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  1. Still Little Fingers... I can safely say ticket sales even for a venue holding 500+ would be a complete sell out!! Clickimin is an option for a gig as big as this one, only I'm not sure what the licensing situation is with that?! Pretty sh*it if the bar is only open till 11 and it's a complete nightmare to get a drink! Like previous attempts at Clickimin. Legion to me sounds like the only suitable option!! I'm definitely in regardless of where they might play!
  2. splatter

    Mareel Gigs

    To be fair though, I'm sure we're all expecting Shetland Arts Trust to be pushing for something BIG for the opening of the Venue! Here's hoping..
  3. splatter

    Mareel Gigs

    So... it's looking more likely that it'll be this time next Summer until the ball is fully rolling! I have to say though- I can't bloody wait. What sort of live music would you's like to see at Mareel, I'm sure local bands/DJ's and other musicians will have the chance to play, but I'm talking in terms of promotions further a field. Good old Shetland hearsay has a few big names floating about. Most likely nonsense, but so far I've heard that 3 possibilites are Dire Straights, The Charlatans and Primal Scream Primal Scream to open the Mareel? Doubt it! Would be amazing though.. What are your thoughts and suggestions folks?
  4. A racist attack??!! I find it a complete insult that you should even suggest that. It is simply a humerous speculative rumour, that from as far as I'm concerned is from a very reliable source- that being someone who works there on a part-time basis. Hey, even if it's a load of bull.. who cares? Are we not all having a bit of a comical approach to this topic?! Lighten up, please!
  5. The Golden Coach use seagull meat as a chicken subsitute to 'beef' up some of their dishes.... And you think I'm joking! Yes, you can eat seagul meat. But you can also get into serious turd if you get caught stealing seagull eggs, so be careful.
  6. I invested in the Traktor control S4 back in November, and never looking back. Amazing piece of technology, endless amount of creativity offered at your finger tips. 10 out of 10 for the hardware, the digital controller offers a simple lay out and easy set up. It features a 4 deck mixer and out-put channels. Unlimited effects depending on software updates, as well as the snap feature but to mention a few. Best thing has to be the loop recorder though, having so much fun with it at the mo. You also have 8 available sample decks. As for the S4 software that is specifically designed for the hardware.. could say a bad word about it. Greatest thing about this new product for me though has to be the fact that, unlike other digital controllers hooked up to your mac or laptop, you don't have to mess about with the laptop when you're playing music, the decks offer browsing and selection buttons that simply let you select and loads tracks, ensuring you never have to take your hands away from the decks. Enjoy!
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