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  1. Gotta bring in new extra-Orwellian version with more backdoors for Xi Jinping
  2. How are you finding it so far? I'd love to move to Shetland if I could and I also work from home but unfortunately I still have to go into the office some times
  3. Trump tweeted this, trump tweeted that, blah, blah, who cares?
  4. Britain has been trying it's very bestest to become a police state since the day that Blair fella got up on the podium
  5. Pfft that's nothing to worry about really. I'd have more near misses in a 2km cycle to the shop and back
  6. I'm really Brexcited about this whole brexit thing. Hopefully Shetland will end up freeer from EU Eurocrat regulations as well
  7. Isn't Norn too dead and undocumented to be revived? Scots should be promoted as well though
  8. I would guess the Scottish government. People rush into this marriage thing for the sake of having a big party and go in knowing that divorce is relatively easy if things go wrong.
  9. It would be nice if the decline could be reversed though, hate seeing time and money wasted on bureaucracy meself
  10. I don't see the harm in making it available anyway, if nobody teaches obscure minority languages they are all going to die out
  11. Do people living in Foula, Skerries, Fair isle have better luck avoiding colds and flu than people living in the more populated and accessible places?
  12. Here in Ireland we have this system where you need the same kind of license for an airgun as a shotgun. It is ridiculous, of course its brought in as a knee jerk reaction to a bunch of scrotes going around shooting people on the streets, but its the legitimate airgun users that get saddled with the endless bureaucracy and the €80 license fee every 3 years
  13. Eh, no. There are only a few fistfuls of American nerds who speak Klingon. Its nice to see Scotts Gaelic being promoted, hope they do a better job of teaching it than in Ireland.
  14. Paying 50 quid to be allowed run a base station for them, they should be paying you for it. Shower of scammers Vodafone.
  15. In the 70's when property tax was abolished the income tax was increased to make up for it. Of course now after all the private debt that the government took on + overinflated public service wages they are stuck for money yet again
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