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  1. Sorry but I don’t see the point of Marriage! Maybe the Marriage License is like the TV License. As you know if you have a TV you need a License. It does not improve the TV signal by putting it behind your TV Aerial. It’s the same with the Marriage License if you nail it behind the head of the bed it does not help to improve the sex
  2. Windows 10 is a cash cow you need apps for doing most things pounds at a time for each app I will stick to W7
  3. Charitable Trust may as well take 11 million pounds and burn it at the dump they would get more for their money
  4. Ward 3 Down Load Speed 3.75 Mbps Upload Speed 4.37 Mbps Ward 1 the speeds was faster. Down Load 10.32 Mbps Upload Speed 12.50 Mbps
  5. The Hospital has a fast broadband speed in the wards anyway up to 10 Mbps up and download It may work at the outpatients look for nhsguest
  6. The Brat care home has Internet to but public can't us it
  7. GBh now has wi-fi NHSGuest is what you look for and clicl connect no pass word requird and it is fast too. You can also get it at Unst Care and Levenwick Care homes. but sppeed is no more than 2mbph .
  8. The above was in ward 3 But in ward 1 the speeds was faster. Down Load 10.32 Mbps Upload Speed 12.50 Mbps
  9. They now have internet accses at the Gilbert Bain Hospital Down Load Speed 3.75 Mbps Upload Speed 4.37 Mbps
  10. Never gets any better than this at my Sisters in Mossbank http://www.speedtest.net/result/3445986855.png
  11. Why so much coverage of this it's not in this country after all
  12. The man is a half wit himself just can't take anything this man says seriously
  13. http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/7916-worst-weather-in-20-years-says-wheeler
  14. R.I.P indeed Thanks for all the laughs.
  15. Can't see this making money in the wintertime.
  16. Why can't the barges be tied up inside the oil terminal There dont seem to be many Tankers these days.
  17. http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/6787-viking-energy-not-viable-says-chairman Some good news at last.
  18. Your point is? I did not say anything about air-rifles whats that got to do with this bunch of prats coming to Shetland. The whole Scottish Parliament is a wast of money. It was bad enough when there was only one bunch of Mps making so call claims on there benefit system (Oops They know it as Expenses) But now there is 4 with high salaries and Expenses. And now yet another layer of civil servants doing the same thing too. They all have there heads stuck up the backside of Europe Who tell (M.Salmond etc) how high to jump what to do on every subject If you thought our council could wast millions of pounds they don't come even close to what the Scottish and European parliaments can do.
  19. So the prats are coming to Shetland what a waist of money http://www.shetnews.co.uk/newsbites/6671-the-cabinet-s-coming
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