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  1. Best comment I heard was someone on the radio calling it "a picture of a migraine"
  2. A pleasure, Frances. I'd have sent a real one but it just drooped out of the USB socket and Windows didn't recognise it. Cheer up, girl. Try to think of it as a holiday. A holiday with a bl**dy painful ankle, okay, but nobody's going to ask you to do much for awhile. Get those minions working and enjoy a few days off! Best wishes, DS
  3. Oops, nearly forgot, don't want to get Shetlink in trouble ... Beautiful free flowers at http://www.copyright-free-photos.org.uk
  4. ^^^ Today Shetlink, tomorrow the world! Stay off the ankle, Frances, here's a virtual flower to cheer you up ... http://www.copyright-free-photos.org.uk/flowers/a-pink.jpg DSx
  5. And has the chatroom been decommissioned? There was never anyone in there but I used to like the echo.
  6. ^^^ Lidl or Aldi, both dead cheap (some questions about the workers' conditions though). I was astonished to discover that apparently Aldi are the UKs second largest supplier of PCs - and they're not bad for the price either.
  7. Check. Also "Remove on Next Boot". And Google offered http://www.errorsafe-removal.com.removal-instructions.com/removeErrorSafe.html Good Luck
  8. I'd go along with "monstrosity", well said Pooks. And the one thing nobody's said is ... FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND QUID??? I knew I was in the wrong business.
  9. Keep your heads down, everyone ... he's looking this way
  10. I am actually the curator of a small but interesting collection of two cardboard baggage tags which were once in the possession of Bertrand Russell. One is yellow, and reads "Russell, 29 Millbank, S.W.1, 1st Floor", the other is a BEA one from flying back to London, simply saying "Passenger's Name: Russell". I also share his birthday. Please form an orderly queue!
  11. BLATHERSKITE A foolish or voluble talker. Plenty of 'em about.
  12. Did anyone investigate the timeshift tlady and I were getting - the forum time for me is still GMT MINUS 1 when I'm not logged in (okay when I am). Has somebody moved the islands fifteen degrees west?
  13. Oh, you got to watch out for your digraphs.
  14. http://alt-usage-english.org/I_before_E.html But where's the rule about how to pronounce -ough-
  15. Definitely. A fine album, you only have to listen to the other stuff that was around just before it to realise how good it was. Must mean too that it's almost 40 years since I bought my copy ... makes me feel old ...
  16. ^^^ Semidyslexia? (edit - that's Koyaanisqatsi, Ghostrider got in ahead of me thanks to that bike)
  17. ^^^ I suppose logically you could do this, but it's so much at odds with the Freecycle ethos you'd probably be booted out of the group, so don't reckon on running a business off it. If you can fix up something broken there shouldn't be too much objection to covering your costs though - it all keeps whatever it is in use for longer, which is the name of the aim of the game.
  18. ^^^ This almost looks like a step in the right direction, apart from them being in favour of cameras and just twittering about compliance with rather nominal "protection" regs. I'd be happier to see that 90% taken out ... let no-one ever forget the fact trout mentioned above - CCTV dpes not reduce crime ... at best, it just moves it around the corner. I know. I live around the corner in what has been the red light area for years, and believe me you do not want to know about the, er, litter certain people leave around our yard. You may have read about youths shooting each other around Nottingham ... well, at least a couple of these shootings have taken place within easy seeing of a camera had it been looking that way. A real copper wouldn't have stayed looking the other way. Perhaps that's why they want microphones and speakers on the damn things ... next step perhaps to build all this stuff into Daleks, along with Tasers, and they can actually patrol the streets? Link in (as "they" certainly will) ... your biometric ID card, ubiquitous cameras, software which can recognise you from a glimpse of your face, or gait, quite apart from recording where your vehicle goes from day to day. And, of course, all the internet, financial and other records which can be accessed about you. It isn't just the cameras you see. Example, rolled out around Nottingham last year, a "ring of steel" - concealed cameras which snap all the vehicles going into or out of town. Sold as "catching criminals" of course - and fair enough, if it takes the uninsured idiots off the road, that is reasonable use. But wait, records (this, remember, is registration number, mugshot of driver/passenger, where you were and which way you were going, datestamped) even on vehicles not involved in criminal activity will be kept for "up to" seven years. My letter to the local paper asking why this was necessary was met with a deathly hush. They've only just begun. Doesn't it make you proud to be a citizen of a free country?
  19. ^^^ Looks very nice, BM, you must use it for posts At the cheapskate end of the cost spectrum, a maglite-style LED torch from the Pound Shop. It's amazing what gets shipped halfway round the world & sold for £1 - and somebody's making a profit at every stage. I'll never understand economics.
  20. I see you have Trident! This thread's going to become completely surreal when people change their avatars. Can moderators lock avatars in one thread
  21. I've let my friend know - he's been out of town for a week or two. Even if freight charges limit contact with the nearest other Freecyclers it's worth doing, beats burying perfectly good stuff as landfill. I saw a place in Derbyshire which had a "Refuse Amenity Site" - by the time I realised what they were talking about I'd already wondered what sort of amenities they were providing for the refuse ...
  22. Is this a valid way of introducing the Bard to new readers? - It would certainly introduce the stories, the characters, the situations - the cultural references, in fact. Whether the new reader encounters it first in anime, live theatre or leafing through a wonderfully dusty smelling old book shouldn't really matter if they "get" what's going on. I've thought for a long time that I'd love to see a definitive animated version of Wagner's Ring Cycle. Scenes like the thunder god summoning the storm, and the Gods crossing the rainbow bridge into Valhalla, could be breathtaking visual feasts rather than the, shall we say less than entirely convincing scenes of even the best live operatic productions. We'll have the very best singers do the soundtrack, too. Aims, if you like the artwork too, I'll mention a link I've already put elsewhere in case you missed it. Check out the manga/anime pages at http://www.deviantart.com/ from time to time. In fact, check the whole site, there's some brilliant stuff there.
  23. No, they're only putting that on the website And I hope we get to see the organ transplant special when the donor dies, to prove it was all genuine. Still yeuch.
  24. They did say "eat a corgi live", not "eat a live corgi" ... I didn't realise the corgi was a vegetable.
  25. Another blue individual ... are you related to KOYAANISQATSI?
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