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  1. I phoned Streamline who said: If the Return label the company provides has a Hermes Barcode, you take the parcel to them, the depot at Garthspool If the Return label has a "Collect Plus" logo- you take it to Sound Service. So I have opened a 'Return' with Ebay and await instructions...
  2. Thanks, I'll phone them and ask, and post on here what they say.
  3. Hello Mods- I must have joined shetlink years ago under a different log-in name, using my main, now-only e-mail address. I have no idea what name I would have used then- would it be possible for that account to be deleted, as I keep getting asked to update my e-mail address, as the one I had used for this name, mogling, has been disabled by BT as it wasn't being used enough. When I try to change the email address as requested, it says that "That email address is already in use" Thank you in advance!
  4. I have a faulty dehumidifier to be returned to the company, they only use: "Hermes Return Service, which you will need to drop off at a Hermes Collection Point which are usually local convenient stores." Whereabout would I need to get it dropped off to up here? Thanks
  5. Thanks George, I was planning to buy copies of the CD to post sooth. Phoned the hospital today to ask and they think the CDs are only being sold at GBH and Montfield?
  6. Does anyone know where I could buy copies of the NHS Shetland choir CD in aid of the scanner appeal? thanks
  7. Thanks for that link Davie - another Cunningsburgh Show photo with their van they sold ice cream from! I left a comment on his photo site and he e-mailed me a thank you, nice chap.
  8. http://www.tomkiddphotography.co.uk I only found out yesterday that you can see Tom Kidd's brilliant collection of black and white photos from the late 70's. Absolutely engrossing - recognising people and seeing how places have changed.
  9. https://www.derby.gov.uk/environment-and-planning/conservation/peregrines/peregrine-camera-1/ One of the birds nesting webcams I watched over the spring from pairing, egg laying, hatching, feeding chicks and finally fledging. Peregrines on Derby Cathedral. Sometimes you can spot one of them perched on the ledge - do Peregrines migrate? There were also 4 osprey nests, a barn owl, a swift and kestrel nest webcams I was addicted to... Throughout last winter I had to check every day that the 2 sheep, Leila and Pi were okay. Sometimes you see one of the older couple come in with the bag of yow nuts! http://www.lochness.co.uk/livecam/
  10. maybe too late now, but you could try Allans of Gillick at the Ness- they sell clothes ,or the Aywick shop on Yell? Ethels Garage shop in Baltasound is another one that sells everything.
  11. Thanks for that Crashbox, food for thought... https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b9f77w Radio Scotland 'Out of Doors' last saturday, Mark Stephen interviewed Lesley Riddoch very good listening. 'Mark speaks to journalist, author and broadcaster Lesley Riddoch about her experience of Scandinavian countries and how they might potentially offer ideas about shaping rural areas in Scotland.'
  12. "things like "please let us know you're preferred course of action" and "the hole or part there, of, the property". Both genuine examples from the same document." Sheesh, they need to hire properly trained legal secretaries - should set a spelling & grammar test of typing-up dictation as part of the job interview? Would those errors mean it's not legally-binding then? Had a few interesting medical letters - the typing-up of Consultant / Doctors' dictation.American spell-checkers / auto-correct and predictive text doesn't help. "The historically perverse legal style of writing is actually quite fun to read" True, but you're never quite sure if you are actually signing away your immortal soul at times?
  13. "I have been horrified at the lack of basic grammar in many situations, most notably in letters from lawyers. It is hard to put any faith in their knowledge of law when they can barely write." I had it explained to me that members of the Law Society don't actually speak or write 'English': their Society has its own language. Probably why they charge so much for writing Lawyers letters?
  14. mogling


    https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b0chsz {or catch on soundcloud through their facebook page} Radio Shetland late programme tonight was excellent, all about mythical {or not?} creatures - Trows, Njugles, Selkie folk, Giants... Lots of interviews, stories, very interesting and very well done.
  15. Well done all of you! Good luck with your next ventures.
  16. 42 Douglas Adams quotes to live by http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/2bcFfMt6rGLTPpbG0yLwPw0/42-douglas-adams-quotes-to-live-by The link was on the BBC's HHGttG page 21. “Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.”Someone said that they reckoned Douglas Adams was probably the best philosopher of the 20th century. I totally agree.
  17. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09th4hf Part 1 of 6 started tonight 6.30pm "Simon Jones stars as Arthur Dent in a brand new full-cast series based on And Another Thing..., the sixth book in the famous Hitchhiker's Guide trilogy. Forty years on from the first ever radio series of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Arthur Dent and friends return to be thrown back into the Whole General Mish Mash, in a rattling adventure involving Viking Gods and Irish Confidence Tricksters, with our first glimpse of Eccentrica Gallumbits and a brief but memorable moment with The Ravenous Bugblatter Beast Of Traal. Starring John Lloyd as The Book, with Simon Jones as Arthur, Geoff McGivern as Ford Prefect, Mark Wing-Davey as Zaphod Beeblebrox, Sandra Dickinson and Susan Sheridan as Trillian, Jim Broadbent as Marvin the Paranoid Android and Jane Horrocks as Fenchurch. The cast also includes Samantha Béart, Toby Longworth, Andy Secombe, Ed Byrne, Lenny Henry, Philip Pope, Mitch Benn, Jon Culshaw and Professor Stephen Hawking. The series is written and directed by Dirk Maggs and based on And Another Thing... by Eoin Colfer, with additional unpublished material by Douglas Adams." I thought it was pretty good. Prof Stephen Hawking was in it tonight. Was it really 40 years ago it came out first?!
  18. Was it not on the radio a while back that our council doesn't really have any choice - the scottish government's targets for recycling must now be complied with. Monday, 21 August 2017 http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/15067-sic-plan-for-isles-wide-recycling-collections ...An existing derogation allowing Shetland’s household waste to be incinerated at the Greenhead-based energy recovery plant will not be extended, while the government is targeting a recycling rate of 70 per cent by the middle of the next decade... Monday, 06 October 2014 http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/9446-sic-opts-for-new-mix-of-burning-and-recycling ...Infrastructure director Maggie Sandison said changes in legislation left the SIC with no option but to change tack. The situation remains in flux, with further legislative changes expected, and she suspects that in the long term the council will be “recycling more and incinerating less”.... They're looking to import more refuse to burn to run the SHEAP or it'll probably have to use diesel, very green. Will district heating prices rise more then? Someone asked a long time ago, could they not make use of the hot water produced by the power station instead of them just pumping it into the sea- did that ever happen?
  19. Someone sooth asked if I could help his friend - "...a 64 year old man who is trying to trace a school mate who's family were from Shetland but moved to London in the 60s and moved back again in the 60s. His name is Ivor Williams and he lived in Munster Road, Teddington in Middlesex.and either his da or his brothers name was Peter." Anyone have any ideas? {I don't use any other 'social media' sites, so if anyone else does, any info very welcome} thanks Karen
  20. Thanks for that! I went to look at the webcams today, and it's all changed- different address: https://www.shetlandwebcams.com They've dropped the Fjaere camera and the harbour one, shame, I liked looking at the seals and the view of the sooth mooth, and sun/ moonrise over Bressay. They have just added an UHA link there - fingers crossed!
  21. Does anybody know for definite if the procession is going to be streamed live this year?
  22. https://shop.shetlandtimes.co.uk/product.php?productid=320&cat=51&page=1 Found the tea towel- if you enlarge the picture, holm clinker is on the left hand side- {If you're a Luddite like me and have a desktop computer, you have to turn your head to the left and get a stiff neck looking!} Ghostie- that explanation sounds about right. Mind you- they may well have invented a new useful phrase! How about a "rig-clunker' - an MOT-failure isles car used purely on da croft for taking bags of ewe nuts and peerie bales o hay doon tae meat da sheep
  23. Brilliant! Well done guys, you're all stars Can't wait for the next instalment!
  24. Thanks for your replies. Bug- I was thinking of 'clinker-built' boats, and came to the same conclusion - a peerie inshore boat. Forgot all about fire-clinkers! I was thinking to get in touch wi Angus or Brian at the Archives, or Ian at the Museum - see if we can find out who designed the tea towel?!
  25. The tea towel for sale on the Shetland Times website has all nautical terms / words connected to the sea. I sent one to somebody who thought it great, but wondered what a 'holm clinker' is... I dunna ken? Onny ideas? I'm thinking it's a peerie boat o some kind, like a punt?
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