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  1. Based on your poor spelling and grammer I think perhaps you need to master English first. The Gaelic issue in Shetland shouldn't be about having to divert much strained funds for it, it should be rejected out of hand because it has absolutely no place here. What about Doric? "Shetland" has many Scots Doric words in the dialect.... Du kens.. Mind my grammers!
  2. This is great information that is not backed up by any evidence or fact. Possibly another brilliant rumor...
  3. Ha ha ha. Immigrant!? This world is hilarious.....................
  4. eenoo

    Wed 30th

    Does anyone know if any takeaways are open today in Lerwick? Thanks
  5. To Tesco. Your damned if you and your damned if you don't. From Shetland
  6. Sudden Stop As far as I know every Tesco get a daily delivery based on what sells. Planning ahead is ridiculous with fresh food because it would go to waste, nothing to do with space. I think a lot more planning is in it than you think. Armchair economics does not work sudden stop........
  7. A lot of people ripping Tesco saying their in it for the money or telling others to shop local but why are folk using the classifieds to auction off turkeys to each other? People wanting veg on there too. Well done Tesco. Hope it works out. 22,000 people shopping for sprouts locally would be very disappointed. Customer service 100% Tesco.
  8. https://www.gov.uk/using-the-road-159-to-203/roundabouts-184-to-190
  9. Why do people indicate left to go straight ahead at a roundabout? That could cause a serious accident if a person on the first turn off thought they were turning left and pulled out. You are meant to indicate on your turn off (after the first exit, in this case)
  10. We need a taxi Aberdeen end, it makes sence, but that was not the question.
  11. Last year in March I got cash back from the bar on the ferry but just tried just now and the gentleman said that they have never done cash back in the years he has worked on the boat/s. Am I imagining things??????
  12. That explains a lot. Thanks. My partners phone is on Tesco mobile and she has no problems. So it's not my phone thank (bad word).
  13. Has anyone been having problems with o2 today?
  14. Would that be line rental included?
  15. What is the best broadband in Shetland? We currently have BT on option 2 but coming close to our monthly useage each month. I was thinking of upgrading but what is the best value for unlimited broadband in Lerwick? We have sky but appently they cant provide us a better deal.
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