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  1. Parcelforce is Royal Mail. Hendersons deliver for a few courier companies, no extra charges.
  2. Ok it wasn't supposed to be a detailed analysis, and I don't have a selection of tinned beans to work from even if I wanted to! The point is that most people don't buy cheaper products because they think they are better value for money, they buy them because they simply can't afford to buy a "better" option.
  3. This brings back memories of the old Chris Hodge debate years ago. Yes, if you can afford it, value for money is where it's at, but sadly more and more people and households are in the position, as I have been and have no shame in admitting it, where they know the brand name tin of beans would be better in every way, but it just isn't an option.
  4. I saw the first advert I had seen for an electric isles car a few weeks ago. £750 asking price. I canna wait for the next generation of Isles fixes. Yet another use for the trusty ZX Spectrum perhaps?
  5. Facebook haes the market cornered there!
  6. In the 60's and 70's "opposition" would have been "opportunity". And rightly so.
  7. I posted this on another thread but it's more approprite here : What would make this interesting to me is if the Alba party represent a fully independent Scotland, out of both the UK and the EU. If that's made clear, along with the SNP plan of trying to rejoin the EU, it will be interesting to see how it splits the vote.
  8. I think it has to go on where someone is registered to vote at the time. What would make this interesting to me is if the Alba party represent a fully independant Scotland, out of both the UK and the EU. If that's made clear, along with the SNP plan of trying to rejoin the EU, it will be interesting to see how it splits the vote.
  9. I've considered it since I was a teenager bagging up dead oiled birds on the beach. But just in a purely practical sense as you point out, it boggles my mind how folks can bang on about being sustainable but yet prefer to burn limited resources rather than use perfectly proven renewable ones. Perhaps part of the problem is that folks tend to have a disconnect or just flat out don't care when thinking of the environmental damage, or that its gonna be ages yet and something else will come along, but don't realise just how near we are to running so low the prices make it impossible, and
  10. @Ghostrider Good detailed post dere, and I am not goin to try to prove de wrong, but is du happy ta accept dat idder opinions exist? Similar ta de, I haven't hidden my views, which are that the construction is fantastic for Shetlands economy. I already keen wan young family thats been able to move back to Shetland because of dat alone and there are plenty more who will benefit. When they're finished, I accept some may see dem as an eyesore, but I canna wait ta see dem as I think dey look splended, and will really set aff da area. Da roads are already lookin brilliant! Finally,
  11. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Pintrest, Snapchat, Tumblr.... Or keep it simple wi Shetlink.
  12. See, yuns the thing. Most folk see the sense in it, the bigger picture, and lets face it the fact we have to do something else as fossil fuels are limited. Every time I see one of the windmills already up take a turn it just reminds me that's one less bit of polluting fuel burnt. Others have described them as "graceful" and "calming". It simply doesn't matter if some company is making money etc etc, what matters is it is better than burning more fuel. It really is that simple. There are a lot of people out there who are really happy to see the move to wind energy, especially among t
  13. The gas plant comparison is very valid, and really highlights the emotive nature of the windfarm issue. The entire gas plant project was developed, proposed and constructed in a fraction of the time of what is now the Viking Energy Windfarm. Caused extensive disruption to peat and of course produces fossil fuels with all the negatives that brings. However, not a pleep in objection. Partly because if wasn't the "cool thing to object to" on social media, but also because the majority of people who are aware of them, myself included, are willing to balance the benefits both locally and in th
  14. I couldn't agree more. These groups are textbook examples of the core problem with much of modern social media, in that they serve no purpose but to enforce one view or another at the expense of any constructive debate or consideration of other opinions, and as you say, ultimately contribute to the detriment of the members. But as to the topic in hand, it is good to see this thread rediscovered, as it proves that contrary to one of the oft spouted mantra of no community involvement, the project has been a topic of debate since the beginning of Shetlink and well before. I am sure I am not
  15. Dat it took 3 minutes to get to da punchline might resonate mair dan da fishing analogy
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