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  1. One rule for one and one rule for the others. Cousin went to the crowd when he scored yesterday but of course the ref didn`t bother booking him, did have to laugh at him though and the Rangers support, was it the same player they were booing against Panathinikos when he came on. Most Scottish Refs are a joke end of story, Kenny Clark bein one along with the Reverend Mike McCurry!
  2. Celtic had 12 men! You having a laugh? The ref was a joke, it was never a penalty and Scott McDonalds goal was miles onside!
  3. The foos and Nirvan are completely different you cannot compare the 2! The Foos are more rockier whereas Nirvan are a drone o s**t. Foos hands down plus Dave Grohl is a far superior front man than Curt
  4. Well the Gers let down the whole of Great Britain! What a shame
  5. Why is it ok for these people to burn British and American flags, dummys of George Bush, Tony Blair etc and organise demos of hate throughout the world yet when somebody happens to mention the Prophet of bleedin Mohammed in the wrong context they go crazy (Hope nobody in the Muslim world sees that or i`ll be hung drawn and quartered!). These people are the most sensitive people in the world who think the whole world is against them. What would happen if a Muslim teaching in this country allowed his or hers pupils to call a Teddybear Jesus or God, would the whole Christian World revolt and demand appologies, jail sentences, flogging! I think not, imagine the uproar if that were to happen from the Muslim World
  6. Support 2 teams Celtic and whoever Rangers are playing! The thought of cheering on the Huns is bringing me out in a cold sweat!
  7. Give it a miss I tink wid be a let doon efter seein da real thing in Newcastle a week on Monday!!
  8. Chelsea?? It was a pre-season friendly for god sake!
  9. Brilliant gig, was impressed with Black Bic Biro but Franz were awesome! Dont know who wrote the article for the times but it is pure gash. What disapointed me the most tho was the morons who got blootered and probably cant mind a thing from the gig. What is the point!
  10. If they are still some left then why can they not be sold to the general public, I tried to get tickets for the main gig but just missed out. Its great for the youngsters to see such a big band up here but I`m sure there is many more who missed out who would want to go to this gig. [mod]Merged into existing Franz Ferdinand ticket thread[/mod]
  11. Hear Hear!! Graeme Nicolson would be a far better person to open the new museum and become our Islands ambassador for a year - Cannes or wherever, and put the saved royalty security fees into children in need or something as charitable. Keep yun big lugs / horsey folk back where they belong Bring on the revolution - The democratic republic of Shetland - cut all ties with the royalty and live on our oil....... protect our fisheries and to hell with Tavish Scott and his cronies in Edinburgh (oh was he not in Cannes)! Give me one good reason why he should open the new museum? In my eyes he`s certainly not an ambassador for Shetland. What has Graham Nicolson done for Shetland that no other guizer jarl from SHETLAND has done. I am not in favour of Prince Charles and Camilla opening it and feel it should be someone well respected in Shetland who has worked hard and actually contributed to our community which is certainly not something Graham Nicolson has done.
  12. In my opinion the figure "Da-Lipper" quoted is scandelous for a 1 bedroom flat. £550 your having a laugh!
  13. Earlier on today I seen a police car overtaking a car outside the legion, he must have been doing 50 or 60 mph thinking something serious was going on we went in-ower, the police car was sitting outside the new tolbooth and the policeman seemed to be taking a statement from two guys sitting on the wall! Seemed a bit OTT in my opinion to be doing speeds like that in the town!
  14. The harrowing footage of Toadie being shot
  15. I suspect that Up Hellery Aa could be to blame! I hear there was a rather boisterous bunker handover tonight, and the bunker's not too far away from onion street! yeh it was indeed the bunker handover. they had 2 fire engines down there which were sounding sirens and spraying the hoses all over the place. there was also some people with torches and there was fireworks going off. bit of a carry on! So I take it the Jarl Squad is stumping up the cost for that then!
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