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  1. My apologies, dear fellow, I should have made my point more clearly. My father and colleagues who purchased their houses, thanks to pay rises - not only the overtime generated through policing industrial actions - made these purchases from Police housing stocks. These were usually surplus to requirement, and most - if not all - were bought by the Officers staying in them at the time (the Police used to provide housing for "entitled" Officers, i.e. those who joined before a certain date). These purchases were made at a discounted rate, rather than the market value of the property. In many cases, this was because the housing was below the condition required of a landlord (such as the standards adhered to by Councils, for instance), and so discount was offered in lieu of refurbishment and improvements, which would have been required had these houses been retained as Police housing stock. This was certainly, formerly, the policy of the local Constabulary, and I know of Officers, in other Forces, who benefited similarly. Perhaps this was not policy in your uncle's Force area? Regardless, the benefit of purchasing a property at such a discount outweighed - at least in my parents' and their peers' minds - the hardship of high interest rates. Your humble servant.
  2. ShetlandPeat, my dear fellow, your recall of Thatcher "hammering" the Police appears at odds with the recollections of my father and his ex-colleagues, all of whom agree - whatever their political belief - that Mrs T did nothing but benefit the Police. Her pay increases for them allowed many (my parents included) to buy their own homes for the first time in their lives. My mother will not hear a bad word said about the woman! Just thought I should add that to the mix, so to speak, as it appears you may have got that point, at least, slightly wrong? Your humble servant.
  3. My dear fellow, I am aware of such groups as that of which you speak, and it was not that I find the idea of their existence amusing, rather that YOUR tone implied a willingness to believe "they" are behind every organisation, every agency, every facet of our society. Which I doubt. As to the first part of my post, I offer an apology to you, as, upon reading it back, it may appear I was rather patronising. I strive to avoid such things, regardless of the nature or conduct of the "adversary" in any argument, dispute or debate in which I may become involved. Even the best of us may have a bad day, and while I make every attempt, I fear I am by no means in this category. However, I do go home at the end of every working day, secure and content in the knowledge that I have spent my time fruitfully and in the service of others, addressing the needs of the victim and the pursuit of justice. While I cannot speak for my colleagues - and never attempt to do so - I am sure they feel the same way. Can you say the same? If so, I am genuinely happy for you. But do not attempt to denigrate the good work done on a daily basis by those in the service of this community, simply because you do not agree with current drugs legislation. It ill behooves you, sir. Your humble servant.
  4. Sir, the tone and content of your posts often suggest strongly that you are a young person, freshly filled with ire, bile and vitriol for "the establishment". Anyone who may disagree with you is wrong. In your eyes, they are not entitled to an opinion and are (obviously) less intelligent than you. In fact, you believe them to be sheep, manipulated by some grand "NLP" conspiracy. They are only to be denigrated, demeaned and despised. Such opinions and views would have gone down a storm in 1950's Alabama, or even 1930's Berlin. I sincerely hope that time and experience will temper your inner anger and allow you to focus and channel your abilities and talents to better society (and thereby yourself) in some way - and I hope it is not following in the footsteps of Messrs. Dzhugashvili, Schicklegruber and Sar. At least two recent Home Secretaries are former activists against said establishment, having led protests and even carried membership cards for the Communist Party. There may be hope for you yet. Your humble servant. Post scriptum When I wrote of our society, I meant society in general, i.e. you, me, your neighbours, everyone in this country. You appear to have assumed (rather bemusingly) that I meant some sort of secret society. I fear this says more about you than it does about me.
  5. My dear fellow, I am unsure as to how exactly I have earned your ire, unless this is an attempt to stereotype and thereby insult and denigrate a section of our society? Surely not... However, as this is a free country and I am a grown man, I shall attempt to endure stoically, in the face of your superior wit - hypothetical though it may be May I take it that you, yourself, are taking up these matters on an active basis with those political forces best placed to address such matters? Your humble servant
  6. EM, one may allege that it MAY be an urban myth all one wants, just as you assert that it IS a hypothesis. I would submit that such things are a matter of one's particular point of view or belief system, are they not? One man's conspiracy theory is another man's truth, and all that.
  7. "It is clear they have affected the illegal drug supply chain into Shetland in some manner." You ask for evidence of this, and hard facts regarding that. Why not start the ball rolling and provide facts and evidence for such an assertion. "This is what we need to know in order to understand and deal with the escelating hard drug problem Shetland has acquired since the sniffer dogs arrival." If you seriously seek to blame the "escalating hard drug problem in Shetland" on the presence of a sniffer dog and handler, I fear that nothing either I or anyone else can say will change your already entrenched attitude. "Jeez . Couldn't government just train and employ experts on this subject to do this for us? IMHO it is so complex it frightens me that there appears to be so little emphasis on using properly qualified people to lead the policies on solving the hard drug problems that have now evolved up here." I am sure the health professionals, social workers and those at CADSS (amongst others) will feel cheered by such a ringing endorsement and support, to say nothing of the Police and courts. In my own humble opinion, it appears to be rather a misled or skewed view to state that Dogs Against Drugs "lead the policies...up here". Once again, evidence or facts to base such an assertion on would, perhaps, be helpful in fully understanding your argument. Your humble (and still hypothetical) servant.
  8. Mea culpa. That aside (and it was a tongue-in-cheek reference,chaps) it may also be alleged that the idea that introducing a sniffer dog has led to an explosion of Class A drug abuse is equally an urban myth. It may be that increased and often dedicated efforts to trace and apprehend those involved, whether through community intelligence or any other means, have been responsible for an apparent increase in detection and prosecution figures. Then there is the possibility (as has been described in Lerwick Sheriff Court) that some of those involved in this nefarious practice now actively look upon these isles as a business opportunity, bringing with them standard business practices, such as pyramid selling, amongst others. Once again, I shall stress (before the "bash-the-polis" brigade wax apoplectic) that these are MY views and in no way reflect those of any other individual, organisation, agency or public sector body. I trust that makes it clear enough. Your humble (still hypothetical) servant.
  9. I think you may be somewhat confused as to the role of the Police in all this, as opposed to CADSS or the medical profession. I do not believe either of the latter use sniffer dogs. Might I also point out that the Police do not pay for, nor employ the Dogs Against Drugs dog/s and handler/s?
  10. Still, I cannot adhere to the rather bizarre "Neuro-Linguistic-Programming-gone-wrong" scenario postulated, and am confident it was equally tongue-in-cheek. (As for the film, I hope Richard Curtis will forgive the plagiarism when I say I would rather have my tongue beaten wafer-thin and stapled to the ground with a croquet hoop in the path of a charging rhinoceros, than have to sit through such tripe again. However, his (hellish) motorcycle was rather... interesting, and, regarding the MOT, who would have the nerve to fail you? ) Your humble (and still hypothetical) servant.
  11. My dear fellow, shall I call your insurance company for you, as it appears you may have suffered a catastrophic sense of humour failure? (I was not aware that such comments were only allowed on that date, my apologies ) As to my "admission", and this proclivity for taking things quite so literally, may I comment that - personally - I thought you were truly awful in that movie? Your hypothetical humble servant (even Master Rider's, much as he may not understand or appreciate this). Post scriptum I have now added one of those twitchy eyed little fellows to my earlier post, following my comment regarding lawsuits, for the benefit and well-being of any further readers.
  12. (As ever, my friends, these are my own views.) Perhaps in these litigious times in which we live - where a gentleman may sue a vehicle manufacturer for failing to advise him that "cruise control" does not act as an "autopilot" whilst he leaves the wheel of the moving vehicle on a public carriageway and relieves himself in said vehicle's onboard facilities, thereby causing an automotive vehicular accident... and WIN said action!! - such posters are intended to prevent such lawsuits? ("I'm sorry, guv, but no one ever told me it weren't legal to take drugs to Shetland.":wink:) As for the drugs dog, I shall not comment. Instead, I shall offer a hypothetical situation (strictly hypothetical, mind you!)... In searching a hypothetical address, where controlled drugs are suspected of being present, it might take at least two hypothetical Officers some time to thoroughly search each room. Therefore, four, six or eight hypothetical Officers might be required, in order to search the entire property correctly. I am sure that, should there be a hypothetical dog available, trained - along with a hypothetical handler - to employ its enhanced olfactory abilities to seek out even minute traces of said substances, the entire building may be searched with greater accuracy, in a hypothetical fraction of the time, with a minimum of lawful corroboration. Would that not be a better use of hypothetical manpower, thereby releasing Officers to carry out their other duties? Just a hypothesis, you understand (in case you hadn't got the picture . I shall now refrain), and only one illustration of possible benefits that might not be obvious to some. I remain, as ever, your hypothetical humble servant.
  13. Thank you, my dear fellow. Your fascination is much appreciated. Your humble servant.
  14. Echoes of his forebears... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lachhiman_Gurung I heard, and then saw, this Gurkha's story a few years ago, and was simply amazed at the way he laughed off the idea he was a hero. To expand, he lost his eye and his hand to the grenade. Yet he calmly removed his belt and fashioned it into a tourniquet, while returning fire, using first his own, then his fallen comrades' rifles. For four hours, at night, in a cramped foxhole, in a Burmese jungle, he single-handedly (no pun intended, merely a fact) staved off an assault of overwhelming odds, while grievously, terribly injured. Simply astounding, I would submit, and worthy of anyone's respect and admiration. These men deserve more than we provide, in my humble (personal) opinion. In this modern day, Warholian world, it sometimes seems the words "hero", "ordeal", "legend" (Ms McCall, et al ) have lost any semblance of their true meaning. Your humble servant.
  15. Master K, You and I must be of an age, my good fellow! I, too, have an overly large collection of well-preserved Marvel & DC comics, as well as every 2000AD since issue 1 ("Bury my knee at wounded heart" and "America" are works of genius!). For me, it has to be the Bat, Marvelman/Miracleman (the Moore years) and Judge Dredd. In that order. Although, in truth, I have a deep seated love of almost all the respective titles from both the American stables from these years. My absolute favourites? "The Killing Joke" and "Kingdom Come". As to Monkey, he was a mischievous sort, who needed the punishment, from what I can recall. The gods in those days were not hot on community service!! Your humble servant.
  16. Sherlock


    In point of fact, I believe the actual content of the report, from the BBC, detailed that these figures are for cameras per 1,000 head of population. That may put rather a different light on things for some herein. I remain, as ever, Your faithful servant.
  17. Master Koyaanisqatsi, You are indeed correct, although my pedantic side prompts me to point out that ALL of the various Flashes had such protective fields as you describe (for there were several - the jolly fellow in the jaunty winged metal hat was my favourite, a la the quite sublime Alex Ross artwork in "Kingdom Come". Yes, I am afraid to confess that I, too, am a lifelong comics fanboy! Watson, I feel a trifle overcome of a sudden! Be a good fellow and fetch my Meerschaum and Barratts finest!! ). This "aura" would, therefore, comprise a secondary superpower, as opposed to my proposed singular, therefore I discount it, and friction shall have its wicked way (at least in my imaginary universe). As - I suspect - a fellow comic book aficionado, what would your singular power comprise (and who is your favourite character?). I await your reply with interest, and remain, as always, Your humble servant.
  18. Personally, I believe that 3 powers is too wide a range, dear fellows. One now... ah, there may be a better challenge to you all. However, I would urge caution. The choice must be that of a single power. Therefore, one must bear in mind that, were one to wish for superspeed (a la Master West, of DC fame), one would suffer the effects of friction and superheating caused by the hyper-agitation of molecules in the atmosphere as you make your merry speedy way to a horrible fiery death. Quite a nuisance! As to flight, one had best remember the insulated suit and oxygen tank if you intend any sort of imitation of the elder Petrelli sibling. See what I mean? Personally, it would be invulnerability, pure and simple. Were naught capable of causing you harm (inclusive of earth, air, fire, water, metal - even kebabs!), all else would be child's play. Burning building? Stand aside, chaps, I'm going in. Car under water? 'Tis but a jaunt to Davey Jones' Locker. No issue there! Superstrength? X-ray vision? Adamantium cheese cutters? Time travel? Pfaw! Keep them all, sir. I shall have my adamantine constitution and settle at that. I thank you. Your humble servant.
  19. As to the issue of sentencing, it may be easier to think of it thus. The justice system is required to set bench marks to be adhered to across the whole of Scotland, not merely Shetland. Therefore a crime which is perceived in these fair isles to be heinous and grievous in the extreme, and therefore warranting a severe sentence, may be ten-a-penny in the West of Scotland. The tariff of sentencing remains the same, although the Sheriff or Judge has a range thereby, from which to choose the particular sentence, dependent upon proportionality, the public good and the interests of justice, as well as the likelihood of rehabilitation of the offender. It would, therefore, be disproprtionate to lock up an offender in these isles for ten years for an offence for which the tariff has been set, by law, as being 6 months. Or 6 years. This is why there are constant challenges to such sentences as "life", or where the judicial system or Home Secretary have set no definite minimum date of expiry. It is NOT the case, I can assure you, that persons are "let off" with serious crimes merely because they have allegedly provided Police with information. Such fancies belong, with DCI Hunt, in fiction in the 21st Century. Oversight is everywhere, my friends, and the Police are subject to such also (I swear on my favourite Meerschaum filled with Mr. Barratts finest sherbet!). Should any of you wish to discourse further, I would be delighted to receive Private Messages on the topic. I remain, as always, your humble servant.
  20. "In Vain He Joost Knapped!" By Jove, I think that's it!
  21. "I Verify His Justified Knowledge"? (If we can keep this up, that Mancunian fellow with the rather unfortunately simian brow may have enough for a further song?! ) Good day, Shetlinkers, and to all a good day! I remain, as ever, your humble servant.
  22. I would remind some of my fellow users herein that each Force area is independent of the other. Each Force forms a collective part of the Police service, however no one in this Force has, to the best of my knowledge any more authority regarding the way the Metropolitan Police is run, than Delting football club has on the management of Manchester United. To hold all Police Forces accountable for the alleged actions of the minority in one, would seem as sensible to me as holding all teachers responsible for the failings of some in inner city Manchester, or all social workers being held responsible for the much publicised failings of the few. I am perfectly willing to continue to participate herein, and to debate reasoned criticism of our own local Force, where clear and unequivocal evidence is provided of same, as opposed to vague and nebulous rumour, as has been the case in some past posts. I will not further comment on the problems or alleged/perceived failings or issues within other Forces, nor shall I respond to "all Police are bad" posts (feel free to continue to post these, however, as is your right ). Your humble servant.
  23. A balanced view, Master Muppet, which I echo wholeheartedly. The truth will out. Your humble servant.
  24. My friend, I am not here in an official capacity, so I would rather not answer your question, other than to say that, were you to examine the apparel of any officer engaged in such a duty, you might ascertain the method of identification (other than, of course, our radios and Dick Tracy decoder rings ). Master Rider, To address a previous point of yours where you made reference to "hiding behind the Human Rights Act, I would, therefore, surmise that - in your world, at least, Police are not human? Or is it that we are not to have the same rights as you, or your neighbour? An interesting land you would have us live in, where thousands daily "hide behind" such rights, while you would deny it, willy-nilly, to whomsoever had raised your displeasure that day. As for references to Master Stagg, et al, these breaches of trust (and law) are recorded history. Were I, or any of my colleagues, to have been involved in any of these incidents, I would better understand your point. There are hundreds of thousands of crimes and offences reported nationally, on an annual basis. That you would raise these few travesties - while distirbing as individial case studies - as evidence that the entire system of policing is inherently flawed or corrupt, makes no sense to me whatsoever. Many people harbour an innate fear of the police. For a great number, I believe that - whether we realise it or not - this begins in childhood, when our mothers threaten us that "the policeman will take you away if you are naughty". The very ones we should trust and turn to for help, become fear figures. While there will always be those few, who willingly fulfil this role (I, myself, know them not, and would not tolerate such boorish behaviour), the mass perception - fuelled by reports of gross misconduct or injustice - has served to help the process along. Whatever the reasons, some amount of fear or apprehension is felt when the marked vehicle appears in the rear view mirror - even where we are committing no offence - or the officers arrive on the doorstep. And we hate, resent or mistrust that which we fear. Masters Gilbert & Sullivan, never a truer word was spoken! Your humble servant.
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