puts me off the street is parking - pay on the pier, hillhead then negotiate lanes, or circle trying to get a free space. Just easier nipping into bolts or tesco... Agreed, another failing IMO but what can be done. Have the retailers not tried to lobby the LPA to either wave that cost or reduce. Again its not a problem for me I have 2 legs and I'm fit so walking a reatively short distance is no problem, Christ knows why they don't just open up the Fort its not like its bloody used often. Off topic again so I'll just add that The Peerie Shops soup IMO is best in town!
  6. As Poseidon said use them or lose them! The problem with 'the street' is so many premises are unavailable to buy! The older generation are keeping hold of their premises(nothing wrong with that) and charging high rents for there use. Add the council business 'rates' charge to that then why would any young budding retailer want to start up in business. Thats not even including the threat of the internet and Tesco(old argument I know but still a fact) or the times of osterity that we live in. Several people have tried but its just not worth the risk thats blatantly obvious to anyone really. 'The Street' is only going to get worse, certainly in the near future which is an absolute shame. Anyway, sorry I know thats off topic!
  7. Its closed for good so hardly worth posting now i doot!
  8. Oh yeah, main contractor hiring in extra painter and decoraters to hopefully have the job finished in the next 2-3 weeks!
  9. What is the troubles posers are having , licence ? finance ? does anyone know ? Bouncers with no license, that is all!
  10. There IS a problem with leaking windows due to poor installation. I think its in the process of being sorted tho!
  11. 'I look forward to seeing what it is they think needs to be done, what will work in every sense of the word up here and what they physically come up with to address the issues they highlight - rather than simply spouting off and hiding behind the anonimity that this particular forum affords them!' - Davie Gardner There has NEVER been a truer sentance written on this bloody forum!
  12. Guyz, come on!! These men put their lives at risk when most of us are curled up in bed or sitting in front of a warm fire. And before it's said, yes, they do get paid well but for Gods sake read the facts and then ask yourself 'is it really worth the ink its printed on'? Come on Shetlinkers prove me wrong about some of you......please!
  13. Better get involved here or get accused of some kind o trolling by the trolling police. I don't go too often to the FF but the concerts I have been at(normally Clickimin) show a wide range of musical talents and not all folk music. Whenit comes down too it there are very few complaints from the hundreds if not few thousand that attend these vents regularly. If you're a music fan then it won't matter if there are the odd 'rock', 'jazz' or 'contemporary' bands at the 'folk' festival, its a great event and with the sheer size and scale of it then the committee probably need to diversify a little bit to help it on its way, can't see it as too much of a problem TBH.
  14. I think the point is, legally you have no rights in this situation, its not law to have any kind of segregated parking at a supermarket is it? Whereas it is just for convenience......for some! Hows that for participation Scoots?
  15. You're debating something that's been debated before and doesn't look like changing! My view is just get on with it, park a bit further away...if you can be arsed and enjoy life without these petty debates that in the grand scheme of things mean very little, I managed no problem! Cheers folks am away for a shop, should be a bit quieter this time of night and maybe some spaces near the door, if not, a quick 50m strut will do me the world of good and hey, the suns oot I might git a tan!
  16. Parking in both Co-op and Tesco's car park with a disabled child(in terms of access) is relatively straight forward. There are always plenty of space in the car park further away from the main door as long as you don't go at maybe 5pm weekdays or maybe Saturday afternoons. Parking isn't a problem and shouldn't be a problem as long as you can be bothered to walk what, an extra 100m if thats even possible in the Co-op car park! And don't come with the excuse about force 10 gales and lashing rain, if the weather that bad and you need to go shopping you shouldn't be taking kids out in those conditions. I truly can't see the problem here other than lazyness or inconvenience at worst!
  17. ^ sorry about the bold and underlining! [***Mod edit - fixed that for you ***]
  18. Nice!! Am not going to start trumping you but try it with a disabled child in a wheelchair and a 3 year old, stop complaining, learn to adjust and get on with it. Remember there's always someone more in need than yourself! [***Mod edit - removed bold and underlining***]
  19. Tescos is open until all hours. Leave the kids at home with you're partners or a babysitter and nip out for half an hour and do your shop. No need to be going through the day when its busy if you're well organised. Plus they stock their shelfs all day so no need to be missing out on fresh veg, fruit or meat etc. Seems to me people are more worried about complaining about the smallest things nowadays without having a look at themselves and how They could possibly make life easier for themselves.
  20. If anybody acted the way Lennon did in Shetland as in snarling on the touchline, constantly hinting that his team were being cheated, walking onto pitches at full time after high tension games gloating and fist pumping when a bit of common sense would be just to shake hands, turnaround and just walk up the tunnel then he would be perceieved as an a-hole as well. Why does it have to do always come down to religion/bigotry/sectarianism when someone's just a t**t?
  21. Whats the latest on the white elephant/best thing to happen for Shetland in years?........that should cover both bases!
  22. I can actually believe that a local charity with all the good intent in the world here is having to dodge bullets from the minority few again on good old Slaglink! Can some of you negative people give me 1 good reason how this won't benefit Mind Your Head themselves or that of the people it is trying to reach! Some of you lot need to try and broaden your horizons.
  23. Daveh, I can't help but notice you were pretty quick to skin out of what ever issue you had when you noticed that the majority of people who posted to your original post thought this was a positive idea. As soon as there may be a hint of someone who might agree with you you're back in! Anyway I can't see the problem, it's not a lot of money and I believe it will target a percentage of people who undoubtedly are in the top bracket of people who would need help but maybe too unsure to come forward about it ie young males in their 20's and 30's. Good on Mind Your Head for having a bit of foresight and at least the money is accounted for! Can you say that with a lot of charities nowadays?.....in fact don't answer that, keep on topic!
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