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  1. Yes we did, I'm not entirely sure they took it too seriously but they sent an engineer and he flushed the pipes, which gave us brown water for some time after but the issue persists The water itself doesn't smell, it seems to be after its been heated up and its either dried or drying
  2. The smell is also on drying/dried clothes, I hadn't noticed it when I posted the above message - it seems to be something in the water and is not a drain smell, its essentially like the concentrated loch water smell
  3. We replaced the dishwasher as every few washes the dishes came out smelling fishy, new dishwasher is also doing the same thing. Google search suggests other people get this issue, but no solution. Was wondering if other folk in shetland came across this, perhaps something in the water? The smell sometimes gets worse after the dishes have been put away, it sort of develops. The plates can be washed a second time and come out smelling fine, there is no rhyme or reason to it The dishwasher itself has no smell at all.
  4. Its not complete yet, looking like midnight tonight
  5. I don’t know how they keep selling them, the skin is so thick its disgusting, never seems to crisp up either, I wonder what its made from? Coop do nice ones one with an award label on, cumberland i think, sadly the really good pork and leek ones never come in anymore
  6. Needing someone who knows chimneys to look at our cracked blockwork chimney and look at replacement options, perhaps like for like or stainless pipe Any suggestions?
  7. Based on this information, does that mean our broadband is the very basic? How do I find out if they are going to upgrade our broadband. Sometimes snails are faster. Ours is fairly awful. The Walls exchange was upgraded to FTTC some time ago(its next to the Walls hall). You are too far from it though to get the speed
  8. Could the expiry on adverts be altered please? Im referring to the amount of times an ad can be relisted, its very annoying when it expires and you cant relist it or read the old advert to paste it into a new one.
  9. Did they ever remove them? They were there a few weeks ago
  10. not if you go straight through same day via yell
  11. In our own dealings with Tavish, I have only praise in the way he took time out on several occasions to support our initial planning application and subsequent successful appeal.
  12. Thanks for that, i did come across her name, but found no mention of it on her FB profile, but ill drop her a message
  13. Is there anyone in Lerwick that does clothing repairs? Sewing etc
  14. According to the Highway Code, if a pedestrian has started to cross, they have right of way. Seems an odd way of saying that a pedestrian in the road should not be driven over, except, out with said pattern, then its game on!
  15. a hybrid, isn't a pure electric vehicle
  16. Has 20 in circles on the tarmac on entry to the zone
  17. got ours from highland fuels in lerwick
  18. of bigger concern...is it real vinegar or non-brewed condiment... https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/shortcuts/2016/aug/01/non-brewed-condiment-vinegar-fish-and-chip-shops
  19. You will be pleased to know, as a user of paper calendars, that you can still send a telegram... https://www.telegramsonline.co.uk/sameday.asp?Cat=Message
  20. Been discussed before, points still valid, still a concern over possibility of children getting stuck in the tunnel of goats https://www.shetlink.com/index.php?/topic/2895-funfair-event-in-shetland/
  21. Yes, they have set a closing date but I think they have to do that Thats not my understanding or experience. If a seller wants to close immediately upon accepting an offer, they can.
  22. Not sure I'd agree entirely, what I think happens is a buyer finds their ideal house and feels pressured into bidding as much as they can, not necessarily what they think its worth or would have offered as the first bid on a 'normal' offer system. Simply because they have no second chance to increase should another buyer offer more, they offer above and beyond the valuation. I cant say I blame the sellers, it's an accepted process and IMO gets them a price a good percentage above the valuation, but what comes around goes around, as they are also probably then looking to buy where they then also pay too much. Process should be outlawed IMO, along with offers through a solicitor (some at a cost per offer) - whats wrong with viewing house, speak with seller, suggest a price, seller says yes or no, once agreed then you submit a formal offer via a solicitor.
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