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  1. Just ordered a Canon PIXMA MG5350. Its got to be better than the Epson & Brother printers. Thanks for all the info. :0
  2. I will have a look next time I am in thanks
  3. Hi guys Thanks for the info I will have a look at HP & Canon. Malcolm thanks for the recommendation but I had a lexmark before & even though it was a good printer I threw it away because of the ink prices over £50 for a pair of cartridges it was cheaper to get another printer.
  4. My Epson all in one finally gave up the ghost So I replaced it with a Brother all in one. A big mistake complete load of rubbish which I have now returned to Amazon. So I was wondering if anyone one here could recommend particular makes/models of all in one printers. Definately not Brother preferably not Epson due to the print head problems that can develop. Cheers Jim
  5. jps


    I thought I heard peacocks had gone bust?
  6. I never pay extra for fast delivery as it never gets here any quicker any way.
  7. Heat wise did some work on my house a couple of years ago with out any problems. They filled all the holes etc after they where finished. The only thing I had to do afterwards was the redecorating.
  8. Hi Doe's any one know where I can purchase 12v leisure batteries for use in a motorhome. Cheers Jim
  9. I have been with EDF for the past 2 years after researching on the internet. I am currently paying £27 per month less than I was paying Scottish Hydro 2 years ago and my account is in credit which it never seemed to be with Hydro. It is worth doing your own research though rather than taking the word of someone who has cold called you. All they are after is their commision
  10. Lidl, cheaper fuel and broadband that runs faster than 512k please
  11. Just one issue with this. In common with other people living in sheltered accommodation in Shetland the council pay my (allegedly) subsidised electric bill and then charge me more than I paid the Hydro in my last home. In a power cut I would suffer but would I be able to claim compensation?. Has anyone heard if there is compensation being offered for the powercut?
  12. All it has to move is a fraction of an inch for you to lose your signal. Just give it a nudge first one way then the other to see if you get your signal back. I Just connect a satellite meter to mine when ever the wind moves it and it has never been more than 0.5 of an inch out. So you wont be able to tell if it has been moved fractionally just by looking at it.
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