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  1. I Hope you get some more light shed on your situation tomorrow, it's terrible what you're going through. I found the whole notes thing happens in Aberdeen also, after giving birth to my son, my notes somehow vanished into thin air.... all the ultrasound reports stating they'd seen every part of him, which is utter nonsense as the amount of problems that were missed they couldn't have seen it all. (For example he only has 1 kidney, but they'd ticked they'd seen both). I'd had a detailed scans in Shetland and Aberdeen at 20 weeks, another detailed one at 28 weeks in Aberdeen and another detailed scan at 36 weeks. I feel they'd refuse you to see your notes at times to cover their own backsides! I had nothing but bad experiences at the health centre in town. They stopped my sons medication, that his consultant in Aberdeen had told them to prescribe because the doctor in Lerwick decided it wasn't for long term use, knowing very little about his situation and why he was on the medication, which left us both very distressed. Needless to say I went straight to someone higher and got his consultants in Aberdeen to sort it out. I also was told if we needed an extra escort to come south with us for an operation he was having on his leg then i had to ask the doctors permission, the size of my son, plus him being in a lot of pain and travelling back to shetland on the plane with all our bags and his wheelchair i could not have done on my own. The doctor point blank refused, with no explanation. Again I went over their heads higher in the healthbored and I was told that from then on I'd never have to request an extra escort we could have one, as we clearly need it at times. I never took him to the health centre again after that. We moved out the town a year and a half ago and can say the care he gets at the new practice we're at is 2nd to none, they do the best they can for us.
  2. I'm not sure if this is where I should post this... be hey you don't get if you don't ask! I've organised a sponsored walk on Saturday August 31st, taking place at the Clickimin Race Track in Lerwick. It's called 'walk a mile in Someone else's shoes', it's a mile walk (4 laps of the track) wearing someone else's shoes. Could be your Granny's slippers, Brothers Wellies, Sisters Flip flops... the opportunities are endless! You can wear anything except heels or studs that'd damage the track. The walk is to raise money for the Archie Foundation Aberdeen and the Sick Kids Friends Foundation Edinburgh. I've organised this event as I like to do something every year for these charities around my sons Birthday, because I really owe his life to them. We live in Shetland but since he was born have travelled frequently to these hospital for operations and procedures for him. Without these charities and hospitals I'm not sure where we'd be. The event is taking place on my sons 6th Birthday, he is having a couple of operations just before it, but he still wants to take part. So I will be pushing him the mile in his wheelchair, which he wants decorated as a boat! If you would like to take part or would like more info, please visit http://www.walkamileshetland.webs.com , please download the registration form and email it back to the address on the page, and pay the £5 registration fee. Then we'll send you your sponsor forms and you can get fundraising!! Everyone will get a special tshirt on the day of the event, for the event, which my son has designed and drawn Hope to see as many people there as possible!! As they are 2 great causes who support many families and sick children in Shetland.
  3. That post, has made my day Stick
  4. Just wondering if anyone knows if there's anyone up here who hires out kilts or makes kilts? I'm sure I've heard there's possibly someone in Tingwall but I can't seem to find any info.
  5. I was just trying to lighten the situation a bit, it just made me smile the 'similarities' although nearly 80 years ago, and yes I know we're in completely different times. But, there's always been numbers of people living in camps and things here. That's not changed, but the people coming in to work, and the people living here, their attitudes and behaviour have very much changed as has society.
  6. http://photos.shetland-museum.org.uk/image.php?i=31728&r=2&t=4&x=1 - The Camp at Graven back in the 1930's to 50's http://photos.shetland-museum.org.uk/image.php?i=84465&r=2&t=4&x=1 - Entertainment in the Camp at Graven, Airmen and Civilians from http://www.forgottenairfields.com/united-kingdom/scotland/orkney-and-shetland/raf-scatsta-and-raf-sullum-voe-s867.html I was looking at the history of Graven - because I wondered what all the ruined buildings were about, and found all this! Seems the same stuff was going on nearly 80 years ago. I wonder if any of the locals objected to it all back then? But I would think everyone was a lot better behaved back then anyway
  7. I'm a female local who works on the gasplant and have lived in Brae most of my life, I also drink in the Brae pubs. There is trouble yes, but it isn't everyone. Maybe 100 out of over 1000 people. It's not good, but, these companies cannot vet all their staff to find out which are going to behave badly with drink in them. There are many companies doing various jobs on the plant. Some are called on to supply large amounts of workers at short notice, so if employing through a recruitment company you just don't know. The buses have been put on to try and combat some of the bad behaviour, so they are limited on how long they can spend in the pubs, as the bus takes them back. They also randomly drug and alcohol test people daily, any trouble they are fired. Not even given a way to get home, just told to get their stuff and leave (you'd think the thought of that would be bad enough, but for some it isn't). Not everyone who works here are bad guys, the new hotel in Brae is going to be used for management. and at the moment the barge in town is management. So some statements made are not quite accurate. But I have experienced some of the vile things that are done and said in the pubs by some of the workers, I've also been stared down in a pub in Brae because we were there drinking and were basically told its 'their pub now'. Its a hard one to deal with, I know the companies are trying to do their best and cope with the demands put upon them to get the work done. The police presence I don't really know what to say about that, unless there are police in every pub the whole time its open or security in pubs/clubs to try and cut it out (like on the mainland). The guys I work with are really sad about all the bad press etc. because as they say, they're not like it, but they all get tarred with the same brush because of the ones who are idiots.
  8. Yeah I think they're the same people, went into Raes the other day but was told the person they send it to to be resized is away for at least a month, so unfortunately i've contacted the jewellers south it came from to get it done. I was trying to support the local business but I'm not wanting to wait 2 months for something that'll take a day to do but the staff in Raes were really helpful and if i needed something like this done again I'd definitely go back.
  9. excellent, thanks for your info
  10. ah right ok excellent, it's too big for me so just needing a bit taken out. I'm guessing its Just Raes in town who are doing it now? Did it take long to do? I've only just got it and don't want to be parted with it haha
  11. Any advice on where is best to get a ring resized? Is there only one Jeweller in the town now?
  12. Haha I did plan to say something along those lines of 'more comfortably' but, in normal circumstances the bus is pretty comfy, but not post giving birthday when even the softest cushions hurt
  13. I was made aware of it by patient travel up here, when I was pregnant going south - on the way home after I had my son in Aberdeen I chose to get a taxi due to not feeling 100% and having a new born I just wanted to get to the airport quickly. The Minibus is an absolute god send. It stopped for a bit a while back and I was lost without it. They even carry car seats for every age child. This service is amazing and they do their best to accommodate in every situation. They're brilliant.
  14. Hi there, If you go to your GP you can request an escort to come with you, but still it is at their discretion to decide whether they think you 'need' it or not. It's not a very helpful system. I gave birth in Aberdeen and only got the escort on the way home because of complications with the baby and Aberdeen were much better at ok'ing the fact I needed help to get home. I've also had problems within the last year about the escort issue, my son is disabled and is getting quite big now - I can't lift him for very long anymore - He was having surgery on his leg, and I had no idea how on my own, I was going to be able to get him, both our bags and the wheel chair back to Shetland, I went to the GP and requested an escort, he didn't even ask what my son was having done and why he just said no. So I went higher and elsewhere and appealed it and was met with no problems in getting the 2nd escort. Ask your GP or the practice manager would be my advice. All the best, I hope it all works out
  15. Sorry to say I'm not taking the bait on anymore of this. I did the honest right thing as I always intended to and had a nice outcome from it, I'm happy with what I said and did and am not debating or elaborating on this any further
  16. I was in hospital with my son who is disabled at the time it all kicked off if you really must know, that's why I didn't reply until further on, I suggest you don't judge a situation until you know the facts! my priorities were elsewhere. I got back hoping to see some good advice but got all that garbage and was shocked - people actually resorted to pm'ing me with proper advice on my question because they thought they'd get jumped on too. I was asking a question about something I didn't know much about hence ASKING, so as you'd guess, I didn't know how to word it properly because it was a pretty unknown area to me. Some people tend to see things as negative no matter what, just to cause arguments oh wait... 'debates'. I asked for information not for my question to be 'debated'. When I read it back, and most other people do, they see it as an innocent question. Must just be a certain few who think everybody around them are devious sly individuals. I think the outcome of what actually happened proves certain views on it wrong, I made friends with the neighbours and people involved and found out some lovely history about the place and the area. Assumptions were made and proved wrong, ultimately it had a nice, friendly outcome and I suggest it's laid to rest. Thank you to the people who did stick up for me and did give me some great info it was a great help
  17. Thats probably one of the most accurate posts you'll find on this forum. I remember the garden path one well I very rarely post on here after that, I posted asking for information on derelict houses and was well and truly jumped on, accused of all sorts. I never would've 'walked up the garden path' and asked them to sell their house, it's just a ridiculous statement. I actually wrote to the nearest neighbours and had a few lovely phone calls with the neighbour of the house which was derelict and had been for 12 years and we had some lovely chats about the history behind the house and he gave me contact numbers for the folk who owned it so I could have a chat to them. So you see, I'm not the house breaking into/old lady bullying monster I was made out to be. On the topic of housing it is a very hard situation, there aren't enough houses to house the people who want and need to be housed and not enough money around to build more. Sadly, it is the 'junkies' etc that do have priority because thats the way it goes they're 'in need', if you can support yourself you're not so much 'in need' in the same way. It makes it harder with mortgages being the way they are, coming up with the deposit can be tough, but will be worth it in the long run. OP just hang in there, keep your eye out on the solicitors sites for properties, and do some research into buying. The way the rental market is going, council and hha rent are steadily increasing and I reckon will be better off to build/buy in the near future anyway. It all feels very unfair when you are waiting and doing everything you are , and having a car I know should't affect things but it will, they're maybe trying to get people housed as soon as possible and if thats in a different area of choice but you can still drive to work etc. then that won't be seen as an issue. It's just the way of the world right now.
  18. Thanks, but I'm not looking for information about land as that's already sorted.
  19. Hi there, I spent 4 weeks there in 2007 having my son, I believe it's maybe been updated since then but here's my advice Ask for the postcode at reception, most places do deliver their, although there are regular buses from right outside maternity which go into the town and I'm sure there's an asda or something a couple of minutes away at Berryden? I think it's the number 5 bus. When I was there there was no tv and dvd players, I took my laptop and watched movies on that, but as I say that was in 2007 and it's probably been updated by now. There is a laundry room in the accommodation, I'd advise to get your own washing powder and softner, or you just have to make do with what is there. The telephone I'd recommend asking once you're there as you'll be taken there by someone and you can ask them questions. I found some essentials to take were my own towels (my bump was too big for the little hospital towels to go around! haha) and just any other little home comforts you'd miss. You can get take away delivered and there is an amazing chinese just over the road called the ruby and a dominoes pizza not far away which I know delivers to the sick kids so would to maternity too. I had no problem with taxi companies, if you say when you phone them that you have a newborn and carseat they'll be happy to oblige. I usually use comcabs in Aberdeen, my son has a wheelchair and they're the best I've used. Tips for the journey home (I travelled home with my son at 2 weeks old then had to fly to aberdeen every monday until he was 3 months old).... plenty milk, dummies and blankets and a magazine for you to read, and try not to stress out Good Luck!
  20. I'm looking for some advice and opinions from people who've built their own houses here, on building firms, which ones are the best and also the most reasonably priced ones who do a good job. I'm looking into building a home but don't really know which firm to approach first. Was hoping some people would be able to offer some light from their own personal experience?
  21. Angel


    Hi there, I'm looking for some advice on buying a shed, is there anywhere up here that sells sheds? I'm looking for a wooden one about 4x6. I've seen a couple in Argos but have been told that they'd charge me and arm and a leg to get it here, just wondering if anyone knows of any other companies south who sell them at a reasonable price and deliver for not overly much. Cheers.
  22. I have no proposed course of action which is why I was asking for INFORMATION. So god knows how it's apparent because not even I know what my proposed course of action is.
  23. Thank you. I have not described the property or location or anything because of the fact that there may be sensitive issues to do with it and again, was trying not to tread on anyones toes.
  24. So because I wasn't sure of the right terminology and phraseology and used some general terms I was attacked? Thanks.
  25. After reading all this I am sorry I asked, my intentions were never to throw the law around... I stated laws etc. because on the matter of houses etc. I don't really know all that much and thought that someone out there might've known some stuff on it, not laws on getting it, but maybe things to help out if it did so happen that it could be bought and maybe made into a croft again. I did not go and 'peer in the windows', and my apologies for my use of incorrect words... derelict, run down, ruined, whatever you want to call it. I was asking a question so as I could maybe do some research in case there was a sensitive situation or anything like that, I am actually a good person who would not go storming around, peering in windows and making demands, the last thing I would want to do is tread on anyones toes or upset anyone. I'm sorry my post was taken in the wrong way, I could've worded it better, but really, I was just looking for some help on something that I didn't know where to start or know much about and being a Shetlander myself, I funnily enough, thought I'd go to a local forum and ask. Thank you to the people who have offered some positive advice.
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