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  1. Situated on the mainland. Generally good access, right next to the road. Decent land for any type of livestock, reasonably flat. Fences are good. The person who would be renting would get all subsidy entitlements to the 150+ acres. The existing fences would have to be maintained by the tenant. This is not an advertisement by the way. My father just wants a rough idea on what people are charging that's all?
  2. Hi. Just wondering what's the going rate people are renting croft land nowadays per acre a month? My father is planning to rent out his croft, but dosnt know what to set the monthly rent per acre at. Any help would be much appreciated. Pm me if necessary. Cheers.
  3. Hi tattie. I hope you don't mind me asking. Which sofa have you bought? Ive had a look on verys website. Quite impressed with the big choice of sofas there. Good prices too.
  4. Hi. Do most people in Shetland buy there furniture from town, or is there places south that are island delivery friendly? I'm after a 3 seater + 2 seater and possibly an arm chair, all in leather. Hoping to keep cost below £1000, but I know that might be like asking for to much. Any shop suggestions would be much appreciated.
  5. Hi. Does anybody know of any places in shetland that does stone chip repairs for windscreens?.....Cheers.
  6. Right enough. Just had a little look online and there under £200. Only reason I was thinking they cost so much was because a plumber tried to charge nearly £1000 for my fathers one.
  7. Thanks for all your replys everyone. I've realise now that i will have to change the water cylinder, as it is a direct cylinder I have just now. An indirect cylinder is what I need. That will prob add another grand to the total cost.
  8. Hi. I'm planning to fit a boiler multi fuel stove in the living room, and want to run 2 - 800x600 sized radiators upstairs. 1 - 600x600, 2 - 800x600 and 1 - 1000x600 radiators downstairs. I also want to hook it up to my existing hot water tank (if that's possible) in the kitchen cupboard. The tank runs off of the electric, on the hydros total heating total control. Any recommendations on which stove to get? A lot of multi fuel stoves are only specied to run on wood or Coal. My one will be burning peat mostly. That brings me on to which flue/liner to buy? I'm willing to spend big on the flue/liner. Need one that will last. I want to keep the cost of the stove to about the £500 mark, but I could prob stretch to 600. I'm willing to pay twice or more than that if necessary for the flue/liner. I'm hoping to keep the total price for materials and labour below £5000 I would like to do a lot of the work myself but I believe I need a certificate once its finished to validate it has been done correctly. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  9. Hi. As title says. I'm wondering what garage sells the cheapest tyres? I need a set of 4, (185 65 14) for my car to get her through the m.o.t. Cheers
  10. Anybody heard what films they will be showing next weekend? Seems kinda pointless not to let people know what's on....unless they don't know themselves.
  11. Hi. Can anybody recommend tins of sealer I can brush on to repair a leaking flat mineral felt roof? Something that will last over 10 years. Cheers.
  12. I wonder what films they will be showing to start with?
  13. Unleaded: Leasks 142.9p Sutherlands 144.9p
  14. When will mareel be ready?...the avengers film is getting good reviews.
  15. Just an update on unleaded: Leasks 146.9p Sutherlands 150.9
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