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  1. What do you consider the best mobile phone service to work throughout Shetland?
  2. Is there a good support system in place for the elderly and disabled people, even if you don't live in Lerwick What are your experiences ?
  3. Thanks for the replies all Cuts are happening everywhere at the moment, you have to look at all the other benefits, especially the ones that are free. The wildlife in Shetland is superb throughout the year, there is great scenery and for me as a photographer plenty of opportunities. Yes the weather can be bad in winter but what about the warmth of the community ? another plus is living close to the sea, we are 70 miles away at the moment. Even with cheaper fuel in England you don't get the benefits living in a large city, with traffic jams everywhere (sometime 45 mins to go 5 miles) , the fuel gage drops quickly and you are spending lots of quality time sat in the car. As for work down here you are normally up against around 200+ applicants for each job, at any level so I am sure the odds are better in Shetland. I am sure I can think of many more benefits, what about you ?
  4. No we are ok, as we will be selling our current house which we own
  5. Has any one transported a cat on the Aberdeen to Lerwick ferry ? Does it go in a special section ? what is the cost ? Thanks
  6. We are hoping to move to Shetland in the near future. I have a disabled wife and although we haven't looked for a house as yet, I am looking to get a few things in place if anyone could help. As my wife cannot get out without help and cannot drive - 1. Does any shop/ Supermarket in Lerwick or in any other part (within 15 miles of Lerwick) deliver food, if so any charge ? 2. Is there any clubs/social gatherings for disabled people in the area ? also 1. Not had any dealings with wooden houses before? any problems to look out for and how long do they last Thanks for your help
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