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  1. Brilliant point Michael. Thats the real Australian - the culture of the aboriginies!! They ain't got a lot else.
  2. AndDenWeMadeTea

    Da Ashes

    When it comes to rugby and football, I find it awful tough to support England when playing anyone. I think that the English media have a lot to do with this! I’m nae Nat do kens, nor am I ‘anti English’. But, when it comes tae da Ashes, I’m behind England 110%. I wis kind of thinking tae myself why this could be, then it finally clicked! Its all doon tae general Australian arrogance – especially when it come tae sport. Its worse than that of the English!! The English media, on da other hand, give this impression that they don't expect tae win, and this kind of endears them
  3. Just a couple of things. Marooned in Maywick, where I felt that you didn't have any sympathy for Ferguson was is in one word. You used the word "shame" when mentioning that their Ibrox careers might have been over. If I picked you up wrong on that one then I apologise for misunderstaning. Just a few points for nederlander. Bear in mind that although you paint me pretty negatively, I also said, everyone makes mistakes and should have a second chance. But there are other issues here. My fundamental point is this. If the Island games is going to be treated as a serious competition,
  4. I have noticed that 'Marooned in Maywick' was a little less sympathetic to Ferguson and McGregor. Is there really any different? http://www.shetlink.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8086 These two Scotland players, of course, deserved everything they got, but what makes the Shetland footballers any different? (regardless of any sensationalism by the Shetland Times?). There will always be some truth in the story. At the end of the day, these guys were representing Shetland and have let the Isles down and more importantly themselves down. Everyone can make mistakes and do things that they re
  5. http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2008/10/17/%e2%80%98world-class%e2%80%99-old-scatness-visitor-centre-designed-to-take-on-orkney-at-heritage/ How strange that after my earlier post, the above should come to light in the Shetland Times! I hope that it comes to pass and if so credit will be due where credit it due. Well done Amenity Trust!!
  6. You've raised some fair points there right away. Perhaps the condition that we as a community should be pushing for then that it should be on show in Edinburgh rather than in a 'cupboard under the stairs'. It is fair to say that there would not be any additional costs if it were taken to Shetland. However, judging by our past record of 'spend, spend, spend' then I think that it would be a high probability. Within 2 years, I can see the following post being created since I don't think that current staf would have the time to work with the extra demands that it would put on them. Shetlan
  7. (** merged with existing thread **) I haven't put a notice on this great site in a while. However one current issue has prompted me to put forward my point of view on a current Shetland debate and discussion - The St Ninians Isles treasure. I find the whole debate fustrating - and also who seems to be debating it. As a Shetlander, I think that the argument to have it based permanently in Shetland is laughable. No doubt there will be those who are more informed than me on this issue and I'd like to see their comments. But my premise for this argument is as follows: If we had the tr
  8. While der is many a good teacher out there today, it seems tae me that there is some more and more folk going into teaching these days, and some pretty incompetent. When I wis at school, I had some great teachers, but they seem tae be few and far between nooadays. It must be a hard job - and I don't envy dem.
  9. I am always intrigued and intersted by the knowledgeable, factual, concise and informative entries and replies by Islandhopper on these threads. These seem to cover a whole range of topics. I wonder if Islandhopper can actually shed some light upon what he/she does for a living, and if he/she is working whilst entering a lot of the information on this site. Keep it up Islandhopper - this site would be a lot poorer without you.
  10. Which supporters Club in Shetland to people think is the best organised. I recently joined up with the Aberdeen Club, and was impressed by the general organisation and commitment of the committe? It is run by a good bunch of guys who seem to know what they are doing. Hopefully we'll look forward to a trip this year, and some good nights watching the mighty Dons in Europe!! I am also aware that there is a Celtic, Rangers, Hibernian and Hearts supporters club in Shetland. The Celtic clubs always seems to be doing stuff and seem to be pretty weel run and organised. (although they cou
  11. Shetland is a great place - whit I mentioned wis probably a lot o da negative points. (I thought da point in the thread was tae have a rant???) Whit I do like aboot Shetland is the great community spirit, and the great talented people from our islands that do great things on many fronts and don't get big headed aboot it, keeping their feet firmly on da ground. We have much to be proud of and - yes - the older you get the more you do appreaciate that the good points aboot Shetland far, far outweigh the bad points. What a shame it is that some folk canna see that!! (hence my point abou
  12. People in Shetland who think they are better or superior than someone else. (just because they have a big house, good job, can play a bit of sport, play music, are in the fire brigade or can drive a lifeboat!!! Sportspeople on island games who have moaned about facilities in Rhodes. Wisen up - not every place is as fortunate and affluent as Shetland!! Snobs - especially those in Shetland since there is no class differentiation(This is especially the case for people in Shetland where they look even more stupid for doing so since they are just 'big fish' -if we can call them that - in a l
  13. It is a shame that some parts of the organisation have been a bit of a shambles in Rhodes. But, well done them for hosting the games and no doubt doing their very best - as we did in Shetland a few years ago. However, I find that comments by some of our sports people in the S.T. today quite amusing. Once more, we forget that in Shetland we are overprovided for and absolutely spoilt with sport provision!!!! Not every location - not even Rhodes - has the same infrastructure and facilities that we do here. I think that some people would do well to remember this!! Also....lets not forget that
  14. Just remember - 2/3 of the Scottish population DID NOT vote for independence! 2/3 of the Scottish population want to remain part of the Union. In turn, to a large degree that SNP government have got not mandate. Of course, its all a bed of roses at the moment, but give them a few months when the real hard decisions have to be made and the honeymoon period is over. Hopefully the result on the Tram vote will be the beginning of this. Equally, I know that Gordon Brown - being the Unionist Scot that he is - will take care of the SNP administration if they try to create any mischief and dis
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