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  1. "The Burning Soul", John Connolly. He writes elegiac prose, similar to my other favorite author, James Lee Burke. I simply cannot get enough and Watson and I have waited and waited for this novel (yes, Watson, I shall continue reading aloud in just one moment! Honestly, dear friends, he can be such a child sometimes! ). I remain, Your thoroughly engrossed and humble servant.
  2. Gentlemen, That was not Master Malcolm, but Master/Mistress Hellsbells that posted of this myopic decision, with regards to the Blue Badge scheme. As ever, Your humble servant [/u]
  3. Delighted to have been of some small service, my dear... lady? Your humbly humorous servant
  4. I would try my best to watch from the "re-birth" with Christopher Ecclestone", if you can. Otherwise, try from the re-generation as the amusing Master Tennant, who I found to be quite superlative in the role, at times, bringing extraordinary qualities to an extraordinary character. As the story arc progressed, with each character, the series improved dramatically (no pun intended!). Enjoy, madam! Your humble servant.
  5. Master Groilick, Quite so , I always thought so myself , however, thank you for clearing that point up for me Your humble servant.
  6. "Noisy neighbour"? 'Pon my soul, man! Why then, sir, you... you must be... NAPOLEON!! Your humble servant
  7. Master Pick, No, not Basil, sir. Although, if it was, I fear it would be more "Fawlty" than "Rathbone"! In truth, though, I would rather be a "Robert". Do you mean you do not resemble Master Picardo, sir, or that it is not he who appears as your avatar? As to others distressing you, be as a stone in a stream, sir, and allow it all to wash over you. You shall still remain, steadfast, resolute and unchanged, I am sure, after the waters have abated. Your humble servant.
  8. My dear fellow, Holmes is a work of fiction. How then, could I believe myself to be the actual Holmes? Please, indulge me one moment, the nurse is here with my nightly Lithium... no, the straps are fine, thank you, nurse, but can you ask Napoleon to keep the noise down? Wibble! No, sir, I do not. In all seriousness, I first posted here in order to provide information and, therefore, balance, to discussions herein relating to my profession. There were, at times, blinkered, misinformed or - in at least one instance - outright mistruths being posted herein, propounded as fact. My intention was to counter such posts with reasoned responses, which might allow others to judge for themselves, and hopefully inform and illuminate, in doing so. I chose to do do using this nom de plume as the wholly fictional character has long been an inspiration to me, and I appreciate the use of structured and correct English, in its form. It also, occasionally, provides amusement to myself and others herein. I take it that you are not amongst those perceptive, enlightened and discriminating individuals? I hope that others, herein, continue to enjoy my posts and, from messages received - both in posts and PMs - it appears that, for the most part, this is the case. That I DO now enjoy posting and debating with others herein, is a fortunate happenstance. I shall continue to do so, and shall continue to adopt this form. If this irritates you, sir, I shall make no apology, nor alter or temper my use of prose. I hope this is not the case? Your humble servant.
  9. Hence your choice of the ever-amusing Master Picardo as your avatar? Is there any resemblance, sir? Your humble servant
  10. I was advised by a vet, upon obtaining my dog, to have her vaccinated against this, before all other conditions. She was very young, and he advised this can be fatal in young pups, if not caught in time. It is very highly contagious and symptoms develop extremely - surprisingly - rapidly, however, with appropriate medication and care, it should clear up. The pleasant lady at Gott Kennels has held this excellent policy for some years now, if it is still the same proprietor. As an aside, I would recommend their care to any dog owner. They do not merely "look after" your dog for you there, they genuinely care for each animal left with them. I would not have trusted ours to any other person, outwith immediate family. Your humble servant.
  11. Master Pick, While I cannot tell you exactly what was said, I can say that Wallace was not allowed to speak or defend himself at any point in the proceedings. A long and minutely detailed indictment was read out, and at its summation, he cried out that he fully admitted all charges laid against him, other than treason, as he had never taken oath of fealty to the English king. He was restrained and silenced, before the most brutal and gruesome execution method of the day - which ranks with the worst in history - was carried out. I hope this helps, sir. Your humble servant. Post scriptum One source has it that the following is from records of that day: "I could not be a traitor to Edward, for I was never his subject." With this, Wallace asserted that the absent John Balliol was officially his king.
  12. Master Rider, It appears you omitted, or missed, the first part of that statement, made by the Procurator Fiscal, referring to the importance of custom in Scots Law. I imagine he knows a great deal more of this than I do, and would submit that he would not make such a comment without - as you post - justification. This is where those persons trained and knowledgeable in Scots Law would have a distinct advantage over you and I, unless you have such qualification or training? Your humble servant
  13. "There followed a 90 minute debate between Mr Hill, Mr Mackenzie and the sheriff about the history of Shetland, the Viking invasion around 800, the pawning of the islands by the Danish crown in 1469 and the subsequent powers wielded over the islands by the Scottish and UK authorities, including its territorial waters. Mr Hill initially claimed that it was up to the court to prove its jurisdiction over him, but when asked to cite an authority for this claim he referred to three US legal cases, suggesting they were universally applicable. He then submitted an inch thick file to the court to back up his general claim, which the sheriff and the fiscal read and asked questions. Mr Mackenzie said that Mr Hill had failed to recognise the importance of custom forming the basis of Scottish law and that neither Norway nor Denmark, or anyone else, had challenged the powers of Scotland in Shetland." That is just from the first day, Master Spinner. It seems to me that there was a fairly detailed and in-depth discussion. Bear in mind, the foregoing is only a précis of a 90 minute hearing. Your humble servant
  14. Mistress Righter, Indeed. I rather wish it did not become so personalized, though. There is no need to attack, insult and denigrate one another in a rational discourse. Should we not all be "friends" here? I would urge those invloved to take a deep breath, step back and consider their words wisely. Insults never once, to my knowledge, resolved a quarrel. Although, I did hear a fellow tell once how the arrow that slew Harold, at Hastings, had "cochon" inscribed thereon... Would this count? Not that I am advocating a re-enactment, obviously! In all seriousness, though, please, let all of us extend a little courtesy to those whom we address herein? Please? Your humble servant.
  15. Suffice to say, you would never put a certain fruit curd on your morning toast EVER again, Master Fjool! Your humble servant.
  16. Ah, Master Pick, another puckish young scamp, eh? And yet, sir, manners would, perforce, require me to address such a person in the same manner as I afford to each and all of you (Master Mikeyboy aside, owing to a specific request on his part). Ah, me, the vagaries of etiquette! Your humble servant
  17. Master Righter, Your post is very much appreciated, however, I hardly feel any of my often rambling utterances might qualify. Many thanks, sir. "'Tis always a pleasure, never a chore", as pater always says. Your humble servant.
  18. Master Mikeyboy, I would think, all things considered, that much would depend upon the tolerance and personality of the magistrate, Sheriff or other authority hearing the case. I rather suspect that Master Hill's speedy release attests to the tolerance of the incumbent Sheriff, and how seriously he comports the running of the Court. He, at least, recognises the gravity of any case brought before him, and that one should conduct oneself with dignity and respect, if partaking - in any capacity - while the Court is sitting. There are precedents for individuals being detained, upon the instruction of the Sheriff, for contempt of court. In my experience, each and every one has, thereafter, been returned to the Court in short order, having had a short, sharp spell of custody to consider how they should conduct themselves, during any hearing. I am aware of instances, in other areas, where a Sheriff has left the individual in custody overnight, so as to similarly reflect upon their behaviour. At least our own Sheriff appears somewhat more humane. Your humble servant.
  19. An old, smutty joke, Master M, you rapscallion.
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