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  1. 11 of 'em, BM? Well ... (a) Train them up as a football team and find a Russian billionaire; ( Teach them to play music and tour as ... (i) two string quartets and a trio or perhaps ... (ii) the BigMouth BigBand; © Rent them out to other benefit claimants (don't declare the income from this, obviously); (d) Become a banker yourself - great money, no useful skills required; (e) Or of course, there's always Jonathan Swift's "Modest Proposal" ... which one looks tastiest? As for sensible suggestions ... errr ... join the revolution? (PS - Sorry if (e) means you never see your c
  2. Given the deafening silence of the mainstream media on the subject, you may not have heard of the recent resignation of Professor Hal Lewis from the American Physical Society. The Society's stance on AGW is his reason - you can read his whole resignation letter on the Watts Up With That page about it. He describes AGW as "the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist" (he was a member of the society for 67 years), and says of the "Climategate" leaked documents "I don’t believe that any real physicist, nay scientist, can read that stuff w
  3. Well, I decided not to spend my declining years learning "THE most complex thing ever invented" (­© enkelt skapninger 2010). Instead, I cheated. I've got an *oldish copy of Take Command, which for a MS user is a command line on steroids (or, for *x users, just another script interpreter, except it's for MS systems). As it has plenty power, I just wrote myself a TC batch file to filter the huge unfiltered output text files which were my original problem. I blush ( ) to admit that I just wrote my filtering requirements straight into the batch file, rather than designing an INI file solution -
  4. Tsk, tsk, Gib. You were doing so well without mentioning "The Jews" and you go and spoil it. There was I, thinking this thread was about the EU. We need something like Godwin's Law. OK. Given that "people like me" believe in the truth of the Douglas Adams quote I mentioned above, there's really not much chance of finding "people like me" running "countries like yours" (which happens also to be mine, btw), is there? "People like me" would prefer to see a system under which the governments of the countries of the world (not just the EU) actually represent the wishes and interests of the people
  5. Para, there must be better ways of passing the time. But you could submit the idea to TV, now Big Brother's finishing.
  6. Touché, mon vieux parptifoo! Makes you wonder, though ... what on earth can their next campaign be, after infinity? Some sort of Cantorian hierarchy of infinities, perhaps?
  7. I know the theory of it, Gibber. It's the practice that scares the hell out of me.
  8. Good grief. A real life Darwin Award winner. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ge9VfALthLI&feature=player_embedded
  9. The Race to Infinity? Mathematically speaking, that's going to take a very long time ... [/pedantry]
  10. Having done a fair bit of school bus driving in my time (and believe me, that knocks all the "boy racer" out of you!), I've seen plenty of illustrations of why 20mph limits seem to make little difference. Far too many people seem to think that because they're "experienced drivers" they know better than anyone else what's safe. "20mph? Nah, perfectly okay to do 35 along here." The attitude appears to be that just being behind that wheel gives them automatic total understanding of everything that goes on outside. Even when they're parents themselves, they forget that children, no matter how well
  11. I agree with you there, though it didn't make me laugh so much as weep for the civilised country we used to live in. There's a similar sort of "Stasi for kids" scheme starting up in the US. Neighbours looking out for neighbours - ok, good. Anonymous snooping on everyone everywhere - seriously not ok.
  12. Note that it was Ghostrider not Ghostdriver who posted the video. Didn't see any motorbikes getting caught!
  13. There seems very little to choose between having people like those you mention running individual countries and having them running the whole of Europe. In fact, handing them power over even larger areas of the world is probably the worst possible option. "To summarize: it is a well known fact, that those people who most want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it." - Douglas Adams, "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe" One of the truest political statements ever made.
  14. I hadn't spotted this thread - well done khitajrah for reviving it. I'm another one who suffers from depression, and who knows very well that it really isn't just "feeling low" - you really can't just "keep a stiff upper lip" and "pull yourself together". On a good day, and they do occasionally happen, you can seem quite normal to those around you, but on a bad day you can just sit without moving for an hour or more because just moving to get up is out of reach. When you do finally manage to get up, you realise that your mind has only an hour of blankness there. It's horrible. It feels as if h
  15. Barroso describes the EU as "an antidote to democracy". Okay. Where's the antidote to the EU, please?
  16. In earlier times, Any well-bred scientist could teach you in verse.
  17. ^^^ Thanks for the greeting, AT ... I'm a bit surprised to be the next post in the Living Room after it, it now being over a month later. Where is everybody? Skulked off to your bedrooms and playing with your Wiis and Nintendos? Anyway, as I want to tell you about something which is quite interesting but nothing to do with Shetland, a note on the Living Room noticeboard is as good a place as any, so here I go. ------------------------------------------------------- Spare a thouht for Shetlink's DamnSaxon over the next few days, starving in his garret about half a mile from one of the big
  18. GR, there's a thing advertised in an annoying little booklet which dropped out of my copy of next week's Radio Times. It looks about as close to perfection as you'll get. Quote: The amazing Micro Cube speaker for iPods and MP3 players This speaker measures only 2.6cm (1in) cubed and weighs only 16g, yet pumps out 0.8 watts of great quality sound - and the internal battery lasts for seven hours! Charge it via your USB computer port for 1 - 1.5 hours, plug it into the standard earphone socket on your iPod or MP3 player and then listen to your favourite music without earphones. The picture
  19. Another one worth keeping an eye on is Openmoko. It's still at this stage a bit of an enthusiast's machine (for which read: you may have to make it work sometimes), but the goal is a phone with open source hardware and software, and a licence which says "Do whatever you like with it". And for small downloads (already, on the existing early model) you can pop in a 16GB SD card, which should hold quite a few d/ls. A cool thing, IMO, and worth watching.
  20. Very slightly OT, but if you like tiny furry animals you won't want to miss this article in the Mail about Harvest Mice. All together now: Aaaah!
  21. From the New Shorter Oxford Dictionary: Fitful (a): Marked by irregular bursts of activity or strength; spasmodic; capricious. Not much help I'm afraid, but it seems to be living up to its name.
  22. Hmm, unfortunately that pretty much confirms the impression I'd got while searching for guidance. Maybe I should find a Perl forum and ask the experts who presumably use the darn things daily - or just get used to manual searches through lists containing 90%+ of guff. Noting all the comments about the difficulties of learning - well, just about any language these days, I'd bet a pound to a penny that the inventors of every last one of those languages and scripts reckoned that their baby was "it", the last word in programming simplicity and versatility. We (i.e., everybody else) must just be
  23. I suspect many of us are confused by there not being a "Youtube" button on the reply posting page, while there is one for "Img", "URL" etc. - could one be added, perhaps between the fonts and "Close Tags"? Also, two queries: (1) Should we leave the "&feature=player_embedded" bit on the end, when it's there, or add it if it isn't? (2) OK, how did you put those square bracket phrases in without them turning into, well, a Youtube link? One of your godlike Mod powers, no doubt! But thanks to you, Pooks, for the info. I for one hadn't realised there were any special Youtube tags. Do they wo
  24. Quite right, and just the sort of questions - real world questions - which their supporters won't be asking. Greenpeace are not at all the "little organisation fighting big business" which they started out as, as one or two posters have commented. I used to support them for the most part, but no longer. For me, the final straw was this little gem, encouraging inter-generational warfare in the holy name of their beliefs (hope the youtubifying works, after Pooks' tutorial on how to do 'em): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgvnqv1-_D4&feature=player_embedded Nobody wants oily crud washing
  25. Can one of Shetlink's programming whizzes point me at a tutorial (preferably online, preferably free) on Regular Expressions? If REs come in language-specific flavours, it's Perl flavour I'm after - I've d/l'ed a program which is very useful as it comes, but cheerfully assumes that I can put together REs when specifying the switches which would really use its power. (It comes, btw, as a 350k Perl script, pretty impressive.) FYI I'm not entirely naïve, though my programming expertise to date is mostly in Forth (for driving hardware) and lately the AutoIt scripting language (for driving Windo
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