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  1. Sick of work is more universal.
  2. But isn't that true for ALL politicians? Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The fact that HHGG is fiction doesn't devalue the point. I don't think I'd trust myself if I got into that game.
  3. Still waiting for one that can make a cup of tea as well
  4. Sadly the original Yahoo page has itself become invisible. Appropriate
  5. Firefox 1.5 good, Firefox 2.0 (around now) better. Add the Flash blocker and the Ad blocker ... magic. And don't forget Crap Cleaner (free) to kill those Google / advertising / sex site / other unwanted cookies, caches etc.: http://www.ccleaner.com/download/ Result, more net, less Crap. Internet Exploder ain't in it.
  6. Hi, Fjool, and thanks for the added erudition - hey, you're not the other 'one' in the poll, are you? Yeah, you've elucidated the very point I was making - Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern, all lumped together under one name. (But why does the poll lump it together with jazz'n'blues??) Look at the stuff from the 20th century - ragtime, Gershwin, the Almost Unlistenable stuff like Stockhausen - nothing truly 'classical' about them. (Used to listen, or should I say "listen", to Stockhausen when I was at school, but it was mostly to wind up a very conservative music master!) As for sweet stuff from the 20th, remember there was Gorecki's 'Symphony of Sorrowful Songs' which became unusually popular a few years back? In a similar vein, I came across Schnittke's 'Choir Concerto' - for unaccompanied Russian choir. Mostly, it sounds like most of the Orthodox church music from the last 500 years, then you get one of those 'moderne' discords which makes the spine tingle. It's probably still the one disc I'd save of my 'Desert Island' discs, wonderful, spacey, meditative music. Leaves me hovering about three feet above my body. I also happened across a thing called 'Come In!' by Vladimir Martynov, another 'ex-Iron Curtain' composer. Again, beautiful, drifting music, this time for 2 violins and string orchestra. A lot of the Russian composers seem to have written some very 'religious' music during those very irreligious times. Alas, I'm not a player of anything myself, though have had many musician friends over the years. Perhaps the best way to work towards the JC Bach Sonata is to go through some of his dad's more educational pieces! BTW, when I googled on Vladimir Martynov, I also got this curious little story: http://lifeisbitch.com/?p=42 That should lower the tone of the conversation ...
  7. I think ewe lot are gettin' a bit too much fresh air ... an' it's nearly springtime again Pity my astrology makes me a Bull not a Ram. (and we all know what THEY're famous for ...)
  8. So much music, so few hours in the day. You could probably listen to anything you like 24/7 and never run out. - Used to listen to '60's and 70's' (in the 60's and 70's) * * * * * (Beep, Beep, Aging Hippie Alert!) * * * * * - Drifted into folk (knew some folkies) - and jazz (Check out Miles Davis, the coolest of the cool, or Robert Johnson, King of the Delta Blues Singers) - now (mostly) 'classical' - a word which seems to have come to mean almost anything from about the last 500-odd years, including some very sweet 20th century stuff. Ultimate Respect: The Master, Johann Sebastian Bach: Over 1000 pieces of celestial music and 20 children? Wow! 8O (I'd double the classical vote if I could find the darn voting button. Who's the other one?)
  9. Me too - that feller was a gem. I've got a Philosophy degree, and have bemused people with 'I Think Very Deeply' (on Velvet Donkey) for years. Syd Barrett was a one-off. too. Something to look forward to in the next life, seeing Ivor again!
  10. Or - get a copy of CrapCleaner and use it to wipe Google's cookies regularly, so you "seem" to be a new user every time!
  11. If you appreciate a real good ranter, try Brother Stair: www.overcomerministry.org or 6110kHz on shortwave. He really means it, too!
  12. Well, this makes interesting reading for me ... I'd love to be sharing your wee sliver of rock with a force ten sleet storm in my face, rather than stuck here in an English city with just intrusive CCTV cameras in it. A few comments on earlier posts ... Sparky said And it's not just the 'must have' culture ... a friend of mine recently went to a cash machine to get a tenner to get him and his girlfriend through the weekend. As soon as he turned away from the machine, there was a horrible little crackhead right in his face - "Give us a tenner". And this creature, not to mention a gang of his mates lurking across the street, followed him right back to the main road, until they found another target. Hate to think what might have happened had he not been above average size and built like a brick sh ... outhouse. And this sort of thing isn't unusual enough even to mention to the police ... they don't want to know. DarkstarIII, my love, you bring those kids up in Shetland, and keep TV out of the house, and they'll stand a good chance of growing up recognisably human. In fact, Sparky, if you ever mention moving back south, wait till the rest have flamed you & I'll come chuck a bucket of cold water over you - put you out and bring you back to your senses! But as for me ever getting lucky enough to move north, wow, what a list of problems. 1. I'm congenitally skint. (Always preferred the interesting to the profitable!) 2. I've lived 28 years in a big flat with a mentality of never throwing ANYTHING away which might EVER come in useful ... we are talking about enough stuff for a small factory I'd need to clear. 3. What? Shetland Transport really only go as far as Lerwick? Where do they get that name from?? Ian F Reid sound a deal closer to what's needed, as I wouldn't want to be in a place as big as Lerwick if I could find an isolated outpost somewhere. 4. No job or contacts to come to, 5. Afterthought ... Any gorgeous young (well okay, not so young) ladies up there with a few acres overlooking the Atlantic and an inclination towards knocking a bit of sense into an alien outlander? ... 6. I'm on SIC's housing list, but unless you get a madman going round shooting SIC tenants those lists move awful slow. Twerto's right. I guess short of getting very lucky I'll have to be content with jus' chatting with Shetlanders. Unless BigMouth gets rich enough to build another house next door to his new one just called 'Another'. Sorry it's a long post, but at the end of the day farting about on the computer is better than having to go out on dem mean streets. Send us a force ten sleetstorm sometime, it'd be nice and refreshing! Lots of love from one of the auld enemy ...
  13. Plain honesty - and an ability to see myself as other (Shetlinkers) see me ...
  14. Google is okay, but make sure you use the Advanced Search page if you don't want millions of hits for the query. The worst thing is the eBay ads which instantly appear. The other day I googled on 'find NHS dentist'. Sure enough, "Buy find NHS dentist on eBay"! Aaargh! The web needs a way of switching commerce off when you just want info.
  15. It has been truly said that Microsoft Windows is the most successful virus in the history of computing ... wouldn't put ANYTHING past them. Q. How many Microsoft employees does it take to change a lightbulb? A. Eight. One to change the bulb and seven to make sure that Microsoft get $2 for every lightbulb ever changed anywhere in the world.
  16. Greetings, you lucky people living in the beautiful Shetland Isles. I've loved them since they first offered me shelter from storms in the early/mid 70s - I was helping to build the Brent and Ninian fields at the time, so working with Shetlanders - sound folk, I found. You'll have to excuse my use of plain ol' English. I'm only a damn Saxon and know no better. Not just a soothmoother - I was born in Brighton, if you went any further sooth you'd drown, or be French. Currently (alas) living in Nottingham. You've probably read in the national newspapers about how we have illicit drug dealers from Kingston, Jamaica gunning each other down in the streets, quite true, I'm afraid. Anyone thinking of moving to one of them southern cities, just talk with me, I'll put you off! Anyone thinking of importing a(nother) damn Saxon to Shetland ... well, now you're talkin'. (Get me outta here!) Looking forward to a few (friendly, I hope) insults - but if it's said with a chuckle I'll buy yer a drink on the way to the next one. See you further down the forums ...
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