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  1. Fed up means that here too!!
  2. I think you will find it was Coronation Chicken!!! But they should train the staff to know what is what.
  3. I have taken the first steps and emailed the driving school concerned. I noticed on their website that they are part of the RAC group. I don't believe it. Thanks for your opinions on the matter. I hadn't thought of going to the police - they can do nothing as you say - but I think the driving school would like to know.
  4. This is perfectly true. This afternoon I saw a national driving school instructor using his mobile phone while driving his car. The name of the school (very well known, was plastered all over the car.) I got his reg. number. He was on the phone for quite a while until he noticed a police car had pulled someone over. My thought at first was why should he get away with it? He of all people should know better. He is teaching the drivers of the future. What should I do?????
  5. I think Ian Hislop and co. summed the whole situation up very well on "Have I Got News For You" last night. I think it is repeated over the weekend. Watch it if you get a chance. By the way...."Gung Ho" really worked in Iraq, didn't it???
  6. Well, yes I do think they do. If everybody had the same attitude the world would be a very sad place indeed. Even if it only chokes up their inboxes - which it will do if everyone emails them - at least they will get to know what the strength of feeling is around the world. We all just have to keep chipping away at this sort of thing. You can go in "Gung-Ho" if you like, but that won't solve the bigger problem.
  7. Do you have the email address? Yes Talpa. www.sudan-embassy.co.uk I wrote to a Dr. Khalid Mubarak Come on everybody - get writing!!!! Tell them what you think about their primitive laws and stupidity. I have a Moslem colleague who thinks they are all barking. It is really appalling, stupid, abhorent and ...well just down right cruel. Any way the good news is that the government has sent Lord Ahmed (?!) to Sudan to sort it all out. Well that's alright then. What a relief. And now there are crowds baying for her to be shot. Poor Sudanese people, I actually feel very sorry for them that they cannot think for themselves and are whipped up into a frenzy by the clerics after Friday prayers. And gosh...they were all carrying knives and sticks...well how grown up and democratic is that??? Bet there were no women in the crowd. It really sickens me. Cut off all ties with Sudan. Funny though...no mention of the poor teacher on their website at all. It's as though it had never happened.
  8. Sadly it is because they know no better and are brain-washed by their government.
  9. I have emailed the Sudanese Embassy about this matter, maybe others could do the same!!! This sort of treatment should not be tolerated. It is sad that the country is run by fanatics and fundamentalists and I have told them that. It was a genuine mistake - I mean no one would go out of their way to insult Islam - not these days!!! Heaven forbid! And if I had been in a similar position in a British Classroom asking for teddy bears names I would tend to go along with the children's wishes which is what Mrs Gibbons was endeavouring to do. Personally, I think the person that reported her in the first place should be the one up in court. The darker side to this issue is the fact that we allow the Sudanese government to have an embassy in the UK when they appear to think that meeting out lashes, chopping off hands and other such primitive punishments are acceptable. I've also sent an email to the principal of the school. Here is his email address: principal.uhs@hotmail.com I'm sure he would like to here your views. He has certainly got mine!!!
  10. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/1874471.stm May God...or Allah...forgive them. I just don't believe it. How can these people live with themselves? Wonder again what they would have done if their daughters had been trying to escape. Shame on them.
  11. I think it is despicable that in this day and age "justice" like this is seen as acceptable. These people appear to be living in the Middle Ages. What right has any human being to lash another human being? It is just unbelieveable. We should cut off all relationships with any country that practises such barbaric punishment. Can you imagine if a rape victim was punished like that here - if it was your daughter or your girlfriend how would you feel. I'm sorry but if anyone thinks this is a "funny" situation then they are just plainly very sad.
  12. A brilliant idea and one that my father has been doing for years - except that he wraps up loads of old newspapers then sticks the pre-paid reply envelope onto the lot and sends it back!!! Like the idea of telephone directories though - nice and heavy so big expense to the company!
  13. Yum! Deep fried Mars Bars are the best.
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